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Dec 16, 2001, 06:53 PM
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Flying in the LIVING ROOM!!!

I have had the Litestik's, some scratch built stuff, and got the normal electric hangar now, but I GOT TO HAVE SOMETHING I CAN FLY IN THE HOUSE! Does this mean BLIMPS?? Has anyone built a AIRPLANE shaped envelope filled with helium for lift, and used thrust for flight control?? Kinda a HYBRID BLIMP/AIRPLANE set-up. I like airplanes, can't afford a HELI right now! So, I have been looking into some blimp/ballon set-ups, what do you guys think about this idea?? I found a site that sells the mylar in 38" wide rolls that you can cut and seal with your covering iron, and am thinking about building a sort of airplane shape, with normal tractor motor(GWS I think)AAA batt. pack, maybe 4 cell, since you dont have to have thrust to fly, just move. I was thinking about 1/32" depron for flight surfaces, and REALLY BIG since they will just be working from the prop blast! I'd be happy with just rudder/elevator and throttle for now. I think that the GWS direct drive with small prop should work good. Has anybody else tried this?? Here are some questions I have about this:

1. BALANCE--What does a helium filled airplane do? Will it want to float nose up? Tail up?? 1 wing higher than the other? Or if I put everything on the bottom of the fuse, and balance it like a normal airplane, will it fly ok?

2. THROTTLE--Will I want reverse thrust?

3. WEIGHT--It will need to be ballasted for level flight with power, without power, or half throttle??

I am really wanting something I can fly in the house...I have a small house, small budget, and BIG IDEAS! Please feel free to take this idea and run, I JUST HAVE TO FIGURE OUT SOMETHING TO FLYIN THE HOUSE! SINCE ITS RAINED FOR 3 DAYS STRAIGHT! Later.....Chris
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Dec 16, 2001, 08:37 PM
Master of disaster
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Try the toytronics (i think) indoor helium balloon. It's a fun little
toy but it requires constant fiddiling with as the balloon slowly
leaks helium. Other wise once filled and ballasted correctly
it's a neat indoor craft. It uses two props for propulsion and
steering and a single horizontal prop for altitude control.
It comes with ballast plates, rescue figures and a rescue hook.
It's a bit like flying a space craft as just little bursts of power are
required to send it in the desired direction and a lot of forethought needs to be used to counter the momentum.

Oh yeah, If you get one of these be sure to turn off all fans
and anything else that moves air, it's that sensitive.

If you find any 4" span piper cubs for indoor flying let me know.
Dec 17, 2001, 08:12 AM
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The Vectron Blackhawk is a fun hovering saucer for indoor use. Just recieved mine and love it!

Can be had from Spiegel for $50! Regular price is $65 - $90.

Dec 17, 2001, 05:45 PM
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Got a 4" span MIG 15

Free flight though .... but we are working on it!
Dec 19, 2001, 11:22 AM
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I wish I had a really large living room. When I was a kid in Milwaukee, we lived in an old house with living room and dining room connected. I could fly small rubber powered Comet structo-speed planes about 25 feet in there. There are a number of these old shet balsa kits on Ebay right now.
Dec 19, 2001, 12:08 PM
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Buy A bigger House

Thats what you need see how simple the solutions is
Dec 19, 2001, 01:52 PM
Hairy E-Pilot
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Every time this comes up it gets me thinking about my long time dream (since about 1989) to build a scale rigid airship, the radio and power gear keeps getting smaller so maybe someday Iíll be able to lift it with a small enough envelope to fit in a small room. So, be for you get to deep into this helium filled plane ideaÖ 1 cubic foot of helium will lift about 1 oz (or 1 cubic meter lifts 1 Kg), so weigh all your gear and figure out the needed volume. You could model the lifting envelope by using a cylinder for the fuselage and a rectangular block for the wing, I fear that the required size might be to large for a living room flier. But Iím the type to never say never, some things may not be practical but the doesnít mean they wont work, best of luck and keep us informed.

Dec 19, 2001, 03:51 PM
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Rigid Airships

I'm not a math whiz ( either) but as I recall it takes a huge model dirigible ( 25' long x 6 feet diam) to develop enough lift to carry its own structure weight plus a few ounces of radio and motor gear, etc. There used to be a website that covered model airships and restoration of Erector set parts(?). ( Not Nyblimp).
Remember the comedian who had a pedal power blimp?
Dec 19, 2001, 04:06 PM
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Rigid Airships-I'm All Wet

Go here, this guy sells plans for his 13foot Mylar dirigible, says minimum size is 9 foot with current technology. Lots of good info and FAQ here too!

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