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Feb 25, 2020, 11:01 PM
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Caught your (somewhat dated) discussion about Model Areodrome when I Googled it. In the process of emptying out my dad's house I came across a couple of balsa wood models from Model Arerodrome, the H.M.S. Victory and the Golden Hind and I was interested in finding out if they had any value. The Victory says "Marine Kit by Aerodrome Ltd. " while the Golden Hind shows "Marinecraft Kit by Aerodrome Ltd." Both are in their original boxes and appear untouched. Any interest in these kits?
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Feb 26, 2020, 10:43 AM
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Everything will have a value to someone!

When a collectors market is well established, as, for example, in stamps, an estimated price can be given quite accurately. For old model boats this is not the case, and so the price something will fetch is completely dependent on what a collector might feel like offering. Of course, to get the best price, you need two or more collectors competing...

These are static models, which are less fashionable nowadays. They are not very common on the auction boards, but appear from time to time. The most common way they present is when someone has started a kit off, lost interest, put it away in its box and eventually sells it in a part made state many years later. Yours being untouched makes them a bit more attractive.

I see there are two for sale on the UK ebay at the moment - one part made. That is under bid at 5GBP - the other is a BIN at GBP40. See

I would have thought that upwards of GBP20 was a reasonable price to aim at for these - but, as i said, the market is not easy to predict.

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