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Mar 06, 2004, 12:38 PM
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sort-of-maidened my Mini Weasel

High wind and rain where predicted here for yesterday. But at 1300 there was no sign of that, so I took my Unicorn and MW out for a trip. I decided first to go to a flat field and let the 'Corn rip for a bit. If the storm starts I've at least had "some" stick time, I thought.

Had three great flights with the 'Corn, and decided to do some glide tests with the MW. The wind was very gusty (varying 5-12Mph), so the glides weren't very good. I packed up and drove to a nearby nature reserve where the parking is bordered by a 10' high dirt mound.

The wind direction was straight on the dirt mound, but when I got there, there was only a measly 4-5Mph wind. Clearly not enough (at least not for someone with my limited slope abilities). I got a few reasonable glides, so I know it can fly.

It was very twitchy (throws are set at the minimum for the time being), so I've dialed 25% expo for my next try.

My biggest problem is that the only real good slope in my area are the seaside cliffs. But I'll be flying over water all the time. So for me to fly there I'll need perfect conditions. I don't want to see my MW end up in a watery grave...

To be continued...
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Mar 06, 2004, 01:02 PM
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i hear ya..... i got my mini weasel and have had many trips to parker and grass and had no luck with wind..... especially trying to dial it in for the first time with MINIMUM wind is just very hard to do....

it says that i can be flowin in as little as 4mph wind but i now know that is for a pretty good pilot.... im ok and i can have a fun time in aroun 10mph.... im sure a better pilot can hang it in 4-5 mph but not me

i finally got to actually fly mine yesterday in about 10-15 mph wind and it really was a fun plane..... talk about some rolls.... that thing could roll so fast.....

i think i need to set some more up and down because i cant do a loop if my life depends on it..... well i can but the plane cant..... but i was so worried about stalling it (i got to the point where i was sick of hiking down the hill) haha.

good luck with it.... very fun plane so far.... and when it crashes... i cant help but laugh.... there is no weight behind it and id just bounces and litterally was rolling away.