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Jan 03, 2014, 01:07 AM
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Phantom 2 (Non Vision) Basic/Attitude Gain

Question for anyone with the Phantom 2, non vision.

I was checking to see where the Basic and Altitude Gain were set - I think, it was as follows...
Basic - 120% Pitch - 120% Roll - 120% Yaw - 200% Vertical
Attitude - 220% Pitch - 220% Roll

Unfortunately, I hit default (since I hadn't changed them) thinking they'd stay the same, but they went to...
Basic - 125% Pitch - 125% Roll - 100% Yaw - 100% Vertical
Attitude - 125% Pitch - 125% Roll

Why is the default different than the factory settings? Is it because it comes with the H3-2D?

Should I stay at the Phantom 2 Assistant software default? Suggestions? What are your factory settings??

I haven't worked on how to adjust these! And, not quite ready to, I don't think!

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Feb 09, 2014, 04:22 PM
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That is a interesting thread.

How are the gain settings people are using with the Zenmuse?

I have the yaw very fast, how can i slow it down in the gains?
Feb 16, 2014, 01:49 PM
Spyder 850 X8 P2Z
I just became a member here.
I also am starting to play around with the gain settings on my Phantom 2 W/Zenmuse Gimbal and GoPro 3. I mainly am using the copter for Aerial videography. The initial Gain Settings out of the box were like Jay_Z mentioned. Not positive though as they were in association with the basic Phantom mode. After about 10 flights, I switched to Naza Mode to get more flying features. I went into the Basic Tab in the Phantom 2 Software and then went into the Gain settings. Everybody seems to be so tempted to hit the little default button and I am no exception. All the gain settings changed. I remember the vertical gain was initially 200% and then it dropped to 100%.

Both before and after switching to Naza mode, the copter had a bad tendency to yaw when flying in a hover, climbing and descending or flying straight. Not acceptable for shooting video. I have flown in different wind conditions and times of no wind.

I am confused about how to go about accomplishing the following.

1. eliminate or reduce the yawing back and forth when moving forward, hovering and ascending/ descending.

2. Slow down the Yaw speed when I want to rotate the copter. It's way to quick and fast for video.

3. I would like to make the Pitch/Roll a little more responsive.

4. Slow down the responsiveness/ speed of the tilt for the Zenmuse Gimbal.

I have read a few posts in various forums about adjusting gain parameters. But nothing that is a straight forward explanation on each setting and how it will change both the pilots stick inputs as well as the copters automatic corrections. A lot of the threads related to guys with different radios other then the stock Phantom Radio which I have. It would be nice to have an experienced Phantom 2 Flyer explain making the adjustments specific to the Stock Phantom 2 (Non Vision) with the Stock Radio.

Thanks and sorry for the lengthy first post!