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Compass Atom 7HV Ultimate

High center of gravity and low parts count make the 7HV Ultimate a great choice for stick banging.

Compass Atom 7HV Ultimate

Ultimate performance

Designed by Sebastian Zajonz, the Atom 7HV Ultimate from Compass is a 700-class competition heli with a number of unique features. Equipped with an automatic belt tensioner and sliding battery tray, the design avoids unneeded complexity and places components at the height of the tail boom for a high center of gravity.

The 7HV Ultimate uses Mod 1.0 gears and a single stage transmission to take the punishment of strong motors on 12s battery configurations. Parts count remains relatively low with the 7HV Ultimate with direct servo-to-swash linkages and the lack of push-pull linkages.


  • Length: 1372mm
  • Height: 403mm
  • Rotor diameter: 1560mm
  • Motor pinion: 13T
  • Gear ratio: 13T: 10.46:1:4.8
  • Take off weight: ca. 4.3 - 5.1kg
  • Motor type: Brushless Outrunner
  • Battery size: LiPo 12S (2 x 6S) 4000-6000mAh
  • Rotor blade size: 690-710mm

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