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Dec 28, 2000, 02:34 PM
Gravity sucks.
mrittinger's Avatar
Check your email, bud, theres a surprise for you....
I say build one.Its probably the best little 400 ship you can build in a weekend.
I would say with 6v motor and 7 600ae's it goes a good 55-60 mph.I've heard of a few getting dumped by surprised pilots at the speed.Its a clean design....
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Dec 29, 2000, 01:30 AM
Gravity sucks.
mrittinger's Avatar

Python from Ezone

I was wondering if anyone has built my Python design that was Ezoned last year?Any comments or hints will be appreciated.Those that emailed me seemed to like it....
Has anyone used the 020 brushless motor in one yet????
Dec 29, 2000, 01:40 AM
Registered User
Foxtrot's Avatar
Not Yet. It's in the works. I've got to
order some Balsa and figure out some way
to print the plans. Probably page by page
and cut and tape.

I like it though. Looks like it should be
fun. What kind of speeds does it give you
on the SP400 6v.
Apr 29, 2001, 11:30 AM
Formerly of mcba fame
Matthew Allen's Avatar
I about to build the Python. But the plan only seems to be 23 and a bit inch span.
Any ideas?
Apr 29, 2001, 06:16 PM
Registered User
Neil Stainton's Avatar
The Python is getting nearer the top of my list. I think it is a great looking plane. I intend to fit an Astro 020 in it.

However I've still got my Electostreak to finish, a finished PSS biplane to electify, and a Hornet heli to do first.

Apr 30, 2001, 12:58 AM
Registered User
chlee's Avatar
Actually, I'm just waiting for an order of nice 4-6 lb balsa to build the python.. (And, I'm trying to find a good place to print the downloaded plans.)

Am thinking of sticking a brushless 010 in it instead of a S400. It would run on 7 x 350 mAh to make it extra light. What do you think, mrittinger?

Apr 30, 2001, 08:03 AM
Gravity sucks.
mrittinger's Avatar
how about a BL 020 instead? The 010 is a bit tiny for a 30" span plane.... or maybe one of the new cobalt 400 motors...
May 01, 2001, 03:23 PM
Super Senior Member

I printed off my Python plans this weekend at Kinkos, so its up on the chopping block after I finish my Ryan Bearcat.

Jan 16, 2002, 03:30 PM
Still learning.....
JWC's Avatar

Python build

I just finished your Python and was quite pleased with it. I should have some pics coming this weekend. I was impressed with the build, but have yet to fly it. Thanks for a great design and all the help through e-mail.
Take care,

Jan 16, 2002, 09:32 PM
squelchF18's Avatar
I enlarged the python to 33 inches and it is sitting in my shop waiting to be covered. I wanted a little larger plane so that I can use my 1400AE batteries. Now I am trying to decide on a motor. I am considering a geared Magnetic Mayhem or a geared SP400 Rocket. I realize the MM will be a heavier, but the wing loading is still under 20oz.

I printed my plans out page by page and taped them together. It was a very easy build. I just hope it flies as good as it looks now that I have deviated from the original.
Jan 17, 2002, 12:14 AM
Cat With Wings
SassyCat's Avatar
I'll let ya know when I get done Mark!

Jan 17, 2002, 01:58 AM
Registered User
davidfee's Avatar
You're scratch building a balsa bird, Sass?? Now I _AM_ impressed!!!

You're hooked... face it. There's no turning back now!

Jan 17, 2002, 08:07 AM
Crash and Build
dpoles's Avatar
#3 on the build list Mark!

I can't wait though.

Jan 17, 2002, 12:48 PM
Cat With Wings
SassyCat's Avatar
I hope your right David, cause I'm really enjoying this hobby so far. (even the cold swims) And really looking forward to building the Python Mark. And after that I've been eyeing that Westland Whirlwind. That looks like it could do some major damage. You are a brilliant designer Mark, and your drawings are fantastic. Not just flattering you, it's the truth. My family was over visiting and I showed my dad they plans and he was quite impressed.

Jan 17, 2002, 02:25 PM
AndyKunz's Avatar

I LOOOOVE my Python!

I posted this on another thread a few days ago. Nothing much has changed (it's still in one piece - too windy to fly today).

Some pictures of mine:

We have 2 flights on it now; one in calm, one in wind. The plane tracked like it was on rails on the calm day. A little expo will help it out for the windy day as it was bounced around quite a bit.

Landings were fun - it didn't want to come down! Because it glides to cleanly, we had to set up the landings about 200' out and 10' altitude to get it down without hiking a distance in the snow. Cutting the throttle, it glided in cleanly. On the first flight it took 4 go-arounds to get it down, but by the second flight only one abort.

Inside it has a Speed 400 6V with a Rondo ESC driving a Graupner 6x3 folder (for calmer performance), seven KR600AE cells, two FMA S-100 servos (way overkill), an FMA Quantum 6-channel RX, a Azarr antenna (one photo shows the stock antenna). AUW was 16 ounces. Hand launches aren't so much fun with a low-wing plane, but I'm getting better. I did a lot of wood weighing to get the lightest balsa into it.

I plan to swap out the ESC a few times for a review I'm doing.

Thanks, Mark, for making such a neat little design.

Anybody looking for a decent-flying easy-build, get yourself a set of plans from Mark and start chopping balsa!