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Feb 05, 2014, 08:07 AM
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Introduction to the MultiWii OSD NG :
  • MultiWii - Supported controller
  • NG - Next generation

MWOSD R1.2 (3 min 35 sec)

Files available here:
Below are some screenshots:
  1. The GUI
  2. Default layout
  3. All options - all items can be turned on / off
  4. Minimal layout from TX switch. Customisable
  5. Radar mode - MAP indicating target home position
  6. MAP mode - MAP indicating position of aircraft related to home. Default view in relation to takeoff direction
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Feb 05, 2014, 08:14 AM
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This work is based on the following open source work :-
All credit and full acknowledgement to the incredible work and hours from the many developers, contributors and testers that have helped along the way.
Jean Gabriel Maurice. He started the revolution. He was the first....

The list of changes from KV R370 are huge... note some may be in later release of KVOSD

Installation bullet point notes:
  • You must upload the new font with the GUI
  • Press reset to load fresh defaults for the board
  • Go configure as you need....

Other useful installation Notes:
  • 5v reference will be required for above 4s or if using Analogue RSSI/Current/Temp with > 1.1v outputs
  • Changing reference voltages requires an OSD reboot for correct functionality
  • Enable I2C GPS in config.h if you are using one for correct speed....
  • If using MultiWii 2.1 and prior, enable boxnames in config
  • Configuring RSSI via OSD menu - turn TX off when timer gets to 10 seconds until complete. Beware TX off failsafe settings

Detail: - OSD
  • Re layout of OSD - more Pro feel than r370
  • Introduction of RADAR and MAP modes
  • Implementation of standard / minimal screen using OSD_SWITCH - sometimes referred to as "smart switch" lol
  • Optimised icons throughout - less intrusive
  • Support for up to 6s
  • Working PWM RSSI
  • Standard and reversed RSSI supported - PWM / MultiWii and OSD ADC
  • Virtual current sensor - no hardware required - surprisingly accurate when calibrated around hover / 50% throttle
  • Higher resolution for adjustment on voltages
  • MODE Indicator button
  • Gimbal active indicator + on / off
  • Support for I2C GPS - displays correct speed
  • Support for GPS time (requires MW 2.3 patched or 2.4) (haydent)
  • Optional Scrolling side bars - indicating altitude + speed change
  • Optional direction indicators at top / bottom of scrolling side bars
  • Optional elevation indicator (additional horizon bars at extremes of angles
  • Vario moved to less intrusive slider
  • Support for VSYNC (Okan/VVK)
  • OSD menu items optimised for load and forget PC GUI
  • Main Voltage adjustable in OSD Menu - and can see voltage in menu. Much easier
  • OSD switch items can be selected in config.h
  • GPS co-ords automatically displayed on RTH (should be set as fail-safe...) - just in case...
  • GPS co-ords shown to 1m accuracy...
  • RTH shows distance to home with Icon
  • New implementation for hardware current sensor
  • Permanent callsign display option
  • All items can now be turned off / on on display via GUI. You have full control.
  • VSYNC can be enabled / disabled in config //define VSYNC
  • DEBUG mode for Multiwii developers in config //define DEBUG
  • Screen squash - for monitors that do not display top line - in config.h #define SHIFTDOWN

Detail: - GUI
  • Working Simulator
  • Working Simulator display on GUI
  • Full ability to view layout and impact of changes even without OSD
  • Current sensor settings moved to OSD
  • Relayout and separation of key groups
  • Support for GPS time
  • Reference voltage option added
  • Flight mode icons on/off
  • Scrolling side bars for speed/alt change indicators + on / off
  • Baro alt on/off
  • Compass on/off
  • Additional Elevation horizon + on / off
  • Timer on / off
  • Flight sensors on / off
  • Side bar arrows for speed/alt change indicators + on / off
  • Preset defaults to save time and demonstrate GUI/OSD better
  • Support for Radar mode

Next release:
  • Large icon character maps - for those with small FOV goggles
  • Improved and functional filtering for all relevant items
  • Alternative HUD layouts
  • Additional MAP mode
  • More user changeable items on OSD menu
  • Further optimisation of memory and speed
  • Potentially ability to change every MultiWii configurable item via GUI

Files available here:
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Feb 05, 2014, 08:44 AM
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Available in current BETA only -
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Aug 29, 2014, 06:22 PM
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August 2014 - R1.2 beta released

Key Improvements for R1.2 beta OSD

OSD - Support for HUD layouts set by GUI
GUI - 8 Preset OSD layouts can be selected from GUI
OSD - 2 Layouts can be assigned to OSD SWITCH
OSD - OSD ready for future GUI with option to define custom layout
OSD - Increased Amperage display to 999A
OSD - Increased resolution of MAP mode by approx 900%
OSD - MAP mode operation changed - Legacy retained as option
OSD - autodisplay FRSKY cell data if connected
OSD - Added default Baseflight amperage and heading correction support
OSD - vario font amended for sharper display
OSD - MAX chip startup delay configurable for boards with low voltage rise time
OSD - AUTOPILOT indicator as default. Legacy RTH distance retained as option
OSD - Fixedwing Passthrough MODE display support(PatrikE)
OSD - Sats warning if <5 sats
GUI: Layouts can be assigned to OSD SWITCH. Choice reflected on GUI sim
GUI: Simulator - Add FRSKY cells to simulator
GUI: Simulator - Display GPS time and support when OSD GPSTIME enabled
GUI: Simulator - Added support to show map mode
GUI: Many changes to support OSD changes
CONFIG - All major options are now supported by default within memory
CONFIG - Added support for boards with different resistors / pinout
CONFIG - Added specified support for witespy v2 boards
CONFIG - Amperage support for MW2.4 changes
CONFIG - Baud rate option in config.h
CONFIG - FRSKY SPORT option in config.h
CONFIG - Intro delay option in config.h
CONFIG - Time zone intro display option in config.h
CONFIG - Freetext displayed using a switch (e.g. "FLAPS" indicator)
bugfix - GPS time ignored when GPSTIME disabled in config
bugfix - min_cell volt correction
bugfix - Fix for RSSI when tx switched off (negative value)

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