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Mar 10, 2004, 02:08 PM
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Flying Boat Show-n-tell

I thought some of you might be interested in a flying boat Iím working on in between several other projects. Itís based on two similar but larger aircraft that I designed several years ago which flew quite well and had very nice water handling characteristics. Several kits were sold locally and all were successful as sport aircraft. Both the earlier models were single engine however and the placement of the engine over the cabin limited prop diameter and prop efficiency both.

So a while back I started on this smaller airplane which was initially intended for a pair of small glo engines. Part way along I switched to electric.

Its specís are:

Wing area = 450 sq in
Span = 52Ē
Power = Permax 480ís with Master Airscrew 2.5:1 gearboxes
Estimated wt = approx 64 oz
Fuel = Kokam 1500HD each engine (w/ 2 ESC for differential throttle on the water)

Construction is all foam (hull, wings and tip floats) covered w/ balsa and lightweight glass. The earlier models were incredibly strong and my still - operational 60 size version has been flown in whitecaps more than once. But to optimize it for 400 can motors which Iíd like to do, it will need to be down sized just a bit and lose weight so the hull covering method is at risk. I have started making several revisions for the next plane, but they wonít be finalized until after this airplane flies later this spring so that any necessary changes can be incorporated.

The engine nacelles are fiberglass and provide forced cooling for the motors. The motors themselves are mounted on custom laser cut mounts. (The double row screws are temporary to allow different engine changes if necessary.)

I had a lot of fun water flying back then and am looking forward to doing more.

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Mar 10, 2004, 02:17 PM
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missing picture

Hope the picture will be here this time: )
Mar 12, 2004, 06:42 AM
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Your seaplane


Of course; there is always somebody that is interested in this type of things especially if your main focus is H2O planes.

Congratulations on the product! I woudl be interetsed in the plans, just wonder in what form are they???.

Theplane looks like a pondiside or similar plane, but two negines is really a nice difference. I tried Pondiside both with single engine on the pod and twin version; and no doubt twin version is much nicer to fly and control.

Congrats agian and look fwd to receive info on the type of form-at of the plans.

Mar 12, 2004, 10:23 AM
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more babbling

Thanks for the nice comments Rudolf.

There are no formal plans at this point unfortunately. Until it's been flown and throughly evaluated, I'd be very reluctant to let anything out.

When I started this project a few years ago it was intended from the start as a kit. In its current form it would be hard - but not impossible - to scratch build. For example the hull requires 22 separate hot wire passes just to form the fuselage core.

The original versions I mentioned above were designed and built in the early 70's. At that time there were almost no few flying boats available either as plans or kits. After researching what information there was at the time about flying off water (there wasn't much) a friend and I built a couple of test models and then spent three months test flying them on the weekends, filming the results with an 8mm movie camera (this was before camcorders) reviewing the new footage late in the week, making modifications and then repeating the process that weekend! Over half that time was spent on hull and tip float optimization.

It was fun and we learned a lot from the process. The result was a plane that need no elevator input to get onto the step, took off cleanly and on command, did great touch and go's and flew well.

The current model is based on what we learned way back then.

I hope this one will be even better than the earlier versions.

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