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Mar 10, 2004, 10:56 PM
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Winch line: Mono or Braided ??

I intend to fly only "Woodies" (maybe a little CF to help the spars) and am looking to build a winch system for such planes. By "such planes" I mean: Mirage, BOT, Oly II, Gentle Lady, Gemini MTS and Sky Bird.
I'll use fusible links.
What are the functional advantages of Monofilament vs braided nylon? Never mind cost.
It seems to me that an appropriate mono line would be gentler and easier to lift because of its, respectively, greater stretch and lower weight. Am I wrong?
I would like your opinions or references on the matter.

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Mar 11, 2004, 07:34 AM
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stephen.s1's Avatar

The docile launches... propose to do can be done on either mono or braided line.

For this type launch I'd choose the lightest weight line. Then the line that's most abrasion resistant.

Me? I'm a 200# mono kinda guy. Much, much more bang (no pun) intended. When you want a max launch, with a suitable sailplane, mono can't be beat. It stores a bunch of energy on the tow up, and releases it at the ping, zooooom!

Mar 11, 2004, 08:59 AM
What's wrong with heavy?
dephela's Avatar
When launching with a braided line, when you take your foot off the pedal there is very little motive force. If you've seen your plane loading up on the the way up pulsing or stopping the winch will allow the plane to lose some of the energy and recover to a safe level. A launch using mono will put a lot of energy into the line. Attempts to release the tension from the line may not come in time. A touch of down eleveator to relieve the tension will release the energy but may also increase the speed [that's how we get the zoom!] higher than the plane can take.

I've brought my winches to at least a few contests and at the field anyone is welcome to launch from them. Many fliers have sucessfully launched without failure. It's just a different bird!

Mono doesn't lay on the drum the way braided does, winding, stopoping winding can cause terrible birdsnests! Rough bare ground and tall grasses/weeds will destroy mono quickly.

Like stephen said.....ZOOOOOM!! It's really worth it!