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Dec 16, 2001, 01:31 AM
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Endless Lift 3, a new Video

Just saw this captivating Video by Paul Naton.
A lot of flying, lot of different types of planes, and in detail explanations:
Electric state of the art planes and their equipment,
Sequences of the 200 F5B World Championships in San Diego, interview with Daryl Perkins, F3B 4 time world champ,
hand launch and the history behind discus launch,
great shots of x-country flying, Torrey Pines Scale,etc., etc., etc.

check out some pictures from the video at

very professional and highly enjoyable flic.

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Dec 16, 2001, 01:33 AM
Thread OP
oo, I mean the 2000 F5B World Championships...
Dec 21, 2001, 11:06 AM
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This is an EXCEPTIONAL video. I got mine the other day and was really impressed. It's a good intro into F5B information and dynamic soaring. If you've heard about the discus launch of HLG's and wondered what it looks like this will show that too. Paul does a great job with his videos and now I only wish I had ordered all three of the Endless Lift series at one time to save some money.
Dec 21, 2001, 09:40 PM
somewhere in South America
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EL-3 also has a segment on cross-country soaring. Now, THAT takes the "dawdling" out of TD. At this year's Montague, CA, event (where the EL-3 segment was filmed) one team managed 61+ miles, just barely shy of the 100 km mark (62.15 miles), which will be reached in 2002, right?

These big cross-country planes are limited by the max FAI weight of 5 kg (11.02 lbs). For visibility, they need to be as big as possible, so they must be built light and strong, but they also must be able to cruise at highway speed or better. This is a uniquely interesting challenge, and so far RnR's SB-XC is the yard stick by which all others are measured.

Very interesting is the advent of "total energy compensation" systems for these models. Like the ones installed in full-size gliders, these systems not only indicate lift, they also "know" how to filter out "stick thermals" and thus indicate only true lift or sink. An advanced one, called Sky Melody, is available in the US by

Woops, I drifted off subject; this is about Endless Lift 3. Excellent video, even if you have to put up with one segment where this here Jurrman pretends to know something about electric gliders... :o)

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