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Aug 25, 2006, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Frank B
I'm amazed that it is at all legal to sell and use li-po's. They are dangerous. I know they give far more power and have less weight than conventional cells, but is it realy worth the risk of burning your house down just for that?
No kidding. But there is one even worse. They are thinking about legalizing this stuff called gasoline to power engines. Its so bad even the vapors can ignite. If you get in a wreck, the stuff can leak and explode. One pint of this stuff, when compressed, has more energy than a stick of dynamite. There are instances of people forgetting to put the cap back on the can in the garage, and the whole house exploding! Soccer moms that can barely drive around the block are going to get to pump this stuff themselves into their cars so they can save 10 cents a gallon! Man, the world is one nutty place...we all know diesel packs more energy per liter, and does not ignite like gasoline can.
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Aug 25, 2006, 11:45 PM
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I treat my LiPos with the respect they deserve, and toss packs that look problematic.

I was on record as being really paranoid about LiPo technology. Then, I managed to blow up a NiMH pack. I accidentally sorted it while on the charger. Fortunately, I was right there, heard the "hiss" of the cells boiling, and took it outside before one of the cells went off like a firecracker.

I think it was at that point I decided that it was carelessness, rather than technology, that was the culprit, so I made the switch.
Aug 26, 2006, 07:22 AM
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Re post #26:

Brad, note that the Jim (post #18) is new here. Frankly, I'm impressed that he's gone as deeply as he has into RCG's archives to support the opinion he states. I wish all newbies would do that and I'm willing to put up with the re-emergence of an old thread, in the circumstances.

- RD
Aug 26, 2006, 08:02 AM
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Aug 26, 2006, 08:15 AM
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If everyone read and followed the safety precautions, and were patient and thorough enought to always verify that they are handled properly, there would be a lot less lipo fire posts.

The sad thing is that even though lipo batteries and the associated chargers are literally plastered with warnings, I doubt the average buyer even takes the time to read them. Why?

In today's liability climate we are bombarded with warnings. Take an inert product, say a pillow for example. Who would have guessed that a pillow is dangerous, but I'm sure there are warnings on the packaging that state "do not sleep with your mouth and nose covered by the pillow as you could suffocate" or something to that effect. Even the plastic bag that the pillow comes in is potentially lethal, as all plastic packaging bags are printed with warnings about suffocation.

The net effect of all the frivolous warnings is that you become immune reading them, so that when a product comes along that actually requires some instructions for safe usage, there is the potential for users to mistakenly believe that the warnings are like the one's that are printed on the pillow, only put there for other idiots and not them.

In the case lipos, proper usage is the responsibility of the user and requires digging even deeper than the manufacturers instructions in most cases. I don't think I've ever read on lipo packaging which way to install the deans, although there generally is a do not short warning.

If history is an example, the wrong person being injured or killed will be enough for Congress to pass the " Lipo Act". States will come up with their own legislation to regulate lipos. Then we will have the following:

1. The lipo tax. This will effectively double or triple their cost.
2. Lipos will fall under the blue sky laws. You will only be able to purchase them in state owned retail outlets, but not on sundays.
3. Licensing and registration for R/C aircraft.
4. Lipo inspection requirements.
5. Lipo log keeping requirements.
6. Lipo purcharse backgorund checks.
7. Limitations on number of cells and output.
8. Limitations on the number of lipos, you can own and store.

Etc., etc.

All because we can't or won't take responsibility for ourselves. What's the ratio of defective packs to user error with these things anyway?
Aug 26, 2006, 08:49 AM
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U will always have BAD LUCK with LIPOs if U don't use a BALANCE CHARGER, it automatically detects a bad pack, just simply won't charge it
Jul 28, 2007, 05:15 PM
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I read all the warning about the lipos cell , is the the abreviation for Lithuim Iron Phosphate cells such as Valence , or A123 , I though those cells are very safe to use ,
Also are the Lithuim Iron Phosphate cell abreviated as LifePO4 ?
Would appreciate any comments !! !
Jul 29, 2007, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by tmproff
As crazy as it sounds, I had the male plug on the battery side for an entire month of flying. I've flown my planes numerous times with no problems charging them......Do you NiCad guys get 28 min flights? Now that I fixed my plug ends, I doubt I'll have any more trouble with my lipos......Some people are just afraid to try something new.
Like recreational drugs? When I stop hearing Lipo fire storeis I'll buy, not until.
A123s nicer by far! And they bounce!