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Mar 24, 2014, 01:05 PM
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Libelle HLG

I've always wanted a DLG, but I don't like flying expensive airplanes. It's simply because I don't have as much fun when I'm concerned about the replacement cost if I dumb thumb. Needless to say I was very excited when a learned about the Libelle and ordered it almost immediately.

On to the build...around 10am
All the parts were packaged well and undamaged. The instructions are done very well and are easy to follow. The hardest part is joining the wings, and I would have liked more detail regarding the amount of dihedral. Maybe the information was there and I just missed it. I built it pretty much stock except for a bit of stripping tape on the bottom. I also had to remove some foam in the nose for my battery. I used 3 HS-35HD servos with a GWS Pico servo on rudder. I would have used 4 hs-35's, but one failed out of the box. I used a 6100 RX, a 3 cell 300 lipo, and a small BEC I had laying around. The right wing tip is decorated with colored packing tape. Final balance added 14g of lead to the nose to hit the rearward CG recommendation. Flying weight for the maiden was 270 grams (9.5 oz).

Where I'm coming from- I've been flying RC for 14 years. Most of my experience is with indoor and park flyers, but I've flown everything from helicopters to glow planes, and even a turbine once. I've never owned a DLG.
The HLG's I have owned are:
Liftworx Seeker 42" SAL <5oz
Liftworx Swyft 42" SAL <5oz
2 Dream-Flight Alula Evos 35.4" SAL 6.25oz
My gliders split time between flatland and light slope duty.

First flight...4pm
Conditions were not too bad. It was about 50 degrees and cloudy with a gusty North wind averaging around 8kts. My location is the double football practice field that backs up to my house. It's around 100yds X 100 yds and surrounded by mature trees on three sides. It's usually pretty turbulent air.
First javelin style trim launches were uneventful. With a 4% up elevator preset I gave it a side arm style launch, and was very please with the results. It stayed aloft longer than I expected with such a light toss, and felt very light with positive control. I then stumbled through my first DLG launch. I was surprised how much height it gained without much launch power. A few launches later I knocked off the vertical stab on a mild crosswind landing. It turns out that the old CA I was using hadn't dried yet. I made the repair and injected thin CA into the joint with a hypodermic needle stolen from my diabetic cat That fixed it.

The extended maiden- The wind had died down a bit so I was able to dial it in. I added 1/4 oz of lead to the nose to make it a little more stable and setup my mixes/conditions. It should be stated that I am not telling you that you should set up your plane like this. It's just how I like it.

Launch preset-My DX7 does not have a momentary switch so I have it set up on the left/top most switch. It adds 4% up elevator for launch. It climbs nicely upon release and I just switch off the preset at apex.

Throttle stick- On my gliders I set up a mix from throttle to elevator. In this case I mixed in flaperons as well. Zero throttle adds 1% up elevator and around 3mm down flaperons. Full throttle adds 1% down elevator and 1mm up flaperons. This way when you pull your throttle back it slows right down for thermaling, but go full throttle and it drops the nose a hair and moves out nicely.

Flaperons (three position switch)-middle position is normal. Down position is landing mode with a whole bunch of down flaperons, and some down elevator to compensate. Keep in mind that the throttle mix is still in effect so you can adjust your landing flaperon drop with the throttle stick. Up position turns on elevator to flap mixing. I cranked this up and it allows you to do some really tight turns and loops. Consecutive outside loops are a riot!

Aileron to rudder mix- I dialed in some aileron to rudder mix on a separate switch. I only really use it when I'm feeling lazy.

It took me about an hour to get all my setting mixed in and get comfortable launching. I don't think I've ever had that much fun flying by myself. Energy retention and L/D are better than I had expected and it seems to just hang in the air when you want it to. I was constantly amazed how low I could get and still make it back to me, drop the flaps, and pluck it out of the air. Zero ground speed landings with flaperons are always fun. Loops are tight and clean even without the elevator to flap mix. It never seems to stall, but when it does it gives fair warning. I flew till it started getting dark, and had a ball!

This is the plane I've been waiting for. It's a full house DLG at an excellent price point so I won't be afraid to fly it hard. I know it isn't a competition plane, but it fits my needs perfectly.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Apr 21, 2014, 10:26 AM
Stick lift beats no lift
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DX7 programming


Thanks for the review - we needed an easy to try DLG in foam.
The few times I have flown gliders with the dallas club, I see many using throttle stick for flaps rather than the three position switch. With good skills I saw a man launch a dlg about 200 feet high, nose it back over, hit flaps and catch it in the original spot. It practially stops in mid air when level with flaps down!!

I'm flying a JR radio from which the DX 7 appears to have been taken. Also programming a DLG. My TX is an XP 7202 and I aim to set the flaperons to the throttle so I can use the throttle curves available in Helicopter mode only. Wish it were not like this but it is. So far so good but for the flaperon differntial. If in heli mode, I don't know yet how to get differential for flaperon. Also I see there is a pitch curve in heli mode. I have no idea what pitch is, never having tried a helicopter wonder if that could be used somehow as slaved to the ailerons.?? Did not see that option in program mixes.

So if your heli-glider skills operlap enough to take a crack at this I'd like to hear the outcome.

Apr 21, 2014, 11:00 AM
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It's been a long time since I did any heli stuff. I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help.

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