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CC Racing Engines ECO Pipe Kit

Building your race or sport boat just got a little easier on the wallet.

CC Racing ECO pipe

An affordable performance pipe for your gas boat

The ECO pipe kit from CC Racing Engines is an aluminum tuned pipe for gas-powered boats. The pipe was designed to fill the void left by high-dollar racing pipes, and while the ECO is fully capable of producing the power needed to win races, it's more suited as a budget pipe for casual racing and sport boating.

The ECO pipe kit features a zero band pipe with an internal stinger to reduce decibels slightly, a no-leak flange, polished 7/8 90deg stainless header, and an aluminum pipe stop. The no-leak flange is designed to cool the exhaust port and prevent the Viton o-ring from burning up. Carlo from CC Racing Engines states: "In the very first race it was tested in Tampa, Florida at the Snowbird World Championships, Randy Hicks won 1st place in stock mono with a Rampage Mono equipped with the ECO pipe Kit."

The Eco pipe kit is available through CC Racing Engines for $95.

Click here for more info on the ECO pipe.

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