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Kyosho Engine Mount Option Part

For the Inferno MP9 buggy


New performance upgrade for the ultra-popular and race-proven Kyosho Inferno MP9!

Famed Pro RC racer and top Kyosho car designer, Yuichi Kanai, recently released some images of a new option part that he developed for the Inferno MP9 1/8-scale buggy. It is a U-shaped engine mount that is designed to further stiffen the chassis around the potentially weak spot found around the opening for the flywheel. The mount uses the existing holes in the chassis plate to secure it so no need for any drilling. The key to the stiffening benefits of the new engine mount plate is the section that runs along the side of the chassis plate. It extends past the opening for the flywheel and is then secured to the chassis via the fuel tank mount.

This item should be available in April.

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Mar 20, 2014, 03:29 AM
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Great idea but I think needs some extra new parts.

Rear fuel tank mount is still plastic, isn't it?

As a reinforcement device, the plate it's secured by four M4 screws (same ones that lock the engine mount in place...) plus the small 3mm one that holds the tank stay to the chassis.

I think Kyosho guys should have developed an aluminium tank post to ensure a better action of the new reinforcing plate.

Cesar, from Spain.
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