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Mar 19, 2004, 07:02 PM

Re: [RCSE] metric system (certainly not the last word)

I don't see anything wrong with being BI-Dimensional. Certainly gives one
increased flexibility in dealing with the world these days.

Regards, Dave Corven.

Mar 19, 2004, 07:02 PM

Re: [RCSE] metric system (certainly not the last word)

glider guiders:

As a science teacher at the university level, this conversation is interesting
(to say the least) and I am not sure how much of what has been said is "fact"
or "opinion" dressed up as fact. It seems to me that 100ths and 1000th of an
inch - which I used in the 60's for drag racing engines was used because you
could just move the decimal (on the milling machines)- this would seem to be
evidence that the standard system sucks and the metric is more appropriate.
(because you have to convert from English factions to English decimal anyway -
why not convert to the way the rest of the world has agreed to do it "by
convention") Not to mention the additional cost to the GNP involved with a
double, triple, quadruple standards (labeling)that involves much of our economy
and the oil industry. (or the Mars lander and the Hubble.)

"By God, you can't make me change and I do not care if it costs me a lot more!"
attitude. Or don't confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up!

I can say that there is not even a semi-reputable science textbook that uses the
English system - the students would just laugh. Just because an industry (USA)
uses 0.001 inch, doesn't make it the best or right.

In physics we have to use two systems for current, electron current and standard
current - because Franklin got it wrong. Students just laugh and they SHOULD,
not to mention what my foreign students say.....

The rest of the world has to deal with us, not us with them!

just a few thoughts from someone who is probably old enough to know better than
to engage in this sort of thing, but....

.....well off to the Gas Laws and having to explain why we (the rest of the
world) use kilo-Pascals for pressure and not inches or PSI or Bars or
atmospheres or.....
Jim Ealy
Education by Demonstration
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