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Jun 15, 2019, 10:46 AM
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Thanks DK, you just reminded me about the storage problem.

That is another tiny & useful product I can make. A cheap lightweight inline battery discharger that will after a preset number of days/hours discharge your battery to a storage charge. Being inline means you can leave it in the copter, being cheap, and sold in packs of four, means you can have one per battery and unlike the dji way, when you need a new battery you can keep the electronics... The trick is to make it have no "parasitic draw" and my preferred way of doing that requires a tiny and cheap pop out style circuit breaker, I've not found the right one of those yet..

I've just realised that this camera system when working on my cx 20 will allow me to dispose of a whole slew of my quadcopters, cameras and gimbals the sale of any single one will likely finance a spare camera, battery, and upgrade flight controller for a cx20. I like the size and shape of the cx 20, I just never got on with APM or the severely compromised performance when trying to lug fpv gear and a gimbal. By saving weight on the FC I can include telemetry and get the beloved waypoints programming, although the OSD will be a bit redundant, unless some really small bore flexible video cable can be found.

I just wish I was clever enough to back engineer the little controller in that WLT gimbal, if that could be done, then it would be easy to engineer a complete DIY solution using a three dee printer and open up to a range of different cameras, you could then make and comission the entire gimbal/FPV system for about 30 bux. using a nano, 2x "off the shelf coreless motors" and one of those little all in one FPV cams...

Their ability to make superior lightweight sophisticated camera gimbals has been DJI's ace in the hole for a long time now. When they lose that, they will lose their dominance. That time is real close now, I believe.
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Jun 16, 2019, 10:38 AM
Let the future tell the truth
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Originally Posted by swallabat
If you were going to install pixhawk into a cx-20 at the lowest possible cost in a cx-20 consistent with obtaining reliabilty, which woudl you use?
If you want to stick with ArduCopter ( MissionPlanner for Windows, etc.) ... seems like the small (Pixhawk based) PixRacer would be a nice fit in a Nova/CX-20. Also, a nice upgrade of features, sensors, and just raw processing power (over its original APM-FC) .

Your video is good. While the Nova/CX-20 can carry a gimbal and GoPro-sized camera (yes, I had one of mine configured like that for a while) ... it flies much better without the payload weight and movement of the gimbal/camera. If you really want to carry those, I suggest a slightly larger multi-rotor frame ... something around 450mm (for the stability and power ) and appropriately tall landing-gear.
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Jun 16, 2019, 11:31 AM
If in doubt give it a clout

Got a good flight last night

Granted it wasn't a Pixhawk craft, as I had to rush down to the promenade to film so took the mavic 2pro.
sunset in morecambe 15-06-19 (2 min 38 sec)
Jun 16, 2019, 11:58 AM
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@ tesla1856 The point is that camera, and it's gimbal and the 5.8GHz fpv transmitter and onboard SD card recording functionality weigh a total of 70 odd grammes, and it looks fairly easy to make it fit the CX20.

I realised that the camera gimbals available in my price range needed a heavier lift and I went that way, but the increased energy required to make it all fly increases the hazard to bystanders, noise at low level etc, hence for my purposes either a mavic or P3 are what I really want, but the replacement cost is too high, repair to dificult and dependent on manufacturer good will, so up until now the IDEAL machine has been this Q696a, and indeed as you can see it does the job prettywell. But of course I want hands free loitering capabilty for when I want to focuss on the image and not the flying, so the logical platform is the CX20 airframe, pixhawk FC and this camera system.

Although, with this Q696a platform I think I can set can set the copter tilted a few degrees sideways, let teh camera set it self "level" than set the copter on a flat surface and reset the copters accelerometers for level flight from the transmitter with the camera now permanetly tilted sideways but still stabilised, allowing me to fly "gutter inspection" reconaissance missions with a better standoff from the actual roof, and without having to fly the copter sideways in relation to the roof...

USing cx-20's rtaehr than P3's confers such a signifcant cost advnatge that for teh cost of 1 p3 and a spare abattery giving a maximum observation time of 25 minutes with a break to change teh battery giving a total time of under an hour, you coudl literally get a 24/7 observational thing going, using a 3 moidfied cx20's (one is a spare unit) ad a slew of teh much cheaper batteries plus and aggressive multicharger one could maintain continuous observation for an indefinite period, although a secondary opertor may be required to manage the batteries IF continous and interrrupted camera observation is required, whereas if the observation is being taped for later use one operator replaced in shifts could easily manage that.

For WELL under £1000...

Albeit the quality still isn't up to the standards of the video SteveSB just posted, but it's still fairly reasonable..
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Jun 17, 2019, 06:20 AM
When in doubt, buzz them...
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Originally Posted by stevesb
granted it wasn't a pixhawk craft, as i had to rush down to the promenade to film so took the mavic 2pro.
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Jun 17, 2019, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by pmshop
+ 1
Error wonít play. Make sure it is public not just friends. Iíll check back latter.
Jun 17, 2019, 12:58 PM
If in doubt give it a clout
Originally Posted by John Luciano
Error won’t play. Make sure it is public not just friends. I’ll check back latter.
It is public so not sure why it won't play. Just checked the url in your quote and the letters that should be caps aren't.
It should be.

sunset in morecambe 15-06-19 (2 min 38 sec)
Jun 22, 2019, 11:50 AM
If in doubt give it a clout

PfCOPfco flight test

Yea hey. Passed. Just need to send paperwork off to the CAA for my licence.
Jun 25, 2019, 09:03 AM
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