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Mar 22, 2004, 09:28 PM
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Well, that was fun...

Took out my new SS today... new brushless (my 1st), 600 mw video TX so I can send pictures down to my Sony Glasstrons video goggles, and my brand new Pentax Optio S4.

So, I take off and fly around a bit and snap a couple of photos but the airplane get very high very fast so I simply put it off to being this new powerful brushless motor and, thus, I chopped the power.... the plane keeps getting smaller so I double check and, sure enough, no throttle.... but the plane gets even smaller. Now I will stop here and say I have no idea what was going on but I can only conclude I hit the strongest thermal ever because the plane simply kept going up and up and up till it was a speck. Fifteen minutes worth of max rudder/elevator deflection spiral turns latter I concluded that the aircraft was now even higher that before and completely unorientble. I had had enough so I pushed forward on the stick to dive and then yanked back so as to fold the wings... sure enough, just that happens and to my relief I finally see my plane descending but I was not worried since I was surrounded by fields of grass and it had rained recently but, just my luck, it would happen to land on the only road around whereby my brand new Optio busted.

I am not happy...

Am I the only one to have busted a camera (my first time out no less)? I have been frequenting these boards for quite a while and never saw anyone talk about busting a camera... that was even a good part of the reason I even tried this, it seemed like everyone’s equipment was always surviving. Oh well, at least I still got 30 bucks coming back to me on the rebate for my now busted camera... poor thing only took one picture it’s whole life.
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Mar 22, 2004, 09:45 PM
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that's a bunch of bad luck. Sorry about your loss of the Pentax.

I used to fly large gliders and we learned to fly upwind straight to get out of a thermal. I know that may not be possible if you cannot orient yourself to the plane soon enough but I wonder if in your case you had a throttle failure running to full throttle. It's the first I have heard of some losing control of a SS due to a thermal. Possible but my guess it was throttle issues. The other thing is that normally a thermal will move downwind taking your plane with it. I presume this was not the case and the plane was somewhat overhead.

In any case, none of this helps - but heck, ask Bar-Stool about the time he took off with his Canon digital and that large rock was in the way....ask him about what was left of his Canon...


Mar 22, 2004, 10:28 PM
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Flying is not a perfect science yet.

I have a 2X4 the same size, shape, and weight as my camera which I always fly instead of the real camera until I get the airplane trimmed out and flying reliably.

I have a few scuffs on the 2X4, but none on the camera.

I have, however, dumped my camera and airplane in a lake once (it dried out OK and seemed to work alright afterward).