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Apr 01, 2004, 04:59 PM
Registered User

Phoenix 25 esc question

Quick question...

When I cut the throttle in my formosa (himax 2015 4100, 9x7 apc prop, gws "C" gearbox), the motor makes these very short...glitches.

After I cut the power, the prop sort of spins freely. As I nose down and pick up gliding speed, it is almost as if the motor begings to cut in and out in VERY short bursts. It is like the brake may be trying to stop the prop, however, the wind flow is enough to make it try to spin.

Has anyone else noticed this happening?? I am not really familiar with the brake setup, and the esc is set to recommended setting.

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Apr 01, 2004, 05:47 PM
Sir Buildsalot
MailOrderGuy's Avatar
I would disable the brake, using the brake with those GWS plastic GB's is not recommended.

The himaxx motors are designed to free spin without current.

The esc is detecting this (free spin) and thinks it needs to apply brake, hence the "motor begings to cut in and out in VERY short bursts"
Apr 01, 2004, 07:33 PM
Registered User
Thanks for the input. I thought that it probably had something to do with the brake setup. I will disable the brake and give it a try!!

Apr 01, 2004, 11:29 PM
Registered User
On the older software versions the CC BL ESC will sense the position of the motor by momentarily switching on the brake while it is windmilling. This has been discussed on the CC board and I beleive that CC were going to remove it from future software releases. Not sure if that has already happened or is still to happen.

Apr 03, 2004, 12:39 AM
Registered User
I'm having a similar problem in my Pelikan Mig-35 with a CC25 and an Aveox 27/13/4 turning an APC 6x4. It's powered by a Kan 1800mah 8-cell. Normally, it will go like mad right from the start and as long as you don't throttle back too far, no problem. But when I throttle back and, heaven forbid, cut the throttle- the motor begins to stutter and won't do anything but stutter when I throttle up.

I've got the brake off. I've tried lowering the cutoff voltage....same stutter, no go. Disconnscting and reconnecting the battery doesn't help.

The motor does seem to be getting pretty hot, though the esc and batt are not....

Any ideas?