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Mar 05, 2004, 09:47 PM
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PLane on E-bay for AP? anyone tried this one

Has anyone tried this plane yet would it make a good AP plane? It seems easy to replace parts and it has a 380 motor, possible a good sloper to take good pics with? I would use my own radio (Futaba 6EXA) and probably replace the other hardware except the motor but for the price what do you think about it?
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Mar 05, 2004, 10:03 PM
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NOOOOOO! Run away!
That's the ever-popular "Accipiter Badius", aka "Slope Diver."
One of these silly piles of refuse got me hooked back into R/C flying last delivered, this plane doesn't make enough lift to carry itself, much less a camera! It makes an excellent lawn dart though..the fuse is made of the same sort of stuff that plastic milk jugs are, and doesn't respond well to crashing..which is about all the plane excels at.
On the plus side, you do get a pair of fairly decent middleweight servos (around 19 grams each) a run-of-the-mill 380 motor, and a speed control that is fairly servicable up to around 15 amps or so. The TX & RX will come in handy for future ground based R/C endeavors also..I'm using mine to control my tethered balloon camara mount, since it doesn't fall out of the sky if (when) it starts glitching..
If ya wanna buy it for the future parts inventory, go for it..but if you want to fly A/P cheaply, just buy a GWS Slow Stick and skip all the hassle I went through.
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Oct 17, 2004, 09:43 PM
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Before running away.

I BOUGHT ONE ON eBAY RECENTLY FOR $20.50 (from a private owner trying to unload it) AND FLEW it NOTICING THE WINGS TEND TO FOLD UP on dives. I made three no cost modifications and flew it several times today in about 10 MPH winds plus gusts with very satisfying results. But my brain freezes after every launch since the controls are not what I am used to. Once up I am OK with it but the control set up is FAR from desirable.

For the tail lifting problem I placed a rubber band around the fuz ahead of the tail and brought it up the front of the tail and over the stab. A small notch cut into the rudder hinge at the top holds the rubber band.

For the wing folding problem I poked a whole in the wing 4 inches out from the fuz just ahead of the carbon spar and another just behind it on both wings. I then ran a light braided cable (string would work) through it and under the fuz. This is permanently tied but I can still slip the wing off the front. The wing performed fine even in this wind with considerable slope updrafts caused by a hill leading up to a six story building.

I used a seven cell 720 NiCad instead of the junk NiCad supplied with it which caught on fire the first time I tried to charge it.

For $20+ shipping I am very satisfied. This is not worth much more.

For the kid wanting a $50 plane. I built a JSF 'Jet Street Fighter' for my 12-yr-old son. We have flown the *&^&%$ out of it using a GWS geared 370. Had it up today in those winds with no problem. When the wind has it flying still or backward just keep the nose down a bit and fly into/under it a bit.

The JSF cost about $5 to $20 in material plus $15 for the plans and really flies great. Look for the video at their site. It is as good as they show it. IT takes a real beating. I three away the foam cockpit design and replaced it with a toilet roll spring loaded 99 cent holder securely fiber taped to the extended carbon motor mount. It crashed like a pogo stick and goes up again. I'm talking inverted crashes from 100 ft. while first learning several times no less.