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Get the competitive advantageóMIP Pucks Drive Systems

Learn the benefits of this innovative drive line upgrade.


If you are a racer, this needs to be your next upgrade!

MIP has been in business since 1979 and they definitely know a thing or two about performance aftermarket parts. They have made countless products like the very well-known and performance-boosting CVDs (Constant Velocity Drives) and MIP/Thorp Hex Wrenches. Also, the R&D as well as the manufacturing is all done in the U.S.A., which is a big plus because from inception to completion each aftermarket upgrade part is 100-percent controlled by MIP to ensure top quality and optimum performance. One of MIPís latest creations builds off of the famed CVD and has led to the innovative MIP Pucks Drive System which is ideal for racers looking for that competitive edge.

The Pucks Drive System is an aftermarket drivetrain performance upgrade that is available for many of todayís most popular race vehicles like the Associated B5, B4, T4 & SC10, Kyosho Ultima SC-R, RB5, RB6, RT6, Schumacher Cougar KR/SV2, Serpent Spyder SRX-2, Team Losi Racing 22, 22T, 22SCT, & TEN-SCTE and there are new systems added all the time. MIP took its C-CVDs and made them even better. Instead of the steel pins at the end of the CVD Bone, which is the part that rides inside of the differential outdrive, MIP developed replaceable plastic orange wear Pucks to take their place. These Pucks slide onto a specially designed pin that is installed through the end of the C-CVD Bone and they in turn fit precisely into the specifically made diff outdrives that are included with the Pucks Drive System.

This system greatly increases the useable life of the drivetrain because instead of the CV dogbones and diff outdrives wearing out simultaneously, you now can simply change the Pucks because they will start to wear before any of the other components will. This translates into savings where you wonít have to replace drivetrain parts as frequently and the replaceable Pucks are quite cheapó$6 for eight Pucks. Plus acceleration becomes smoother and quicker due to the more precise fit of the drivetrain components with no back lash.

Now depending on what vehicle the MIP Puck Drive System is for, the included components will vary. Most systems include the differentials, outdrives and the Pucks C-CVDs and may require you to supply the diff gear and bearings. Just check the MIP website to see what exactly comes with the Puck Drive System for your particular vehicle.

MIP also has two basic variations of the Pucks Drive Systemóthe 17.5 Drive System and the Shiny Drive System. As the name implies, the Pucks 17.5 Drive System is targeted for 17.5 stock racers. It is aluminum based which makes it very lightweight while still delivering the benefit of less wear on the drive components. The weight savings with this system is massive where the overall rotating mass is decreased by a remarkable 50-percent. Reducing rotating weight is significant and instantly pays off with quicker acceleration, quicker deceleration and reduced motor temps. The Pucks Shiny Drive System is meant for racers with 13.5 or higher motors, basically modified 2WD racing. Steel construction is utilized with this system to handle the added power from the motor while keeping the same overall weight as the stock setup of the vehicle. A vehicle with the Pucks Shiny Drive System installed will benefit from less wear of the drivetrain and quicker acceleration.

The MIP Pucks Drive Systems are mostly for 2WD vehicles and at the time of writing this article, there is one exception for a 4WD truck. It is a system for the TLR TEN-SCTE 2.0 that replaces the center driveline with the MIP Pucks System. If you donít see a MIP Pucks Drive System on the site for your race vehicle, chances are it is in development and will be released soon. Heck, you could also hit up MIP on their 'Contact US' page and put in a request for a Pucks system for your vehicle so you can take full advantage of this performance-boosting aftermarket upgrade part. It pays to be the squeaky wheel.

13130 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemAssociated SC10, T4 $90.00
13155 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemTLR 22 Buggy $90.00
13145 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemTLR 22SCT $90.00
13150 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemTLR 22T $90.00
13140 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemAssociated B4 $90.00
13160 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemKyosho Ultima SC-R $100.00
13165 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemKyosho RB5/RB6 $100.00
14245 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemTLR 22 2.0 $95.00
14225 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive System Gear DiffKyosho RB6 $90.00
14240 MIP Pucks 17.5 Drive SystemKyosho RT6 $100.00
14120 MIP Pucks Shiny Drive SystemX-Factory X-6 $100.00
14115 MIP Pucks Shiny Drive SystemTLR 22 2.0 $85.00
14125 MIP Pucks Shiny Drive SystemSerpent Spyder SRX-2 $75.00
14210 MIP Pucks Shiny Drive SystemKyosho RB6 $100.00
14100 MIP Pucks Shiny Drive SystemSchumacher Cougar KR/SV2 $85.00
14140 MIP Pucks Shiny Drive SystemKyosho RT6 $85.00
14155 MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System Gear DiffKyosho RB6 $90.00
14205 MIP Pucks Shiny Drive SystemTLR 22SCT $95.00
13120 MIP Pucks Drive System, CenterTLR TEN-SCTE 2.0 $75.00
14230 MIP Pucks Bi-Metal R-CVD Drive SystemAssociated B5/B5M $90.00

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