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RC Logger Action Mounts

Mount your RC Logger camera almost anywhere!


The Action mounts are an easy way to use your RC Logger cameras.

I have two RC Logger cameras. The Pro allows HD recording and will transmit to a video tx for FPV. The HD2 is the same style camera and only records HD videos and images. I use this as a secondary video recorder on my FPV units. While velcro is great sometimes you want a more secure way to attach the cameras. That is where the RC Logger Action Mount comes in.

This kit is made so that the RC Logger cameras and modules can be easily mounted on different platforms like the RC Eye, RC Eye Xtreme, general RC craft, bicycles, motorcycles, and cars.

The Different Mounts

Camera Module Bracket - Attach the RC Logger HD/HD2/PRO on the camera module bracket by compressing the camera bracket and inserting the four legs to the four openings on the underside of the camera.

You can then attach a GPS module and/or the environmental module to the module bracket by using velcro. You can change the angle of the module bracket by loosening the retaining screw at the connector of camera and module bracket. Set the required angle and tighten the retaining screw manually. You can slide the camera module bracket on to the mounting plate, mounting plate with screw thread, or handlebar mount.

Mounting Plate - You can attach this mounting plate with velcro. There are also 4 holes you can use to attach it with. You can mount it on the RC EYE, Xtreme, or other RC models. The camera mount slides on to the mounting plate. This is a pretty universal mount that could work on a multitude of applications.

Mounting Plate with Screw Thread - This has a mounting plate with the same screw size as a camera tripod. This is my favorite of the bunch and I have used it in multiple ways. I have found my nylon bolts used for wings fit this unit perfectly.

Handlebar Mount - Attach the mount to the handlebar of the bicycle or motorcycle by loosening the retaining screw. Push the retaining screw to the side to open the bicycle mount and fix it to the handlebar. Push the retaining screw back to basic position and tighten it manually. You can then slide on the camera bracket, or camera module.

These mount were sent to me to use with my RC Logger Xtreme quad. I didn't know how much I would use them until I got them. I used one mount for my FPV aerial platform. I also now have a hat that I affix the HD2 on for shooting quad videos. If you use the RC Logger video cameras then you need one of these kits.

Learn more about the RC Logger Action Mounts here.

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