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Jan 26, 2014, 08:35 PM
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The NanoQuick 500 - Tiny Pylon Racer

Today i did it! I got my little nano pylon ship in the air and around an imaginary course for a few laps, and i like the way it flies!

It's a single aileron and elevator ship with 14" span, 12' length, a fuselage inspired by the real Q500 class racers, and a ridiculously tiny tail that somehow seems to get the job done. I even had to cut the elevator in half to reduce it's effectiveness. fuse and wing are DTF with balsa thru-wall, some spongy packing foam for the impact block, and hefty plate for the tail.

Guts are the ar6410nbl brick, beast motor swinging a 5043, 2 linear servos and a 2s 240mah hyperion pack, though it'll probably do fine with a 300mah pack, i'll try it soon.

I'll try to get some video tomorrow, it was too dark today, i just got it in the air for about a minute at dusk, but what a little rocketship! It's fast by micro standards, the single aileron is plenty effective, and it needs to fly fast. Stall speed is just under the point where the aileron becomes useless anyways.

Another surprise, it glides awesome! i think i'm going to be able to put this up in some slope lift and have some micro fun!

I'll work up a set of plans soon for it a soon as i work out a few details.
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Jan 26, 2014, 08:43 PM
Using foam in moderation
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Jan 27, 2014, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by newguy2012
Very! I feel like a kid on christmas eve, can't wait to got tear holes in the sky with it!

I did some more work on it, solving a few issues, a new h-stab and elevator, a full foam impact block/bulkhead, a degree or so of downthrust, covered it, hinged and pin-strapped the wing and got the battery in the right place and secured firmly.

I think i might build a full house version of this thing with dual ailerons and a bigger tail for a tiny non-3d style aerobatic bird. Even with the single aileron i had to , crank down the roll rate to 70% in order to fly the course, with dual aileron, rudder, and a bit more elevator it'd be an intense little aerobat.

I'm staring at this thing, and it completely blows my mind how small the tail is, yet it works.

It's a shame i don't have anyone to race against, i'd love to have some micro pylon opponents!
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Jan 29, 2014, 03:40 AM
depron lover
Cool racer
I like the idéer of the wing going of if i crash :-)

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