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Apr 05, 2014, 12:01 AM
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AS3X Advanced Prorgamming & Settings

If you have yet to program your AS3X, the following section will probably go over you head and raise more questions than it answers (but it should be interesting reading none-the-less). Your best bet will be to scroll down to one of these sections.

Advanced Software Walkthrough
Advanced software download plus other useful links.

If you have reprogrammed your AS3X in the past, prepare to have your mind blown.....

Ok, so do you remember that day when you were a kid and your parents told you that Santa Claus does not exist?

Well you are about to re-live that terrible feeling if you have ever reprogrammed your AS3X and continue reading.......

So by now we all know that you can reprogram your AS3X equipped ultra micro receivers with the optional programming card. This is particularly useful for scratchbuilt ultra micros as you can reverse the gyro travel, set the receiver orientation (vertical or horizontal) and you can choose from pre-made model configuration files (so you select the model config file that best represents your scratchbuilt).

Now some of you may have heard about this extremely powerful software that allows you to fine tune your AS3X settings. There is a lot of speculation as to where this software came from, but the common consensus is that Horizon Hobby originally released it, but soon recalled it because inexperienced modellers could poorly program their ultra micros, or worse have the ability to switch the gyros off remotely, which ultimately could lead to a crash.

The above software is fantastic, it has a lot more functionality when compared to the current standard software. One of these functions allows you to open one of those pre-made model configuration files and spy on the settings. You can see the "Warbird" model config. file open below (which covers all of the 1s AS3X warbirds)

At this point everything seems peachy until you open another model config, and then another and another. You'll notice that while the gyro gains change a little bit the "Sick Priority" always stays at "0.9" for all 3 axises.

So it would seem the Horizon Hobby always uses a "0.9" "Sick Priority" for all 3 axises, right???

It wasn't until I reprogrammed my UM Mustang today that I have ever clicked on "Read" before altering my AS3X settings. The "Read" feature simply allows the software to read the current AS3X settings programmed on the receiver. So anyway I was quite shocked to see that the "Sick Priority" was not set at "0.9" for any of the axises after clicking "Read" earlier today.

What does this mean then??? Well here comes that Santa's not real feeling...

If you have ever reprogrammed your AS3X with any version of the software, and especially if you have used a pre-made model config file, your AS3X settings are probably all wrong and you are not getting the most out of your AS3X system!!!

The above settings are for my Ultra Micro Mustang

This is the point where the AS3X Advanced Prorgamming & Settings Discussion begins.....

Please guys click "Read" before tweaking your AS3X settings and share your results here. Eventually I want a catalog of the ACTUAL AS3X settings for all of the available AS3X equipped UM and UMX models. When I have this info I can make proper model config files and share them here.

But wait the discussion does not end here....

If you have ever reprogrammed your AS3X on any existing or scratchbuilt model, please share your settings with a small explanation. Also if you are about to load some settings on to your model but you are feeling lost, please do not hesitate to tell us what you are trying to achieve and we can point you in the right direction.

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Apr 05, 2014, 12:51 AM
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Avdanced Software Walkthrough

Avdanced Software Walkthrough

In order to better explain the Advanced Software I have broken it into 3 sections:

1. The Top

The top is mainly for displaying information, but it does have a trick or two up it's sleeve.

Comm Searching: This is just to show you which communications (USB) port the programming card is plugged into. If it is NOT displaying the correct comm. port, or NOT displaying anything at all there is an issue with your drivers. Ensure that you have followed the installation instructions correctly, or if you are using Win7 navigate here for further instructions.

Select File:
Next to the "Select File" display box you'll see the following ' ... ' on a clickable button. Upon clicking the button you will be prompted to select an existing model config. file. It is normal for nothing to be displayed here until you select a pre-made Horizon Hobby config. file (not recommended) or open a previously saved custom model config. file.

Transfer File:
This is more or less a hot button, to quickly load an existing model config. file to your receiver. If you click this button before loading an existing model config. file you will be presented with a "Data Error" message, don't be alarmed.

2. The Middle

The middle is where all the magic happens, this is where you edit your settings or create new model config. files.

Gain:The gain settings control how far the gyro moves the control surfaces on a 10 point scale, where:

0 - is off
1 - is maximum gyro action
-1 -is maximum gyro reversed

If a gyro (remember there's 3) does not work in the correct direction simply change the number from a positive to a negative or visa versa.

Please note that reversing the gyro does not reverse the main channel, and you should always check that the gyros are operating in the correct direction after altering any settings.

Stick Priority: Is very difficult to explain, and I think I have been explaining it wrong in the past on various threads Today I seem to have figured it out a little more, here's my findings:

The stick priority controls the point where the gyros shut off and you get full control of the reins. So for example with a stick priority of 0.5 the gyro shuts off after moving the stick past 50% of it's potential travel. However if you have a stick priority of 0.1 you will only need to move the stick past 10% of the maximum travel before the gyro shuts off.

I don't know.... I could be wrong.... But this is how it seems to me.... Which ever way you look at it a higher value in the stick priority box will give you more gyro when you are on the sticks

PCB Position:Whether your receiver is laying down horizontal, or standing up vertically.

Switch Gyro CH5: This allows your Gear ch5 to become a remotely activated AS3X on/off switch. Alternatively you could just add 0's to the gyro gains to completely shut off the AS3X and free up gear channel 5.

Modify: When you are happy with your settings, simply click modify to upload your new settings to your receiver.

Save to File: This is where you can save your settings as a custom model config. file, or overwrite an existing model config. file.

3. The Bottom

Down the bottom there is not much you can do as far as programming goes, but it is very important none-the-less. ALWAYS click "Read" before dabbling with the settings and write down those settings!!!

Read: This will allow the software to read the current AS3X settings that are programmed to your receiver. If you are doing this for the first time to a new AS3X equipped aircraft, hit read and write down those factory settings because if you overwrite them there is no way to get them back as the publicly available Horizon Hobby model config. files appear to be incorrect.

Exit: This one's a no brainer, click it to close the software.
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Apr 05, 2014, 01:29 AM
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AS3X Directory

AS3X Directory

More info on the programming card , USB-Interface: UM AS3X Programmer by Spektrum (SPMA3060)

Here is the Programming cards official manual

Compatibility Chart, though I suspect it's outdated.

To download the Standard Software including the required drivers please click, here

To download the Advanced Software please click, here

For assistance with getting the software to work on Windows7, please navigate to How to use USB AS3X Programmer SPMA3060 with Windows 7

To show off any AS3X Ultra Micro conversion you may have performed, or any AS3X equipped Ultra Micro that you have scratch built, please navigate to the AS3X Ultra Micro Conversions and Scratch Builds thread.
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Apr 05, 2014, 04:17 AM
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The Custom Model Configuration File Drop

The Custom Model Configuration File Drop

If you have customised your AS3X settings, for any particular UM or UMX plane, and you are pretty happy with the results, please share your custom model config file with us and I will attach it to this post. It would be best if you upload them as zip files, but if you are having trouble just fill out the template below and I will make and share your settings under the title of your choice.

Model: (name of the plane, Beast 3D for example)

Title: (what you want to call it, UM_Mustang_AS3X_on.off_by_john_citizen for example)


Stick Priority -

PCB Position:

Switch Gyro CH5:

The concept is to get a no fuss catalog of the greatest and actual factory model config. files together to share with the world.
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Apr 05, 2014, 05:08 PM
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chispas2's Avatar

Thanks, ValiantGLX

Thank you, Valiant, for your work and explanations.
It will going be useful, as soon i will receive my Programmer and a AS3X Xtra and the facility of acess will be useful to adjust settings on the AS3X.

Have good flights,
Apr 05, 2014, 07:57 PM
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pilatus mike's Avatar
What a great post, Thank you! I have tossed and turned over whether or not to buy the programming card and now with these explanations I'm off to get one. One question, do I need a PC or can I use a mac? (If it's PC only I have a mate who can make a mac speak PC)
I have several UMX planes some modded some not and a scratch built UM EDF jet that would benefit from an AS3X board with some programming.
I will post any set up's I read or any settings I install. Thanks again for all the info.
Apr 05, 2014, 08:08 PM
valiantGLX's Avatar
No worries chispas, I hope to hear more soon. The AS3Xtra is such a great subject matter too
Apr 05, 2014, 08:12 PM
valiantGLX's Avatar
Thanks mike. I'm pretty sure you need a PC with either XP or Win7, you might need to call that friend of yours.

I would love to see that scratchbuilt EDF, and any AS3X factory settings you can get your hands on.

Apr 05, 2014, 09:12 PM
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pilatus mike's Avatar
I will ask him to do his magic. As soon as I get that programmer sorted I will get factory settings.

30mm EDF Microjet (1 min 34 sec)
Apr 05, 2014, 09:21 PM
AMA 34191
Vulgar Vulture's Avatar
Just ordered an AS3X Mustang for my Dad and I today so this thread should come in handy!

Apr 05, 2014, 09:25 PM
valiantGLX's Avatar
Originally Posted by Vulgar Vulture View Post
Just ordered an AS3X Mustang for my Dad and I today so this thread should come in handy!

Nice, I only got mine this week too I will post my model config file so you can just load it straight on when you get the programming card

Originally Posted by pilatus mike View Post
I will ask him to do his magic. As soon as I get that programmer sorted I will get factory settings.
wow that thing is fast, it will be fun playing with the settings on that little one
Apr 06, 2014, 02:57 AM
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Thank you valiantGLX. Nice work.

Apr 07, 2014, 04:05 PM
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nytjadens's Avatar
Just wanted to say thanks! I got the programmer working on my Mac running Windows 7 today. I had to reverse the elevator and rudder gyro gain and I activated the gyro on/off switch. Not to sure what to do with the other settings, this AR6400 was pruchased for a 1/16 Fokker DVIII.

Build thread here

Any thoughts?

Apr 07, 2014, 07:31 PM
Nice summary on the AS3X programmer. I have played with it in several models. Its fun to turn it on and off while flying the ASK21 to see the difference.

The 747 was built to drop the little Guillows shuttles converted to R/C. I haven't put an AS3X brick in one yet but I should try it one day.

Here is the latest project. The board is mounted at 45 for the V tail. It only gives me 70% gain but it works pretty good. You can sure tell the difference with it off! I don't think I revised the little spreadsheet since I flew it last. I seem to remember the stick priority around 50%.
Apr 08, 2014, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by nytjadens View Post
Just wanted to say thanks! I got the programmer working on my Mac running Windows 7 today. I had to reverse the elevator and rudder gyro gain and I activated the gyro on/off switch. Not to sure what to do with the other settings, this AR6400 was pruchased for a 1/16 Fokker DVIII.

Build thread here

Any thoughts?

Your control surfaces are quite large from what I can see, and you seem to have good quality servos, do they give you a fair bit of throw?

You might get away with maximum gain if your throws aren't too over zealous.

However I'd recommend 9 for the rudder, 8 for the elevator, (I didn't get a look at your ailerons ) but probably an 8 or 9 too.

For the stick priority, I think 6 is probably the Goldilocks zone for warbirds on all channels. 5 could work more for a slow flyer or cruiser, but 7 or 8 would would give you a bit more control during aerobatics.

If you have a laptop taking it to the field with you is a good idea, if you get any oscillations at speed just dial it back a notch.

Also it is a beautiful plane that you've built, a real tribute to the full scale plane

Keep us posted on your results

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