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Heinrich Stork 6 X F3J

Available through soaringusa.com, the Stork 6 is a competition ready F3J sailplane

Heinrich Stork 6 X

The latest version of the popular Stork lineup

The Heinrich Stork 6 X F3J is the newest X-tail version of the Stork 6. Available through soaringusa.com the Stork 6 X features a 3-piece wing, a newly designed wing shape, and lighter foam tail surfaces. The Stork 6 X also features pre-installed pushrods and servo pockets for a faster build time. The carbon wing joiners make for a very strong and light wing, with the UHM carbon reinforced lay-up. The flaps are capable of 90 degree deployment, for precise spot landings.

This 3.8m full house competition glider sells for around $1900.

Link to product website

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Stork 6


The Stork 6 is also available in a F5J version!
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