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Mar 29, 2014, 12:35 PM
Jim Lafferty
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Eflite SAFE RX in another plane

This thread was begun in order for RC pilots to discuss installing the Eflite SAFE Receiver that comes stock with the Apprentice S15E into other RC planes in order to benefit from having the 3 SAFE Flight modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced), as well as a "Panic" button, and AS3X. What began as an experiment with just a few planes has blossomed, at the time of this edit, into over 100 different rc plane airframes of various sizes, configurations, and Mfgs. We welcome all who are interested in adapting a plane to the SAFE Rx or who are just interested in discussing the technology and its opportunities.

Here is a link to my Blog with a number of FAQs and Install Notes for folks who are interested in adapting this wonderful technology to their RC plane:

My YouTube page with a number of SAFE flight videos in various planes:

My advice to new SAFE pilots is not mess with any trim via the transmitter till you've maidened (including the landing) and seen how she flies out of the box with control surface centered only ( manually via clevis). Beware of just handing your plane over to an instructor to fly it first. Instructors are very experienced, but they are used to tweaking trim in ways that SAFE just doesn't need, OR, they adjust trims without having read the manual and dont wait for the "2 second no stick movement" rule. I have 0 tx trim on any of my planes and have had no SAFE related crashes. We have also heard about too many instructors crashing SAFE planes because they assumed they knew what SAFE did, without ever having flown one before or reading the manual. Instructors need to read the manual included with any SAFE planes, and need to understand the 3 SAFE modes (not just the Panic Button), as well as know how to bench test a SAFE equipped plane on the ground BEFORE a flight.

Planes which have been successfully equipped with an Eflite or Spektrum SAFE Rx and discussed on this forum are (updated as needed)

Over 200 different models as of Nov 2016!!:

Airfield 1450 P-51 (Post #4181)
Airfield 1440mm Zero
Airfield 1450mm F4u Corsair (Post #2930)
Airfield 1450mm T-28 (Post #3870)
AMains EasySky Enterprise Yak 12 (Post #4204)
Ares Gamma 370 Pro (Post #2683)
Ares P-51D 350 (Post #4478)
ArtTech F14 Tomcat (Post #2697)
Art-Tech Pelican 500 STOL (Post #4149)
Avios Sea Fury (Post #6414)
Beeker (scratch built) (Post #4333)
Bixler 2
Bixler 3 (Post #3257)
Boomerang jet cat turbine (Post #3472)
Century Models Riot
Chris Foss WOT 4
Clouds Fly sailplane. Flipped the control rods from the tail @ the servos to get them working correctly for SAFE. No other changes were needed. (post #1727)
Criss Foss Acro WOT Mk2 foamy (Post #2746)
Durafly Auto G2 Gyrocopter (Post #5086)
Durafly Das Ugly Stick (Post #2700)
Durafly Fieseler Storch
Durafly Monocoupe 1100mm (with AR636F4U SAFE Rx) (Post #2212)
Durafly P-40N Warhawk 1100mm (Post #6334)
Durafly P-51 "Old Crow"
Durafly Sky Mule
Durafly T-28 (needed to reverse elevator servo)
Durafly T-28 Trojan (Post #3123)
Durafly Tundra (Post #7156)
Durafly Vampire (Post #3123)
Dynam C188 crop duster (Post #2383)
Dynam FW-190 (Post# 6839)
Dynam F6F Hellcat
Dynam Grand Cruiser (Post #5116)
Dynam ME-262 1500mm (Post #3123)
Dynam Meteor 70mm EDF Jet (Post #4082)
Dynam PBY Catalina (Post #3544)
Dynam Pitts Python (Post #2872)
Dynam P-47 (Post # 8161)
Dynam Seawind (Post #5642)
Dynam SU26 M
Dynam Spitfire (Post #5352)
Dynam T-28 (Post #6271)
Dynam Grand Cruiser (post #4953)
Dynam Waco 1270mm (Post #7356)
E-Aero Eagle EPP (58" wingspan) (Post #2726)
Easy Glider Pro
Easy Star II
E-flite Alpha Sport 450 (post# 6794)
E-flite DH-2 Beaver 68" Platinum Series (Post #8170)
Eflite Carbon Z Cub
Eflite Carbon Z Splendor
Eflite Extra 300 (Post #2529)
Eflite FJ-2 Fury (Post #3325)
E-Flite J3 450 (Post #3476)
E-flite P47D Thunderbolt (Post #3166)
E-flite P-51D "Dallas Doll" (no mods or servo reversing needed)
E-Flite P-51D " Blondie " 1.2M (Post #6307)
E-Flite Pawnee Brave Night Flyer (Post #'s 5131 and 7329)
Eflite Pulse 15e (Post #3623)
Eflite Rare Bear (Post #2858)
E-flite Stearman PT-17 15e
Eflite Ultimate 2 (Post #4790)
Eflite Ultrastick 25e (Post #7355)
Eflite UMX PT-17 (Post #4837)
Eflite UMX Corsair (Post #8197)
Eflite Zero 300 (Post #2841)
Electrifly Electrostick (Balsa) (Post #2548)
Exceed RC 70mm MIG 15 (Post #8191)
F4U-1A Corsair
Fancy Foam Rans S-7 Courier (Post #3452)
Finwing Penguin (Post #3752)
FJ-2 Fury by EFLITE (Post #2592)
FLASH 3D (with AR636F4U SAFE Rx) (Post #2204)
Flite-Test Guinea Pig (Post #3703)
Flitework Red Bull PT-17 Stearman (Post # 2383)
Flyzone Beaver
Flyzone Calypso
Flyzone Select Scale A6M2 Zero (Post #3261)
FlyZone Tidewater (needed reversers on all control surfaces)
FMS BF-109 (Post # 8161)
FMS 1400 P-47 Thunderbolt (Post #5606)
FMS 1700mm P-47 (Post #7313)
FMS 1400 P-51 V8 Red Tail (Post #7289)
FMS 1400 P-40, older version (Post #5606)
FMS P-40B (Post #7288)
FMS 1400 Spitfire (Post #5606)
FMS 1400 F6F Hellcat (Post #5606)
FMS 1400mm T-28 Trojan (Post #2566)
FMS 1400mm Zero A6M3 (Post 3233)
FMS 64mm F/A 18 EDF (Post #3832)
FMS F4U Corsair 1700mm (V2) (Post #1809)
FMS F4U Corsair 1400mm (Post #7254)
FMS P-51 Red Tail 1700mm with retracts (post #1787)
FMS 1450mm P-51B Shangri La (Post #4363)
FMS 800mm Spitfire V2 (Post #4963)
FMS SuprEZ (Post #4408)
FMS Sky Trainer (Post#1810)
FMS 800 T-28 (Post #3370+
FMS Pitts Biplane 1400mm (Post #7971)
FMS PT-17 (Post #6088)
FMS Zero 750mm V2 (Post #3461)
Freewing F-86 Sabre 64mm EDF (Servo reverser needed on ELEV)
Freewing Dehavilland Mosquito (Servo reverser needed on AIL)
Freewing B-17G 1600mm ( Servo reverser needed on ELEV and RUD)
FMS FW-190A8 1400mm (No modifications needed)
Freewing CTLS (no servo reversing necessary).
Freewing F/A18 "Royal Maces" (Post #3922)
Freewing FW-190 (Post #7306)
Freewing F-86 Sabre 80mm EDF Jet (Post # 3245)
Freewing P-51 Mustang "Iron Ass" 1400mm (Pos t#3123)
Freewing Pandora
Freewing rebel 70mm v2 EDF (Post #4115)
Freewing Spacewalker
Freewing 80mm F5 Tiger (Post #8191)
Freewing Stinger 90 (Post #7746)
FT Old Fogey
FT Simple Storch ( It took a LOT of reversers to make it work). (post #1727)
Great Planes Electrostik
Great Planes Piper J3 Cub 40 76.5" (Post #3119)
Great Planes Seawind (Post #2702)
Hanger 9 Extra 330SC 65" wingspan (Post #9339)
Hanger 9 Pulse XT40 (Post #7355)
Hawker Sea Fury -91-4 stroke
HK Hawker Sea Fury 1200mm (Post #2657)
HK Wilga (Post #3605)
HK Yak12 (Post) #3605)
Hitec Weekender Hawker Hurricane (Post #4963)
Hobbico Nexstar (no servo reversing needed)
Hobbyking Flying Fortress 1875 (Post #9368)
Hobbyking Piper Cub J3 (Post #5757)
Hobbyking DC3 / C47 (Post #8689)
Hobby King L-4 Grasshopper
Hobby King Pietenpol Air Camper (Post #4067)
Hobby King Walrus (post #1719)
Hobby King Wingnetic (Post #4408)
Hobby Kings Pitts Special (Post #3110)
Hobbyking Waco SRE (Post #7793)
Hobby Lobby Telemaster Electro (Post #7355)
Hobby People P-51 (Post #1814)
Hobbyking (Super Flying Model) Fokker Dv.III 1200 wingspan (Post #3677)
Hobbyking Flybeam (elevator and ailerons needed reversing-reversing safe rx back to front and still upright works in this scenario)
Hobbyking Focke Wulf 140, 1200mm (Post #2460)
HobbyKing Skipper (post #1761)
Hobbyking Skipper XL (Post #5679)
HobbyKing Sky Mule (Post #3114)
Hobbyking Trainstar
HobbyZone Conscendo (post #7646)
Hyperion L-19 Bird Dog 10e (Post #2528)
Hyperion Zlin Z50L (Post #2541)
KMP 59" Beaver ARF kit (Post #4459)
ICON A5 (Post# 3094)
Mew Gull-70 - 4 stroke
Multiplex Dogfighter
Multiplex Easy Star II (Post #3872)
Multiplex Funman (with optional ailerons added) (Post #4408)
Multiplex fun Cub (Post #7355)
Multiplex HERON (Post #3876)
Parkzone Archer
ParkZone Corsair with retracts (post #1787)
Parkzone F4U Corsair
Parkzone F4U1A (Post #7331)
Parkzone FW190 A-8
ParkZone Icon A5 (the discontinued scale 52" version, not the current ultra micro). (Post #1733)
Parkzone Mosquito MK VI
Parkzone P-51 BL (post #1960)
Parkzone Radian
Parkzone SE5a Biplane (post #1899)
Parkzone Sport Cub
Parkzone Stinson Reliant (Post #3280)
Parkzone Stinson (Post #3693)
ParkZone SU29MM (Post #1814))--mixed results reported from different pilots--large control surfaces on this plane may lead to oscillation issues (See Post #6209).
Parkzone T-28
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Unique 1.2m F4U Corsair (Post #5081)
Value hobby aviator pro (Post #6916
Volantex Cessna 747-3 (Post #3641)
VQ P-47D Thunderbolt ((Post #4012)

Some pros and cons of the two SAFE Rx's (courtesy of user "flightengr")

Apprentice SAFE Receiver
+ Full-range receiver (no one has said that distance is an issue)
+ 7 channels (an Aux2 port is open for extra function like flaps)
+ Beginner-style SAFE (unlike the Sukhoi or NIGHT VisionAire models with 3D SAFE)
- No built-in telemetry for radio fades/holds

Corsair S AR636F4U
+ Full-range receiver
+ In the US, list price is $30 cheaper than the Apprentice receiver
+/- depending on application - compared to the Apprentice receiver, the direction of rudder control is reversed (in other words, if you need a reverser on the rudder with the Apprentice receiver, then you would not need one with the F4U)
- 6 channels only, so no room for extra functions - only the 4 basics plus SAFE
+ Beginner-style SAFE
+ The AR636F4U is based on the AR636, so hopefully someday (but not now) it can be unlocked and reprogrammed like an AR636 without losing the SAFE
- Limited range of motion on the elevator channel (there must be some rate limiting in the receiver itself on that channel)

As Horizon starts branching out with its SAFE technology, it is becoming a bit confusing as not all SAFE Rx's are "equal". Here is a quick and dirty guide to what's out there now, not including the Rx/esc combo receivers we see in the Hobbyzone Sport Cub S and the Habu S. Hope this helps a bit--

Versions of SAFE Programmed Receivers

Eflite EFLR310013 Rx (7 channels) sold in the Eflite Apprentice S15E (suitable for beginners)
Has a Panic Button for all modes
3 Modes (Beginner-Intermediate-Experienced)
Beginner (self leveling, restricted flight envelope plus AS3X))
Intermediate (restricted flight envelope plus AS3X)
Experienced (AS3X only)
"Locked rx" -- no user programming allowed

Spektrum SPMAR636F4U Rx (6 channels) sold in the HobbyZone Corsair S (suitable for beginners)
Has a Panic Button for all modes
3 SAFE Modes (Beginner-Intermediate-Experienced)
Beginner (self leveling, restricted flight envelope plus AS3X))
Intermediate (restricted flight envelope plus AS3X)
Experienced (AS3X only)
"Locked rx" -- no user programming allowed

Spektrum SPMAR636SU Rx (6 channel) sold in the Parkzone SU-29MM Sukhoi (not suitable for beginners)
Has a Panic Button for all modes
1 SAFE Mode and 2 AS3X modes
-Stagility Mode (no flight envelope restrictions, self-levels when you let go of the sticks plus AS3X)
3D Mode (AS3X only tuned with higher rates/gains)
Precision Mode (AS3X only tuned with lower rates/gains)
"Locked rx" -- no user programming allowed

Spektrum SPMAR636 Rx (6 channel) (specific designation for this model unknown yet) Perhaps SPMAR636VA?). Sold in the Eflite Night VisionAire (not suitable for beginners)
Has a Panic Button for all modes
2 AS3X only Modes
3D Mode (High rates and gains--AS3X only)
Precision Mode (Low rates and gains--AS3X only)
"Locked rx" -- no user programming allowed

Step by Step Directions for setting up a Spektrum DX6, DX9, and DX18 transmitter with the SAFE Rx or SAFE Programmed AR636 receivers:

SAFE RX Setup on Spekrum DX6, DX9, DX18 Transmitters-(Step-by-Step) (3 min 6 sec)

Bench Testing the Eflite SAFE Rx

Bench Testing the Eflite SAFE Rx (8 min 26 sec)

Eflite Safe Rx Level Tests 2014 (3 min 55 sec)

For instructions on setting a SAFE Rx up with a TARANIS Transmitter and DSM/DSMX module see Post #4878 and Post #4883


__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

Maiden with SAFE RX in another plane


Hi Folks,
A few weeks back I posted in the Apprentice S with SAFE technology thread that I was experimenting with the eflite safe receiver in a couple of other planes. Up until today, I spent my time learning on the Apprentice S (I've been rc flying a whopping total of just about 3 months), and fiddling with the eflite safe receiver in a Dynam SU-26 and a Durafly Storch. Well, today I got up the nerve to try out the SU-26 with the safe receiver installed. I picked the SU-26 because it seemed like a stable platform that could handle slow flight, being a sport/3D plane. I know "zip" about 3D and fly very conservatively (I am, after all, new to this). I have never flown or buddy boxed with anyone (let alone an instructor)---this has been all "solo-learning" with many of the pitfalls associated.
First off, my transmitter is a DX9. Switch B is used for the 3 modes (safe, intermediate, and experienced), dual rates are on switch A, the panic switch is the Bind button I, throttle cut is switch H. I flew the maiden 100% on safe mode from takeoff to landing. I used high rates (100%) with 50% expo on the aileron, elevator and rudder. All throws were to the mfg instructions from Dynam. You will see in the video that the plane is missing the spinner---that's because on my first take off attempt I had forgotten to ensure the prop was tightened and the darn thing went flying off before she left the ground-(I'll save that video for my memoirs, lol). I tightened the prop back on and left the spinner off for the maiden.
First off, let me apologize for the video--it was my first time trying to capture a flight with no help, so I just had my mini-dice cam velcroed to my hat--I'll try to adjust the fov better next time, but I wanted to at least capture this since I havent seen any videos out there yet showing the safe receiver in another plane other than the couple sold by Horizon.
The flight was really smooth--no issues, in fact, the plane flew really smoothly. I kept speeds to half throttle and just tried out the flight envelope in safe mode, which I found to be basically identical to the Apprentice S. I wanted to test the "oh crap" button, but I noticed that my elevator servo was acting a bit wonky after bumping the elevator hard getting it out of the car---I didn't want to tempt fate with "panic mode" until I had a better look at that servo. Getting it home, it looks like its partially stripped so I pulled it and will order another. I know the safe receiver didn't cause it because the behavior started before the safe mode or AS3X had been initialized. My landing was a little hard, as I am used to the Apprentice and cutting the throttle and the SU26 looks like it needs a tad more throttle on the final part of the landing. There was no damage or bending to the gear. Total flight was about 5 and a half minutes.
A couple of side notes---when I first installed the receiver I expected to have to adjust servo horn mountings, etc etc since it was the Apprentice S and the correcting control surface directions might be wrong for SAFE or AS3X. What I found was that (at least on the Storch and SU-26) everything worked fine and in the correct directions. On my next flight (after the servo fix) I will crank up the throttle and try the SU26 out in intermediate mode.

Again, I am a beginner pilot, learning this stuff all on my own. There is no way I could do that without this SAFE receiver, and it looks like its not just limited to using in the Apprentice airframe, which makes the benefit (and possibilities) all the more exciting.

Im sure I forgot something, so ask away if you have any questions---

(Yeah I know, fire the cameraman)


Maiden Eflite Safe Rx and SU26 March 29 2014 (6 min 17 sec)

A bit better video of the SU29M with SAFE Rx
Dynam SU26M with SAFE Rx--Beginner Mode (2 min 1 sec)

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Apr 09, 2014, 03:15 PM
Jim Lafferty
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Thread OP

SAFE Rx in a Dynam SU26

Hi folks--
Here is today's flight with the SAFE Rx in the Dynam SU26. The first flight (in the video) went off with out a hitch--I alternated between beginner ("normal mode" on the dx9 voice alert) and Intermediate mode ("rolling mode" on the dx9 voice alert.).

Unfortunately your pilot got a little cocky and ahead of himself during the second flight (not in the video, lol) and decided to do a couple of rolls in Expert mode. The first roll was fine, but the second one ripped the horizontal/vert stabs right off the fuselage and I went in nose first . Looks like the two screws holding the tail assembly on had come loose.--Im ordering another of these planes today and am gonna glue the tail assembly down as well as use the screws this time. Got lots of spare parts now too, lol.

Dynam SU 26 with Eflite Safe Rx installed (5 min 53 sec)

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Apr 16, 2014, 12:53 PM
Jim Lafferty
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Thread OP

Safe Rx in a Durafly Fieseler Storch

Hi folks
Here is what may be the first successful trial of an Eflite Safe Receiver (same as what is in the marvelous Apprentice S15 e) installed in a Durafly Fieseler Storch, on April 16, 2014 over Loma Linda, California. (My first attempt two weeks ago ended in an orange tree after I had my low rate set TOO LOW and I lost aileron control. I ordered a few repair parts, patched her up and tried again today with 100% throws on the ailerons). The entire flight was in Beginner mode. I have a whopping two months RC flying experience and am a terrible cameraman (mini dice camera on my hat, lol) but the Safe Receiver is making it possible for a beginner like me to fly a plane that before I would never have attempted. Now I can work my way through Intermediate mode to Expert mode (as3x only) on this plane as I progress. The battery is a Parkzone 3S 1300maH. The 5 minute flight could have been extended--I only put 400 maH back into the battery with 3.86 volts still remaining per cell. I was at half throttle most of the flight. he transmitter is a Spektrum DX9. You can hear when I test the flaps during flight--I landed with about 40% flaps. It is an ugly landing (apologies to you experienced pilots) but she made it, lol.

Here is the video (such as it is) as well as a shot of the Eflite Safe Rx installed. I also replaced the Storch's stock esc with an Eflite 30a esc.

Best Regards,


Durafly Fieseler Storch with Eflite Safe Rx (6 min 12 sec)
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Apr 16, 2014, 01:24 PM
cmdl's Avatar
nice. you're a SAFE adaptation ambassador. i'll take a rain check on viewing those vids but its nice to see someone documenting all these projects.
Apr 16, 2014, 06:23 PM
Jim Lafferty
Suenaga's Avatar
Thread OP
Thanks cmdl.
I'm just another noob trying not to crash. The Safe Rx is a marvel. I've got an eagle tree guardian in another plane, but so far the safe rx is my favorite. It's shortcoming is that it's limited to 5 channels, so I can have a plane with retractable gear or flaps , but not both. In a pinch I can usually go without the flaps if the plane has both.

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Apr 16, 2014, 07:30 PM
cmdl's Avatar
just saw your vids. for a hat cam they're pretty good. or maybe its just that the one time i tried mounting a cam to my head (my glasses actually), all i got was runway even though i thought i was pointing at the plane.

i'm not sure if you qualify as a noob if you're flying balsa. and your flying looks good.

i'm still on foam
Apr 16, 2014, 09:23 PM
Jim Lafferty
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Thread OP
I just liked the look of the storch and for the price it's a bargain. You and the rest on these forums have likely forgotten more about flying RC than I know. I've been learning on my own so far. I'll likely reach out to a local club once I feel comfortable enough. My landings are a "crap-shoot", loll, and I fly very conservatively. For now I'm just plodding away.
Apr 16, 2014, 09:48 PM
Registered User
Have you tried flying anything without the as3x and safe stuff? You might be selling yourself short. Many folks take to flying rc quite easily and do not find it that tough. You appear to have the basics underhand, and it might be time to try it on your own. You might be surprised if you haven't tried it yet.
Apr 17, 2014, 07:14 AM
Still Crashin'
Jim, you're doing something I planned to do.It's great.Where did you purchase the SAFE receiver?I tried HH and was informed they don't sell them yet.

Apr 17, 2014, 07:50 AM
Jim Lafferty
Suenaga's Avatar
Thread OP
Bobly---yep I tried---it wasn't pretty. As a newbie I shouldn't even be trying to fly some of these birds, but the safe receiver has given me the opportunity to try them out and then learn on them from there. As I work my way through the different modes of the different planes and keep on the sim I hope to be able to be more competent without any safe modes.

Robin--I have bought the receiver direct from Horizon Hobby . They list it with the replacement parts of the Apprentice S. Its pricy but it has kept me from having to replace airframes, lol.

I have also seen them on ebay but for the same price new. A few used ones that folks have pulled out of their apprentices have been selling there as well for a bit less.

The nice thing is that there isn't much in the way of internal receiver settings to mess with (actually nothing). You just need to make sure it is mounted correctly, that the control surfaces move in the correct directions, both for pilot input and safe corrections. Also, ensure you follow the directions for channels on your transmitter (ie reversing channel 5 on a DX9 or DX 18, so that the panic button works correctly and you understand which switch positions correspond to Beg, Int., and Expert modes).

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Apr 17, 2014, 11:04 AM
Registered User

Tail Draggier

Hi, have you had to do anything special when plane does its leveling the control surfaces, because this plane is a tail draggier?
Apr 17, 2014, 12:25 PM
Jim Lafferty
Suenaga's Avatar
Thread OP
Hi Krantic--
No difference in setup with the taildraggers. Unlike the Eagle Tree Guardian which requires you you level the plane during setup so it knows what level flight is, the safe system only requires that the plane be "still" when it initializes. It knows what "level" is. (As long as the Rx is installed right side up, pointing forward in your electronics bay). If you are trying to install it in say, something like a Visionaire, where the Rx is mounted on the underside of the fuselage (upside down) then its a "no-go" for the SAFE receiver. It needs to mount right side up, so there are planes it will be suited for, and some it will not. Now I saw a post by a HH rep that said they have even initialized with the entire plane upside down and it still "knew " what level flight was--I dont know the details of that test but it was still installed right side up in the plane.

So far I have needed an eflite esc to get the motor to arm with the SAFE Rx. Not sure if thats becuase it is necessary or if it truly needs it to work. Obviously this is a work in progress, lol.

My next project is to mount it in an Eflite Splendor (taking the AR635 out).

Again, once installed you need to bench test it so that the control surfaces move in the correct directions both when the pilot inputs directly via the Tx and also the "correcting" directions when SAFE corrects for wing leveling and pitch/roll envelopes.

Ill try to explain how the Safe works in each mode and how to bench test it to verify each of its behaviors (there are 3) is working, and in which mode.

First “Beginner Mode”--- In this mode, there are 3 behaviors that the SAFE receiver exhibits.
The first behavior is wing leveling. After running the throttle up to 25% (pretty sure that’s the number), SAFE (and AS3X) starts working. To test wing leveling, do the throttle run-up, and then with sticks at neutral (throttle down, lol), dip your model’s wings in either direction and you should see the ailerons respond to correct the roll. As you roll the model back to level flight the ailerons will reset to neutral. The same will happen with pitch – ie your elevator will respond to counteract a nose up or down attitude and will return to a neutral position when the plane is level again.

The second behavior is the beginner flight envelope. This is to keep the beginner pilot from overcorrecting with the sticks so he/she doesn’t roll or loop the airplane. The way to bench test it is to hold your plane level, then move the right stick to command a right or left bank of the aileron and then move your plane by hand to roll the plane in that direction. As you roll to a greater degree you will see the ailerons suddenly snap back to neutral, even though you have the stick pushed all the way over. The degree of bank that your plane is at when the ailerons snap back shows you the flight envelope for your apprentice when banking. It will not let you bank that plane to any greater degree than that. This protects the pilot from inadvertently rolling the plane from overcorrecting on the sticks. The same behavior can be demonstrated with pitch and the elevator. Pull the stick back to simulate a climb and then point your nose up—as you increase the pitch, at some point the elevator will snap back to neutral, preventing you from pitching up any higher than that point—this keeps the pilot from looping the plane.

The third behavior in beginning mode is AS3X. This makes corrections in pitch, roll, and yaw due to things like wind. With the sticks neutral just move your plane in pitch, roll, yaw, and you will see the control surfaces react to COUNTER that movement.

Second, in Intermediate Mode--- When you flip the switch to this mode, wing leveling behavior is turned off, the flight envelope is still restricted, but now you are able to bank your plane and pitch up or down and to a much greater degree than in beginner mode. Bench test as described above in Beginner Mode. You will still not be able to do a loop or fully roll the plane, but the flight envelop restrictions are greatly reduced. AS3X is also active in this mode. You can bench test this as you do in the Beginner Mode described above.

Third, in Expert or Advanced Mode --- In this mode, only AS3X is active. You will see the control surfaces react to changes in pitch roll and yaw with the sticks neutral. This stabilizes the plane in windy conditions. You have full control to loop, roll, invert, etc. You can bench test this as above.
I hope this helps.

At first as you move the plane around you might be thinking there is no difference between the flight modes, but thats because you are seeing AS3X working in all 3, but the Beg and Int modes are quite different as you will see when you perform the tests above. If you are looking for a mode in which AS3X is turned off, it doesnt exist--it will always be on, even in the advanced mode,

I use a DX9 so per the Safe instructons in the Apprentice S manual, I have channel 5 reversed so the panic mode works correctly. I have it mapped to my bind button. I have the 3 safe modes mapped to ny B switch, and Hi-Low rates mapped to Switch A.

--the above assumes you have the 3 flight modes assigned to a 3 pos switch, per the Apprentice manual.
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Apr 18, 2014, 11:15 PM
Still Crashin'
Thanks, I know what I'm getting next.

Apr 19, 2014, 04:09 PM
Jim Lafferty
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My pleasure Robin---

I just snagged an eflite Carbon Z Splendor 55" on ebay. I'll be yanking out the AR 635 Rx out of it and installing a SAFE Rx. Will report how it goes.

Apr 19, 2014, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Suenaga
My pleasure Robin---

I just snagged an eflite Carbon Z Splendor 55" on ebay. I'll be yanking out the AR 635 Rx out of it and installing a SAFE Rx. Will report how it goes.

can't wait for the video.

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