ARRIS M680-4S Carbon Fiber Fully Foldable Quadcopter RTF NAZA-M V2 - RC Groups
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Jan 08, 2014, 03:35 AM
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ARRIS M680-4S Carbon Fiber Fully Foldable Quadcopter RTF NAZA-M V2

This big quadcopter is specially designed for flyers who have higher requirement for flying time. After testing, the no-load flying time can reach to 36 minutes. What an amazing result. This must be the biggest improvement for quadcopters.
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Feb 15, 2015, 04:30 PM
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Maiden Voyage of this Quad

Does anyone else own this quad? I purchased mine one year ago and after being distracted by other projects finally had my maiden test flight today. It concerned me a little that it seems top heavy with the big battery on top but I haven't installed any gimbal or camera yet which I plan to do. I'm sure that will help.

It was butter smooth once I got it in the air. I look forward to doing a duration test soon without load to see how it measures up to the claim made above. I'm also considering the retractable legs.

I'll post some videos soon.

I already own an ARRIS 2000 gimbal which I've been very happy with but it is installed on another quad. Guess I have to get another one...

Cheers, Huck
Feb 20, 2015, 06:26 PM
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Comparing Flight Time vs Manufacturer Claim Really??

I tested the flight time of my Arris 680 -4 quad today to see how it stood up to the manufacturer's claim of 36 minutes with no load. I have pictures of my set up and the 6 cell battery that I used. It's a fairly new battery and it was fully charged. I ran it down until the first cell got to 3.3 under load.

I had no additional electronics drawing power, other than an alarm set up on the battery to notify me when the first of 6 cells got down to 3.3 There was no gimbal and no camera on board. Just one heavy ass battery.

I wouldn't say my flying was aggressive but I didn't just hover either. Lots of out and backs and spins. I didn't think I would get to the 36 minutes that they claimed above but I was ready to be happy with 30.

Here is a picture of my stopwatch after the flight. I would probably subtract 40 seconds from this time to be more than safe because I started the watch just before launch and turned it off just after. That leaves me with a 43 minute flight. Wow!

I'll do another duration flight after getting a gimbal and camera mounted.

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