T-Motor Anti-Gravity Folding Prop - 15x4.5 - Page 2 - RC Groups
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Feb 28, 2014, 03:35 AM
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looks well, I am agree

looks well, I am agree, but price soso high....
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Mar 30, 2014, 12:44 PM
whats amazing is the price of props has gone up beyond belief because the popularity of multirotors, you would think the price would go down as it gets more popular. I fly giant scale 3D and I can buy a 32" to 36" carbon fiber prop for $100 from certain dealers, or I can buy one 15" prop for one motor for my Octocopter for the same price "lol" go figure... These manufactures know that they are Raping the consumer with these prices. Even with some wood props its the same thing just because it is for a multirotor it means the price triples from the standard aircraft prop. APC is one company that I have used since the started and they are the most affordable prop for there performance. they didn't raise there price just because its for a multirotor. The process has not changed in the manufacture of props, just the greed has....
Apr 09, 2014, 04:19 PM
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Hi Guys! Well, I just got this nice looking props. I agree they might be overpriced, but who said our hobby is cheap?

Anyway, does anyone knows what is the proper torque to tighten the screws? Seems that the DJI is 4Nm, but that does not means that it would be the same for this ones.

Also I noticed that there is some "oil" in the blades. I suppose it is for giving some easy to the movements/unfolding. Anyone knows what should be used there?

Tmotor web site does not give any information about this two issues.