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Mar 26, 2004, 08:57 PM
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Should this used Corona be my next heli??

I've been sucessfully flying an BL/Lipo upgraded FP micro heli over the winter and have hovering in all orientations, FFF circuits, and transitions under control. I'm having enough fun that I'm starting to think about a second machine, possibly a CP micro (Zoom 400?) or one step larger (for better outdoor wind capability). I want to stay electric and have some degree of increased performance (speed, manoeverability) over the FP micro.

I found this RTF Corona for sale locally and would like some opinions on (1) is it a reasonable deal (2) is it the "right" heli with the capabilities one would want in a second machine (not specifically a trainer) and (3) is there a significant list of "must have" upgrades, whose cost should be factored in.

The package:
Stock Corona FP (Lite Machines 120?) heli, plywood crutch, built and flight "attempted" (little to no time, but tail boom damaged)
Fusion brushed motor
Castle ESC (model unknown)
(3) HS-81 servos
PG-03 gyro
JR 421 Tx and JR Rx (model unknown)
(1) 7x2400 NiMH pack
New Spares:
Vac formed fuse shell
tail boom
landing gear
ply crutch
TR drive shaft & bevel gear
Take it or leave it price of $400 USD

I kind of have to say yes/no tomorrow, so your help is appreciated!
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Mar 26, 2004, 09:27 PM
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Check the classifieds here on Ezone for comparisons. I thought I have seen brushless Coronas for about $425.-
Mar 26, 2004, 09:48 PM
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I would pass on this deal. It sounds to me like you are ready to get a CP machine.

If you want to stick with Micros the Hornet II is a very nice CP heli. If you want some thing that can easily handle some wind look for something larger like an Eolo, Voyager E, Logo 10 or the Quick EP10.
Mar 26, 2004, 09:51 PM
A-4 nut!!
skyhawk's Avatar
Overall it's not a bad price - in fact it's pretty good considering you get a radio and gyro and battery.

1. The radio is no good if you want to go with CP eventually (and rumor has it the corona CP upgrade will be ready before summer!! )

2. The motor is junk - period. You would need a $20 Atomic force minimum.

3. Even though I've never owned the particualar model gyro (it's GWS) I never heard anything good about it. Specificly they are almost impossible to dial in and need constant tweaking. Most guys that had them dropped them pretty quick for a futaba one.

As I said it's a good deal for someone starting out - but since you already can fly, spend your money on something else like a decent radio and something like an eco, or eolo, or even a logo 10!
Mar 26, 2004, 11:49 PM
SCAT-R-D's Avatar
I have to agree with Skyhawk, if you can aready hover in all directions and are ready I'd go with a CP and a good radio.

If you can get it for a bit cheaper then I'd do it and then upgrade later. The greatest thing about a Corona is you can push yourself to your limits and not have to worry about screwing one into the ground.

If you smack the soil gently you usually don't damage much, if you hit pretty hard it's the cheapest thing going to fix, which allows you to relax and learn!! Not spending the whole time trying to learn more and being tense not wanting to wrap a cool machine up into a ball!

Just my thoughts

Mar 27, 2004, 01:13 AM
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Thanks so much for the responses! Between the four of you, you have hit on all aspects of my questions. I'm feeling better about taking a pass on this (boy, how you hate to miss a "deal"). Your comments confirm the gut feeling I had that a CP made more sense.
Mar 27, 2004, 02:01 AM
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Yup, I think you should move up to CP, deal or not.

See what your budget is and go from there.

The EHBG may help with your discision too.
Mar 27, 2004, 08:29 AM
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I guess you can say the Corona is the ultimate beginners heli. I still think its a very good heli to keep around. reason being when you wreck your CP heli, you can still have something to fly while waiting on parts and the downtime from your wreck. Most wrecks with the Corona dont cost anything. there are a lot for CP guys who go out and get a corona for that very reason. Its a good goof around with Heli. Its low stress and mods available are going through the roof. Soon there are suppose to be several collective head designs comming out for the Corona. With the introduction of collective(true collective) this will definitely boost the Corona up the ranks a tad bit more. The bad thing about the Corona packages is the 4 channel radio(it dosent allow you to expand to collective without upgrading the radio). You can pick up a used Corona package rpund abouts 300 to $400.00 at the aution house. Actually one of the only helis ive ever heard of being bought again after the owner sold it is the Corona. I guess they miss that low crash factor bill and mega air time flying.