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Apr 09, 2014, 12:17 PM
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I have come to the conclusion that the real history of an aircraft's development is in the details. Sometimes I forget. Thanks for another reminder
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Jul 15, 2019, 08:14 AM
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has anyone drawings from landing gear?

Thanks in advance

Jul 18, 2019, 01:01 PM
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A trio of "quickies" on the Storch...

Dear Fellow Scale RC-Groupers:

The PIPE Here...time to share a VERY detailed, 600 dot-per-inch JPEG-ed line drawing of the Czech version of the Fieseler Fi 156...'s "essentially identical" to the original German Fi 156 & French-built MS 500 versions in nearly every respect. and gives LOTS of details literally "everywhere one looks" on 'em...

...our Italian RC Giant lover Paolo Severin has had his own RC Giant Scale version available as a VERY expensive kit, but I've saved a PDF copy of his brochure (in this reply's "footer")...

...and a photo of the exact "Sierra-Juliet + Lima-Lima" Stammkennzeichen radio code-bearing Fi 156 that rescued Mussolini is in the "footer" as well (it used the "low-visibility" Luftwaffe Balkenkreuz, "flanks-only" crosses on its wings & rear fuselage) is in the "footer" as well.

We can ONLY hope that the Brits who make Laser Engines' great V-twin four-strokers can get through the "Brexit" mess (just my "own guess" as to WHY they're not being made for the present)...and make them available again, before too long!

Hope these help...

Yours Sincerely,
The PIPE....!!

P.S. The very same Collings Foundation that's located here in the Bay State, usually does a US vs. Germans'"Battle of the Airfield" Western Front "skirmish" re-creation featuring their own restored Storch...the video of this great show is available here !
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Jul 18, 2019, 04:31 PM
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Paolo's plans....Plans as ART....who knew ?? And a couple of 4WD version's....Undercarriage is shown well in the "Storch in Action"
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Aug 02, 2019, 09:45 PM
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Those beautiful CAD 3 views got me looking. And I cannot find a single PAIR of images to compare. Every photo is from a slightly different angle to the next.
The legs appear to be too far forward on the CAD drawings, when compared to MOST of the pictures in the documentation I have. In some, they look correct. The IN-FLIGHT position of the legs shows them almost vertical below the leading edge of the wing, but on the ground they spley outwards and forwards slightly, making them appear to be closer to under the firewall in pictures. According to one source I have, the legs attach to the same former the leading edge of the man spar attaches to. It's hard to tell which one is the right position. I'm still looking.
It would be of a great help, if I could read German....

Kermit Weeks' replica shows the legs very close to the CAD drawings position. Yet another spanner in the works.....

1937 Fieseler Fi 156 Storch Demo flown by Kermit Weeks (5 min 35 sec)
Aug 03, 2019, 05:21 AM
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The main LG of the Storch had a roughly TWO FOOT travel...

Dear Fellow Storch Fans at RCG:

The PIPE here again - as I've got a great hardcover reference book on the LG design of German WW II aircraft, checking its entry on how much TRAVEL the Storch's main LG struts had in total revealed this line of text, captioning a photo of the main LG's shock strut inside of its airfoiled fairing:

"The long shock absorber leg of the Fi 156 with its streamlined fairing. 200 mm of idle stroke was available in addition to the 400 mm stroke of the shock absorber."

That "idle stroke" distance of about eight inches was even BEFORE the oleo struts began compressing, as the Storch's main LG legs simply "hung downwards" from gravity while in flight - after the wheels had contacted the earth, and had begin their movement both upwards AND outwards, they would go through that eight-inch vertical-vector movement before the struts started to contract from the Storch losing lift from the wings as it was landing...when the Storch's main LG struts began their contraction, there was a further 16 inches of travel to go...meaning that the two-foot "total travel" figure WAS how far the main LG's wheels could "travel" during a landing maneuver.

It's something to consider on ANY set of Storch drawings...that "main LG travel" for the Fi 156 was, most likely, the largest vertical movement range of ANY light aircraft before 1945!

Just hoping that this tip helps a bit...

Yours Sincerely,
The PIPE....!!
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Aug 04, 2019, 01:02 AM
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Stroke travel isn't what was / is being discussed as far as I can tell. Bumbr pointed out a discrepency with the drawings and position of the landing gear. I assumed he meant it's location not movement. I would have more information, but as I can read neither German (51 pages) or Russian ( 72 pages ) I have NO DAMN CLUE as to what these two books say....
I know it has a LONG stroke mains on it, any video shows that, and the pictures show a clear shot of long stroke dampers and covers. It's WHERE that is mounted that seems to be the question.
And I also know, the 156 E-0 and 156 D-0 didn't have the long stroke legs, as they had tracks and 4 wheels respectively. No need for the bump absorbing legs in their specialised roles I guess. And if ONLY I had a Moki 400cc radial laying around.....Nice motor for a Morane Saulnier MS504

And it seems as always, the American's couldn't be arsed making their own STOL design from scratch, so copy and paste existed back then too......
I cite the Ryan YO-51 Dragonfly as proof they lacked imagination and scruples.
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Aug 04, 2019, 12:25 PM
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Here's the EXACT page (p.84) from the Gunther Sengfelder book...

Dear Azoic:

The PIPE Here again - I CAN agree with you on SO much with "aircraft scale drawing inaccuracies" I've mentioned for other aircraft through the forums here at RCG; especially World War I types, like how a Fokker Dr I's upper longeron shape aft of the cockpit, as seen in sideview tapered DOWNWARDS as it went towards the tail, the Fokker D VII's upper wing's upper forward wingspar-cap being "board-FLAT" from wingtip to wingtip, etc...'s an endless debate for SO many aircraft subjects with us RC Scale/Giant Scale guys, that it CAN get "endless", if we let it!

I've attached a scan in the "footer" of this reply, of page 84 from the same GŁnther Sengfelder-authored book I got about three years ago on "German Aircraft Landing Gear", that's still available from Amazon, that documents the Storch's main's "all there is" in that very informative book on such a WIDE range of Third Reich Luftwaffe production and prototype designs, that it's a standard "go-to" reference for my Wikipedia posts on German WW II-era aircraft, in regards to their landing gear's features and failings.

Just hoping that the scan of my book's reference page on the Storch CAN be of some help here...

Thanks and Yours Sincerely,
The PIPE....!!
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Aug 04, 2019, 04:40 PM
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The picture still doesn't answer the question posed by Bumbr. I guess we could go back and forth all year on this topic alone, but until Bumbr gives his opinion on WHAT is actually wrong in his mind, we have no point of reference to come to an agreement on. I'm not even building one of these, and have no real concern where the undercarriage long as it's there, this is the most important's rather tricky to land without it.

I have to assume Paolo got his dimension's correct on his 1/4 scale version. He mentions in the build log , he obtained a book with over 200 drawings of parts from the Feiseler factory. I think it safe to assume at least one of those showed the ACTUAL landing gear mount points on the fuselage, wing and sub-frame.
I may be wrong, but he does seem to ensure correct source information before he builds. If you haven't been to his website, go have a look, it's got some BEAUTIFUL models on it. His E.1 is a thing of beauty on it's own.......
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