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Feb 16, 2014, 03:16 AM
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Build Log

Simples . . One Day Builds , Simple Easy to Fly , designs,

PP1 , Gymball
Some models are exceptional... here are some of my favorite indoor models for crash and bash..
The PP1 and Gymball are superb easily built and stable fliers..but also aerobatic

The Quasar 3D and the Disco are easily built and semi stable , flat wings are more aerobatic.. they are a step up from the PP1 and Gymball..

The recommended models are all made from a single layer of 7-8mm EPP from robot birds...or Rapid rc
they are very easy to make and are extremely durable..

If you don't have 8mm EPP but do have thinner foam, then make them with the KFm2 wing fig3 below

why have they turned out so good...... pure luck,..... the models worked out perfect first time

On the PP1 and Gymball, I have used high center dihedral on them , 10degrees per wing, which has significantly improved their low speed handling and their stability at all speeds...but not at the expense of their excellent aerobatic abilities

I started with a Paper Plane based design.......The PP1.. is all straight cuts with a 1:1 square format, span to length
Next came the circular design, I call it a Gymball.. with its high dihedral it flies exactly like a Nutball , having kept all of the Nutballs good qualities, but this one has a better more axial roll, it flies inverted and will hover..

Deliberately similar to the Nutball or UFO model in shape, a circular circular wing shapes fly well...

[B][U]NOTE.... recommended sizes..
for inside and outside ..
the PP1 at 17" span ...... the Gymball at 18" diameter .....the disco at 18" diameter... the Quasar at 22"

. Make them from 8mmEPP .. for gluing EPP use UHU POR and a craft low temperature glue gun ( cool melt glue)...

using the pic3 plan lines the PP1
Indoors My recommended PP1 size is at 17-18" ...
use a KFm2 build when you only have 5 or 6mm EPP , or a single layer build, no KF step with 8mm EPP..
new indoor build...
still flying, 9 and 10 is a 17" PP1 from 8mm EPP
.. this one has no step and flies exactly the same as the KF version.. because it has no step layer the front has been strengthened with pallet strapping round the leading edge.. Its an easier build and without having the second layer to laminate uses a bit less adhesive..

This gear is now standard for all my builds...
recommended Racerstar 2304-1850.... 8x4.3 prop... TGY 1440a servos... any 10-12A ESC... any small RX .. any "high C " 450-500 2s lipo...
some bits are from hobbyking , some from bangood...

a Gartt 2204-1800..
..8x4.3 prop
on a 2s 500 lipo,
with a 12A ESC ,
3x 4.4gm servos ,
orange RX ..
8x4.3SF gws prop ,
the props are not the strongest, but they go well with less power drawn than other types..

.. the above setup for 2s is very good... however weve flown with many variations in the gear using 10gm to 20gm motors d.. 5gm servos etc.. all are fine, so go with the closest gear you've got...

but I have found the above recommended gear is about the best suited size for our venue, and its all cheap bits...

The recommended PP1 ...8mm EPP indoor size build is here..

For outside 20" up.. 6mm depron has been good... dollar shop art board is also good all three models work well at bigger sizes and flying outside.. a KFm2 or KFm4 is best depending on the size..

Ive made a 24" PP1 using 6mm depron with a KFm2..that flew great... its now cut to the PP2 shape and is waiting for a flight outside..
and two PP1's at 30" , one version using cheap builders polystyrene, one using a KFm4 and 6mm depron, they are both great...
I recommend using a KFm4 for the biggest build, with a doubled main layer and single layer steps.. the builders polystyrene is a bit soft so wont last any way near as long..

Outside and inside ......Scale the PP1 and Gymball to suit the gear you've got handy..

The PP1 design is based on an old paper plane I used to make as a kid, it was simple to fold and one that would always go well..
below is the folding sequence for the kids model
It came up when talking with my flying buddy about the old days and I thought lets do it from foam..

So sketchup got running and the model was quickly drawn up..

The first build tried was made from 3mm depron and was at 16" span sized to work with a smaller 1811-2900 10gm motor indoor setup we have been using.. a wing of 200 to 225 sq inches area has been giving us a reasonable final weight model so that's what we used

The model used two layers to make a KFm2..step on top design.. pic3.... the top step now shown coloured yellow... its not a 50% step, its at a lesser %age.. more a step for strength than effect. it does add strength stiffness and damage resistance.. two layers are better than one..

there is a sketchup file in the zip, this will let you scale the model easily and quickly.. its saved from the latest version of sketchup , so if you need and older save let me know

The Gymball is heavily based on the Nutball...
Except the nutball's tip dihedral is removed and instead it has centre dihedral to lift the wing tips back to the same height as you will find on your Nutball...
lol confused.. for each wing the dihedral angle at the centre of a Gymball needs to be set at 10 degrees.....
half the angle used on each tip of your nutball.. .. a total of 20 degrees

.................................................. .............................

The Quasar 3D has its own thread..Its a more competent 3D model.. slightly less stable than the PP1 or Gymball

The Disco has its own thread.. another flat wing its a good aerobatic model..

NOTE the pics below are for the indoor versions
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Feb 16, 2014, 03:28 AM
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Thread OP
EDIT note the first build has been simplified and modified... see post 69 for the new simpler build..

and for the new 9mm EPP model...note this one is not a KF...

the V shaped body below has been replaced with a 2 layered laminated spline, stiffened with pallet strapping.. see the last pic below..
and the top step shape was revised for a bit more wing stiffening..
Its easy to cut the gear into the spline, keeping it surrounded by EPP, and held on using velcro..

the pictures below show the first build method we used ...we were using 3mm depron for the was at a 16" span..
again note, its not the build to use...see above

the build pics seen below were taken from the second build, a 19" 6mm EPP model...
The spar strapping on the 3mm depron is fitted across the span in line with the step, tape was used as décor and all control surfaces were fully covered to make them stiff.. wing tip fins and leading edge are also covered to add stiffness and strength.. hinges are all full length clear tape,
horns are from dental flossers, paper clips for the Z bends and CF pushrods
On all my indoor models I used EPP for a nose block, this is much better for spreading the impact and landing stresses

depron is lighter but EPP gives better bounce.. If you can get some then 9mm EPP is best for indoor bumps and bashes
depron with tape is however quite tough, its already had multiple bangs and is perfectly fine..

My first depron build lasted a season before it started looking tatty and bashed, my flying buddy's one is still being used, now two years old, but he flies it more gentle than I do, he just likes to cruise around

The depron models flight proved so nice, both fast and slow, that I made a second bigger version using 5mm EPP.. this was at 19.5 span with a 20-25gm motor..
NOTE all the construction pics were taken when making the second bigger 19" EPP build.. the build method is the same for both.. the build was later simplified, with a simple layered spline and revised for better stiffening, plus a corrected shape step line..
please take a look at, and note the new revised step lines..

Dihedral angle ..the target is 20 degrees, but somehow my building hasn't achieved this, I must have flattened mine out as I stuck it all together... start with the 20* fold down but don't worry if you loose some... my first 3mm depron build flew at EPP build is only 12..My flying buddies small version is at 20.... and my latest 24" one was started with a 25* fold but has ended at 20...
So its not critical.. we havnt noticed any significant difference in flights, they are all easy... and capable...

NOTE.... the original straight across KF steps were not the best for keeping the rear of the wing stiff.... the later revised step shape is best ..see post 4... and combined with a simple spline its now perfect
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Feb 16, 2014, 03:32 AM
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Thread OP
A video of the small one...
PP1 paper plane scale up... a really good flier with very fast responses .. its capable of high speed and wild aerobatics, so much so that I am having to lower the rates to fly it...

at the slow speed end its just the opposite , with its dihedral its very stable and easy ...using low power and low rates it floats around nicely ..
my buddy loves it , he prefers the nice and easy fliers and this does the job well

PP1 Maiden flight (4 min 59 sec)
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Feb 16, 2014, 03:36 AM
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here are the larger 19" sizes lines , the sketchup file and a pdf for the larger version

to resize this use the tape measure tool in sketchup and go across the span.. enter the new span in the measurements box and ok the resize

EDIT I have ended up with a 17" EPP build using 9mm foam as being the optimum for indoor flight.. a 17" fitted with a 17gm hyperon z1705-14 and a 8x4.3gws prop is a very good setup... or 2211-1700 or 2204-14t.. all motor in the 17-19gm range..
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Feb 16, 2014, 03:54 AM
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Thread OP
16" setup 3mm depron build or 5mm EPP build

1811-2900 kv motor on 2s... 300-500 lipo.. now flown mostly on a 500 and a 1000 2s lipo for longer flights... this model easily handles the bigger battery
GWS 6x3 prop..
6A ESC... micro orange RX with 2gm servos for the lightest setup ..micro plugs and sockets.. which are still working fine after a years bashing about
any light weight RX standard pins, with 4.3gm servos standard plugs..

AUW 115 gms with a 300 lipo for a 2.7ozsqft loading
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Feb 16, 2014, 03:58 AM
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19.5" Setup 5mm EPP build

robot birds 15gm 2300kv motor or similar and up to a blue wonder 1700kv
GWS 8x4.3 prop
12A ESC..
standard orange 6ch RX ..
3x 5gm servos.. all fairly light gear

AUW 6.8oz with a 500 2s lipo for a 3.2ozsqft loading..
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Feb 16, 2014, 05:48 AM
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Good One Dave !!!
Latest blog entry: Lost plans
Feb 17, 2014, 10:36 AM
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Nice Dave. I was thinking about this exact and last week. When I a boy I had bunk beds and one of those hang down tile roofs above it. That was where I kept my paper airplane hanger. Anyhow last week while outside with the kids I was trying decide what would be a good trainer that would be easy to fly and could handle hitting the ground. I think you nailed it, I will get one flying this spring and see how the kids like it
Feb 18, 2014, 03:32 AM
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Thread OP
Fly it on low power with reduced control movements and its slow, very stable and easy to fly ..
The small one , I first built, is for indoors... for outside and training go bigger, go up to a 20-22 inch span using 6mm depron.. Use a Blue Wonder 1300kv with 3s or a 1700kv with 2s or any other similarly cheap motor up to about 100W with a 12A esc and 5gm servos..
Bigger always results in a more docile model, so you can go as big as you fancy... however going bigger requires slightly more expense on the build and on the gear.. so for training I would keep it as cheap as possible..

The other simple fun model I similarly recommend for learning on is a Nutball , again build at 24", that also is also very stable and easy at low speeds and low movements.. the nutball is simpler, using 3 ch, rudder elevator and motor ..the PP1 uses all the 4 channels so gets you used to having both ailerons and rudder to steer with..
I love the nutball but I think the PP1 from my point of view has it beat, better fast rolls and easier hover .... neither will knife edge easily...

and later powered up a bit both can be highly aerobatic
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Feb 18, 2014, 11:16 PM
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Thread OP
here is the lines plan for a 24" size.. I thought it would be suited for blue wonder motors or similar, something up to and around the 100W size...but....
EDIT I well overpowered with an axi 2208-34 motor that was going spare.. flown on 3s with a 9x5 prop its great
don't be frightened of using a bigger motor , the throttle will control all the extra power... more power is more fun.... lol
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Mar 03, 2014, 04:13 AM
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Originally Posted by davereap
here is the lines plan for a 24" size.. its suited for blue wonder motors or similar, something up to and around the 100W size
Thank you dave for another grate thread
Mar 07, 2014, 02:51 AM
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Thread OP
The 19" version was flying well... then I hit a roof beam and the motor stopped working... I prefer the smaller version for indoor tight spaces.. that is the 16"er, it needs a lot less airspace...and being lighter feels nicer..
the 19 is ok in our hall, but with more power I got it up too high, too fast, and bang it was done for the night...

I had to swap the motor... it runs with no load but wont run with a prop on it.. I suspect the wiring might be only just holding together, a poor joint or such.. but cant be bothered to sort it at the moment...Ive too many motors ,swapping is easier..

EDIT while the 19 is flyable indoors it is a fraction too big for me .. I have settled on a 17" EPP version using a 17gm motor .. and a 16" EPP version that uses the 1811-2900 motor for my indoor sessions..
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Mar 14, 2014, 11:04 AM
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Thread OP
An indoor session had two of the smaller depron versions flying together..
watch in HD full screen for best views
Depron PP1 indoors (5 min 57 sec)
Mar 14, 2014, 12:28 PM
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Thread OP
EDIT out side the 19" EPP version is great... watch in HD full screen for best views

and now by early 2015.....Ive also made 24 and a 30" span versions.... both truly lovely fliers
Depron PP1 19 EPP version outdoors (8 min 5 sec)
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Mar 14, 2014, 01:04 PM
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Pretty cool Dave, may have to throw one together for nostalgia if anything

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