Dream-Flight Libelle DLG - Discus Launch Glider

Have you been looking for an affordable DLG plane that performs? The Libelle is it!


The Dream-Flight Libelle is a real performer at an awesome price.

Dream-Flight Libelle
Wingspan:1200 mm (47.2 in)
Wing Area:21.31dm2 (330 in2)
Weight:278-290 gm (9.8-10.2 oz)
Wing Loading:13-13.6 gm/dm2 (4.3-4.5 oz/ft2)
Servos:Hitec HS-35HD
Receiver:Hitec Minima6E
Battery:4.8v 300mAH NiMH
Transmitter:Hitec Aurora
Available From:Dream-Flight.com
Street Price:$120

The first time I saw someone fly a DLG (discus launch glider) plane I was stunned. I immediately started doing my research on DLGs and the issue I had was the price - expensive! I did finally get a DLG and to date I have owned 3. I think there is no purer form of flight in the RC world. You control your ailerons, elevator and rudder. You have to rely on your plane and your brains to find thermals to keep the plane in the air.

What I really wanted was something small enough to throw in the car and inexpensive enough to not worry about. The trick to that equation is finding an airframe that is up to the task. When I saw Dream-Flight was releasing my dream plane I was quick to contact them. The plane arrived quickly and my questions were answered just as fast.

Dream-Flight Libelle DLG Review - RCGroups.com (10 min 20 sec)

In The Box

The medium sized box shown with a dragon fly wing as the art. Libelle is German for dragonfly.

Most of the hard work is done for you.

The Manual

The manual covers the complete build process. I was left with no questions about the exact steps needed to build the Libelle. I would also like to note that the manual is as much a soaring and trimming guide as it is an assembly guide.


All hardware needed is included. I'm pretty picky about hardware and everything that shipped with the Libelle worked for me. Be careful not to lose the small clevis screws!

The Wing

The wing comes in two halves. Carbon fiber is preinstalled in the wing halves.

The Tail Group

The stabilizer simply screws in place on the factory installed stab mount.

The rudder has a channel molded into it that allows you to CA it on. You can also use epoxy. I went with CA and it has held up fine to flying. I also used some tape like the instructions suggested.

The Fuse



This plane is made for the Hitec HS-35HD. Be sure to power these servos up and find center before installing them on the plane. This is done to prevent damage to servo. Dream-Flight also offers servo extensions that you can buy separately from their online store.


The only limitation for the receiver is that is has to fit in the small fuselage. I found the Minima6E was perfect for this since the servos connected on the side and not the top.

I ran the antenna wires down the side of the fuse.


Dream-Flight sells a battery that is made to fit in the nose of the fuse. It is a 4.8v 300mAH NiMH battery. Everything I have these days is lithium polymer so I wasn't sure how I was going to charge it. I used my charging cable from my Hitec Aurora to charge this battery.


I was able to fly the Libelle on a calm day and a very windy day. The concern anyone would have with a low cost DLG bird is how does it fly? I thought it flew great. Even though it only weighs around 10 ounces it still managed to penetrate the air. The flip side to that is that at 10 ounces you could really milk the air that you had. It also really communicates to you while flying, If there is a thermal you will see it.

I set all the control surfaces to neutral and the only trimming I had to do was on the elevator. After we pulled a little weight from the nose that worked itself out too. It is a great flying machine.

The next question is how tough is it? It's made out of foam so that was a concern. The rudder was my biggest concern since it is going to be in contact with the ground every time you land. I'm happy to report it held up fine. At one point I did a full speed nose plant. The only thing that happened was the servos in the fuse needed some CA added to lock them back into place. I was impressed. I think the light weight of the plane is what keeps it from sustaining any major damage.

While we didn't find any thermals on our initial flights we managed to keep the plane in the air a good while and have a fun. We even did some slope flying off a very small embankment next to our field.


There is a lot to like about this plane. The price is what should grab you first. If you ever wanted to try your hand at flying a discus launch glider this is the plane for you. I think it's smaller size and light weight make it a great grab-and-go plane for the field or the beach.

Jason Cole spent the day flying the Libelle with me and he said, "From my POV it's a great entry level DLG. It won't match performance of a competition one, but its good enough to be fun."

I will post updates this spring and summer after I have more thermal hunting time with the Libelle.

The build is simple and fast and you don't need anything fancy to build the plane. I built the whole thing sitting at my office table. The plane is obviously designed by real DLG pilots. The construction is light and strong.

I had a blast flying the Libelle and I'm excited to have it in my arsenal of planes. I see some early summer lunch breaks that involve me and the Libelle out hunting for thermals. I also think that since it is such a low cost DLG alternative that I'm more likely to to be aggressive with this plane.

The Dream-Flight Libelle is a winner in my book and just what I was waiting for someone to produce!

About Dream-Flight

Dream-Flight is a small family-run business based in Goleta, California. Known as the "Goodland," this coastal community offers a variety of soaring conditions.

Dream-Flight's goal is to create unique aircraft that are pure fun to fly. They focus on beginners through experts. Their passion is creating quality, affordable R/C aircraft that get more people outdoors to enjoy the wind and sun.

Dream-Flight Libelle DLG- Get Out and Glide (2 min 5 sec)

Libelle Discus Launch Tips

  • Launch into the wind.
  • Allow the glider to hang freely from the peg supported by your index finger and middle finger.
  • Fully extend your launching arm horizontally during entire launch sequence.
  • Facing into the wind, begin one complete rotation allowing the centrifugal force to transition the glider to a horizontal flight.
  • You may take a few steps into the wind while rotating.
  • At the end of one complete rotation release the glider into the wind, slightly above the horizon.
  • Allow the glider to climb using a bit of up elevator or a launch preset switch with up elevator.
  • Smoothly push the glider's nose down to level flight when it has almost reached it's max height.

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I want one!!!!!
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I am looking forward to putting one of these together after SEFF
Mar 13, 2014, 12:23 PM
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Thanks to Jim T, I now have one on order
Mar 13, 2014, 02:03 PM
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Thanks for getting this review up so quick. I don't have to worry that I'm waiting for a bad glider anymore it sounds like its a blast to fly! I can't wait!
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When is it available?
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What would be good HV (2s lipo) servos to use in this? This looks like a perfect first DLG but would like to run a 2s lipo powering the rx/servos with no regulator.
Mar 13, 2014, 09:40 PM
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Finally a DLG I can afford
Mar 13, 2014, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by akfreak
Finally a DLG I can afford
Be nice if this level if DLG become a new class of gliders. I was so surprised how expensive these DLG are
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A nice composite ship can quickly set you back over $1k, this is a welcome addition to the DLG lineup
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Jim T, put me down for some stick time at SEFF!
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Really nice Jim T! It looks like the Libelle is perfect for priming newbies into DLGs!
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Looks sharp!


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