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Jan 19, 2014, 07:07 AM

Assault 700 & HK550TT FBL

I recently SLAMMED my 550 into a tree coming down from a large loop. Not good. The heli was a Trex 550. Basically the entire heli is a rekit. The servo cases all broke, frame, swashplate, skids, head, blades, etc. A complete rekit. My problem is I can not afford to purchase a whole new kit and will not be able to for a while. My only option for the moment is to do a budget build. I have been looking at the Assault 700 and the HK 550TT FBL. Just not sure which one to go with. I loved the Trex 550 but the Assault 700 from HK is less than $215. The HK550TT FBL is only $147. So I was hoping on some advice on choosing the right heli. I have been wanting to go bigger since I have been flying the 550 for over a year now. My second question is servo selection. I can not afford to spend a fortune on servos and I have seen HK has a ton of servos but when it comes to choosing the right servos I am terrible. I do not know which ones to choose for the 550 nor do I know which ones to choose for the Assault 700. Please, All your input and advice will be greatly appreciated. I haven't flown in over two weeks and I am starting to lose my mind. I appreciate all the help. Thanks
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Jan 19, 2014, 04:03 PM
Zippy Puffer
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Bummer about your 550!

Both the HK550TT FBL and the Assault 700 are made by Gartt.

utrinque on this forum and HF bought his 700 directly from Gartt, for less than it would have cost from HK - the HK shipping is generally high.

I bought the HK500TT FBL, which is also made by Gartt, and had some issues. The OWB sleeve was a loose fit on the mainshaft, and I could not get the tail to work, so bought a Tarot slider and tail rotor. Overall, however, the quality is definitely a step up from previous HK kits, which were made by Skya.

There's some doubt about the strength of the outer swash on the Assault 700 - with Gartt possibly changing the design at some point in the future.

If you already have battery packs for your 550, I would say a 550 would be the better bet. If you're on a tight budget, packs for the 700 would be a big part of the overall cost. Can't recall if you'd gone FBL, but to me, with FBL controllers now so cheap, FB doesn't make sense - more moving parts, more damage in a crash etc.

HK have recently announced some new rotor Star Servos, which have a good spec and are less than $20. They're an unknown quantity at the moment, but I'm thinking of getting a set for my old 50 nitro heli.

The 700 also uses standard size servos, but they need to be robust with around 15kgcm of torque to cope with the flight loads.

As with all clones, you need to be prepared to have to adjust a few things to get them to work, and probably replace other parts with Align parts after they wear out or after your next crash.

Hope you get back in the air soon!