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Saginaw Bay R/C Boat Club

Mid Michigan area club with nitro and gas racing series


Get Your Race On!

The Saginaw Bay R/C Boat Club located in Michigan was founded in 1972. Membership has been as high as 60 and rests at 26 currently. These guys are serious about boating and in particular, nitro and gas racing. Every August they host an IMPBA sanctioned event called the Saginaw Bay Classic with many classes setup for Nitro and Gas boats. The clubs mission statement says: "We promote nitro and gas model R/C boating in the Mid-Michigan area through good sportsmanship, competitive racing, and helpful instruction to novice model boaters." If you are in the area, you should stop by and meet these guys and make some new friends. Check out the Saginaw Bay R/C Boat Clubs Places page.

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Dec 06, 2013, 10:22 PM
RC boat Rock Star
This is one of the best places to race to me. There's nothing special about the site itself but the club puts on a very well organized race and my boats seem to like the water.
Unfortunately I haven't race there in some time but it's always one site in IMPBA D-2 that I most like to hit. I keep telling myself "next year I'll be there" so hopefully next year I will be.
Here's an old shot of my son and I there many years ago with Tony Jacuzzi in the background. I don't know how old the shot is but my son is 26 now. He got his first 1st place finish and first trophy (3rd place) at Saginaw so the place is kind of special for us.

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