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Deluxe Truck Stand, Deluxe Tool Stand & Deluxe Shock Stand


Handy pit & workbench accessories from Duratrax!

Maintenance, repairs and building are all staples in this awesome hobby and I am all for products that make it easier to perform these tasks. Duratrax recently released three products under the Pit Tech name that are designed to do just that—the Deluxe Truck Stand, Deluxe Tool Stand and Deluxe Shock Stand. I have used the three stands shown here for a little while now and here are my impressions.

Each are made right here in the U.S.A. of incredibly sturdy, high-impact polystyrene and use a sold piece of aluminum for the center post. Out of the box, the stands go together quickly. I found the fit on the Tool Stand is quite tight when sliding the center plate onto the aluminum post, but that is okay because once the stand is assembled, it is a solid structure with zero slop. I do wish the base of the stands had rubber feet to keep them from easily sliding on the work surface or possibly damaging it.

The collapsibility of these stands are a nice feature where each one can be dismantled just as easily as they are assembled. This makes it convenient to bring them back and forth to the track or wherever and they will take up much less room in your hauler bag. The Truck Stand provides a convenient spot to store the center aluminum post and then the top plate gets flipped over and is secured onto the base by four tiny posts. For the Shock Stand, the top plate sits nicely in the underside of the base while the Tool Stand allows for just the center plate to fit in the of the base. The Tool and Shock Stand do not lock together when collapsed like the Truck Stand and the center posts stay loose. Too bad there was not a way to have the parts snap together when disassembled and a place to keep the aluminum post, but this is definitely not a big deal…just a wish.

Duratrax offers the stands in its trademark blue (shown here) or in deep black. If you are a car guy, you are in luck because there is a Deluxe Car Stand that is available not only in blue and black, but also orange, purple and green (item nos. DTXC2369 – DTXC2373).



I like the Truck Stand. I used it for wrenching on my Traxxas Slash 4x4. The platform that holds the vehicle is equipped with rubber inserts that helped to keep the chassis of the Slash 4x4 from sliding off the stand. I like the convenience that it rotates so that you can access all around the truck being worked on and quickly. Located in the center recessed section of the platform are four 12.5mm holes that could be used for shocks during rebuilds, but I found the holes to be a tad too small for most shocks found on RC trucks. It would be easy enough to open up the holes to accommodate the shocks for your vehicle if need be or just get the Pit Tech Shock Stand. I was curious how the Truck Stand would handle bigger, heavier trucks. I grabbed my highly-customized and therefore quite heavy Traxxas T-Maxx and set it on the stand. The chassis braces with center skid plate fit perfectly in the channel of the Truck Stand and it was tall enough to keep the tires from touching the table. The extra heft of the monster truck did not give the stand any issues.



As soon as I assembled the Deluxe Tool Stand, I wondered why I never had anything like this in the past. I found it incredibly helpful to have at your side during a kit build or for just general wrenching. It keeps all of your most commonly used tools right within easy grasp and they stay organized. No more scanning over my bench for a few minutes trying to find the 2mm hex wrench, it will now be either in my hand or in the Tool Stand.

There are 18 holes in two different sizes to hold tools—ten are 14mm and eight are 8mm holes. These holes are found in both the top and center plates. The inclusion of the center plate is very useful because it keeps the tool standing vertical which makes for a neater presentation as well as easier to retrieve and replace tools into the stand. The large diameter of the base does a great job of keeping the stand from tipping over, even when fully loaded with tools. And the four compartments in the base are handy to keep tiny parts and hardware from getting lost.



A shock stand is one of those accessories that everyone should have. Having one on hand to assemble or maintain shocks is a blessing and makes this sometimes lengthy process much easier. The Pit Tech Deluxe Shock Stand not only provides a place to hold shocks but there are also four parts trays in its base and it is collapsible so that you can easily bring it to the track.

There are eight holes in the top plate—four 15mm holes and four 14mm holes which will handle most 1/10- and 1/8-scale shocks. I used the larger holes to hold the shock bodies and the smaller 14mm holes for the shock caps. There are other shock stands out there, but this one has these four convenient 4.5mm wide slots so that you can hang the shocks upside down to allow every single drop of oil to exit the shock body when changing shock oil. I just don’t like that the oil drips into the compartments below. Moreover, I would have like to see a different configuration for the parts trays and maybe have two small compartments and one larger compartment where you could place the springs.



  • Sturdy construction
  • Design of stands will accommodate a multitude of different RC products
  • All three are collapsible for easy transport or storage
  • Affordable


  • No rubber feet to keep stands from sliding or possibly damaging work surface
  • When shock is being drained on Shock Stand, it drips into parts tray.


DTXC2380 Pit Tech Deluxe Truck Stand (blue)$17.99
DTXC2390 Pit Tech Deluxe Tool Stand (blue)$13.99
DTXC2385 Pit Tech Deluxe Shock Stand (blue)$11.99

Learn more—DURATRAX!


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