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Apr 06, 2004, 03:15 AM
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Step by step Royal EVO Fixed Pitch Heli setup?

I just got my Royal EVO 12 with Synth today, and I don't fully understand how to set it up.

To start, I would like to use it to control my fixed pitch helicopters which are currently set up as follows:

Channel 1: Main Motor ESC (Up/Down)
Channel 2: Aileron Servo ( Move Left/Right)
Channel 3: Elevator Servo (Move Forward/Back)
Channel 4: Tail Motor ESC (Turn Left/Right)

My current transmitter is set up like this:

Left Stick: Up/Down--Channel 1 Left/Right--Channel 4

Right Stick: Up/Down--Channel 3 Left/Right--Channel 2

How can I reassign the controls on my EVO 12 to match my old controller?

I'm sure this all seems very basic to those of you that are familiar with EVO programming, but for the beginner, like me, that manual can be quite confusing at first.


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Apr 06, 2004, 03:38 AM
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There are two elements to consider here. One is your stick mode, and the other is the servo assignment.

I presume you have got the correct stick mode selected, e.g. mode 2 is throttle and rudder on left stick, aileron and elevator on the right stick. The mode is chosen when you create a model.

After that it is simply a case of selecting the sequence in which the controls appear at the receiver sockets. When you create a new model you choose JR or Futaba or Mpx sequence but these are just starting points and can be completely re-written by you. For example JR uses ch 1= throttle, ch2 = aileron, ch3 = elevator and ch4 = rudder. If you go into the servo menu, then assignment, it lists the channels and which function is assigned to each channel. You can change these to suit your heli, e.g if your throttle servo is plugged into ch3 on the Rx and the Evo shows throttle is on ch1, just choose ch3 and change it to throttle, then change ch1 on the Evo to whatever you have plugged into ch1 on the Rx.

If you are a stick mode 2 flyer, then your channel sequence seems to be JR, so when creating a model choose mode 2 and JR servo assignment and the Evo will sort it all for you.

Apr 06, 2004, 04:25 AM
My other TX is a P4000.
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There is an EVO Tutorial that will assist you. So far, it doesn't cover helicopters, but I have a FP Hummingbird that I recently acquired. Reassigning the channels is, however, something that is covered in the EVO Tutorial.

It's free and can be downloaded here:

Multiplex USA EVO Tutorial

Apr 06, 2004, 01:46 PM
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Thanks for the help so far guys, but I'm really racking my brain on this one.
I think I've figured out most of it. I now have the right stick controlling the elevator and aileron and the left stick controls the tail ESC when moved left and right. Progress! I just can't figure out how to control the Throttle with the left stick up/down. Right now the throttle (Channel 1) is being controled by slider/widget "F". I can't seem to figure out how to assign the throttle (CH 1) to the left stick up/down. Also, how do I disable all of the other switches, etc, that I'm not using.

Thanks again,



Apr 06, 2004, 04:39 PM
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I assume that you have been into servos, assign, and servo 1 is assigned to throttle.

In which case the problem is that you have assigned (or the heli template has assigned) throttle function to the E slider rather than to the stick.

Go into setup, assign, controls, the throttle will currently be showing it is assigned to E. Select it by moving the cursor to it and pressing enter, then wiggle the throttle stick. The symbol will change from E to a funny squiggle that is meant to be the stick. Move the throttle stick fully forward, leave it there and press Enter to assign the throttle function to the stick.

To disable all other switches go to setup, assign, switches and ensure that everything listed is not assigned to a switch.

Apr 07, 2004, 12:40 PM
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Note that there is a mix between the throttle stick and slider F if you're using the heli template. This is designed with collective helis in mind and is not really designed for fixed pitch. I'd suggest using a normal aircraft template (ACRO) to avoid this issue all together and keep things simple.

So you understand, on the heli template the throtle is on slider F which controls the idle in effect. You set it up so a slow idle is at the bottom position and a high idle (or as fast as you like at the top position). Once the F slider reaches the top position the mixing between throttle and collective pitch then becomes active. You now find the throttle stick controls both the collective pitch and the throttle.

Hope this makes some sense.

Apr 09, 2004, 08:05 AM
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Thanks everyone, I got it working.
I've even set exponetial curves for pitch and roll that give me more precision for slight movements of the stick and increased movement as the throw of the stick is increased.

About throttle mix...I believe I disabled all mixes, but is there a way to make sure?

I also have another question about setting up a mixer that would increase throttle slightly whenever the aileron or elevator servos are moved as this seems to increase drag/friction and decrease head speed (and therefore altitude) slightly. But I think I'll put that question in another post since it's somewhat off the original topic.

Thanks again for the help.

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