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Dec 21, 2001, 10:11 AM
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How many amps can different batteries take?

Can someone please summarize what batteries can handle different currents. In other words, what are AEs good up to, and then what is best to use above that?
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Dec 21, 2001, 10:22 AM
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CSR's are best for high current applications over 20 amps.
CP1300SCR 35g
CP1700SCR 45g
CP2400SCR 60g
R/C 2400 60g

The 600AE is okay up to 15 amps with short run time. I have never tested the 1400, 1700 AE cells but I know that they have foam electrodes. I would assume that they will work =/<20 amps.

Dec 21, 2001, 12:16 PM
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I find this page quite helpful, courtesy of Greg at SMS.

Dec 26, 2001, 07:58 PM
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amps are subjective

From experience there is no real exact figures for each type of cell but there is some good guidlines to follow from other ezone threads
My own experiece on cells ( some figures from faulty memory my head that is)

Old 500 ars 18 grams good to 10 amps sag a lot towards 20 amps best use short runs less than 15 amps or continious 6 amps intermitent burstsof 8 amps internal restance 12ohms
why did they stop making them

new 500 and 600ae 19 grams barely able to handle 10 amps but good below 5 amps with intermittent bursts less than 6 amps sure get hot internal restance 16 ohms

1400 ae 33 grams not to exceed 25 amps but will do it but not much use above 15 amps for short bursts and good for 5 amps continios intermittent bursts ten amps and really recover well from glide phase but get hot if used above 5 amps internal restance is larger from long thin shapes internal restance 18 ohms

800ars 32 grams not to exceed 35amps but cant really exceed that for more than a few seconds and dosent really give more than twenty amps continios for any lenth of time good for short burst of twenty amps or continious 12 amps gets hot over 15 amps recovers a lot from long glide phase

1100 ae useless pops cells out over ten amps 4amps only expensive

1000 n aa size buton type 25 grams good continious 4 amp bursts 7 amps not to exceed 10 amps cant anyway but super cheap does pop weak cells early on replace and go again cheap cheap gives 90 % flying time of nimh 1600 and quicker charge and cost a lot less than nimh 1600

1000 ars or 1250 45 grams take less than 70 amps but gets hot
used in hot ships low internal restanse 6 ohms low power density best in short burst continios 15 amps intermittent 25 amps bursts

1700 scrc 55grams 2000scrc 57 grams 2400 59 grams takes less than 90 amps but best in short burst or 25 amps continios with 40 amp short bursts get hot above 20 amps
internal restance 4 ohms

panasonic 1800 50grams seems to work like sanyo 1700 but lighter but suspect dosnt like more than 40 amps and works good at 15 amps burst of twenty and gets hot over twenty amps

cp 1300 and 1700 havent eneogh experience to work on but so far seem ok buying more packs on test flights of only ten flights per pack

nimh 2000 and 3000 again not eneogh time to say but sure find the longer recharge and cost a nuisance so only one pack of each to test so cant say do seem to perfer short burst flying perfer nicads only used each pack less than 10 times not impressed maybe they get better as they run in

hope these numbers help but its a hard life for our batterys
personally have bent packs shorted them out charged some in revese fast charge and ni cads take this but my nimh do seem to die out if you do this to them

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David in Ireland