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Jan 15, 2014, 02:46 PM
Ahh another money pit. :)
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Build Log

Hobby King's Edge 540T EPP

I have started on the HK version of the 540T EPP.
Balsa EPP skinned 3D Plane 48" wing span. Throws of 60 degrees.

Additional Parts for this Build

Some I already own and will use although there are better pieces out there.

NTM 3536a 910kv motor.
Plush 60 amp ESC
D-19MG servo's
and this extra Eagle Tree 2D/3D stablizer.

The Manual is Pictures with very litlle instructions. Not a big deal every thing is built for the most part. But with that said first step by the manual is to atttach the motor mount to the fuselage.

Step 1.

The motor I choose is 4 mil smaller than what is stamped on the face of the mount. The mount has 3542/2826 for motor pre marked for motor instalation. The 3536a mount just puts the guide holes at the top of each mounting hole. So I have large T pins and used them to align the motor mount bracket and hand drilled 2 of the top mounting holes. Then bolted the mounting bracket to the motor mount. Then drilled the last two holes.

Step 2.
I bolted the motor to the motor mount and test fitted the motor mount to the fuselage. since the Cowl is not adjustable and locks to the fuslage flush. I put that on and measured the distance the prop hub is from the front edge of the Cowl. I will add 4.5 mil spacer to the motor bracket to get the motors prop hub to sit 2 mils out of the cowl for spinner clearance.

Step 3.
Inspecting the motor mount. I noticed an air gap in the laser cut key on the top of the motor mount that need to be dealt with. I tired to see if I could use clamp to force into position. May not be able to get the piece to seat and remove the gap so I will use some thick CA. See picture of mount. I found that the Carbon fiber square tube is glued along that edge of the and is what is causing the gap in the laser cut wood pieces. I am going to fill the edge with thick CA. also add thick CA to the inside of the motor mount fire wall. To fill the gap because the side pieces is at a sight angle and not flush with the fire wall. after I get this done I will move on tho step 4. attaching the motor mount case to the fuselage.
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Jan 16, 2014, 01:13 PM
Ahh another money pit. :)
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Step 4.
Motor mount installation completed last night or was it early this morning after I got off work.
I have always used 30 minute epoxy for attaching pieces that I didn't want to come off. I know from the video. CA was used to attach the motor mount but I like Epoxy because it's not as brittle and Epoxy has some flexibility to it yet great holding power.
Jan 16, 2014, 02:08 PM
Ahh another money pit. :)
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Step 5

Rudder attached to fuselage. Simple step took longer to setup the position than to CA it.

Step 6

Elevator installation. Both the video and the instructions don't show this piece of wood that has to be cut out. Other wise elevator isn't going in. So I am going to open that up. I will edit this post and add more as it goes.

Step 6 Cont.

Elevator is now part of the Horizontal Stab CA'ed together with out much issue. Sight bow in the leading edge of the elevator and was easily straighten when the Ca hinges were CA'ed.

Interesting that now the rudder is on and the elevator is in (Not glued in as of yet) on how large those pieces actually are. Pictures of them Just because.
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Jan 17, 2014, 03:50 PM
Ahh another money pit. :)
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Step 7

Trailing Edge wing roots. These where the other discrepancy that I noticed while inspecting all the parts. The keys were to long and the EPP did not seat evenly across the tailing Edge. After sanding the key taking about 2mm off each one the pieces fit in fairly well. glued in with much effect.

Step 8

Attaching the Ailerons. I just made sure I had about 2mm from the inner edge of the wing side and 1 mm of gap in the aileron. Use Instant set CA and things in this went fairly smoothly. Not real issues to speak of.
Except the gap at the inside trailing edge isn't even its a little wider where the aileron attaches so the line isn't as clean as it could be. I just remember american auto manufactures allowed the same thing to happen and they spent years trying to catch up on quality. Lost Billions of dollars to the Foreign auto companies in lost sales.

Step 9

Added Cf strips to trailing edges of all moving surfaces all glued in and my fingers too. Thanks to Nail Polish remover. This step was not in the video. I assumed that is where they went. But I asked on the Skywing Edge 540T EPP thread. and got a quick response.

Step 10

Built landing gear. 1 axle had burrs in it and use Ajax as light polishing agent to remove the roughness to allow wheel to spin freely. The other Axle was just fine. I did rip the EPP a bit putting the wheel in the wheel cover. But a little ca fixed that right up Got to love EPP for how easy it is repaired.
There are four landing gear trim pieces that are not in either the instruction or the video. But they go into the fuselage left and right sides of the landing gear.

All the Easy Stuff is done. Now on to the hard stuff. Step 11 is to glue the elevator into is final position. First Step in that will be to make sure the wings are straight. Then measure and set the elevator after that. but thats for tomorrow
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Jan 18, 2014, 01:18 PM
Ahh another money pit. :)
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Step 11
Ok After much hesitation I set the horizontal Stab measured it and measured it and measured it and measured it. Then I measured it again. Ok lets just say I dislike this part. I don't believe that each time you get on the same exact spot on the wing tip. Parlax error kicks in and so you end up saying ok thats good enough. Instead of that's it. After applying glue and it has dried So this is what it is going to be. So the left side measures 27 1/8". The other side is ready for it. It's is 27 1/8 Plus maybe a 1/32 to close for these eyes to tell. Like I said Parlax error is part of it. So My Step 11 is done and final no changing it now.

Step 12 hardware instalation.

I weighed the Edge as it is without the Cowl on It weighs 649 grams. And I had it sitting on the firewall standing straight up. Well lets say it is well balanced. And you can see the right thrust angel built into the plane.
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Jan 24, 2014, 09:33 PM
Ahh another money pit. :)
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Have been busy.

Step 12

Control horns installed. landing gear installed. Tail wheel installed. Servo's installed. Receiver installed, (and the Eagle tree is going in for now.) Motor and ESC installed. The last thing to do is servo arms and control rods.

Step thirteen Balance and throw adjustments.

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