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TOOLBOX: XURON Adjustable Wire Stripper—505ST

Perfect for stripping or cutting 12 to 26 awg stranded wire


Dual purpose Adjustable Wire Stripper from XURON!

I used to use a hobby knife to strip wire for RC electrical tasks, which took practice to do it without cutting into the wire strands under the insulation. This method is also relatively slow compared to using a tool purpose built for stripping wires. For this TOOLBOX, I got my hands on the Adjustable Wire Stripper for stranded wire from XURON.

What makes this XURON stripper different than most others is the dial cam that allows you to quickly and easily select the exact gauge wire that you need to strip and it will also cleanly cut wire. The dial is stamped with markings 12 to 26 awg (2.052-0.405mm) and is designed with a closure hook to lock the stripper closed when not in use. Like the rest of XURON’s high-quality tools, the Adjustable Wire Stripper features Xuro-Rubber grips on the handles to provide comfort and a non-slip grip while Xuron’s Light-Touch spring adds to the ease-of-use of the tool. It is constructed of durable steel and should last quite a while.

It is constructed of steel and is fitted with XURON's Xuro-Rubber grips for comfort to provide a non-slip grip.
It is constructed of steel and is fitted with XURON's Xuro-Rubber grips for comfort to provide a non-slip grip.
Use Stripping & cutting stranded wire
Construction Steel
Length 5.875 in. (149mm)
Weight 2.7 oz. (76g)
Item no.505ST
Street Price$11.25


  • Strips stranded wire 12 to 26 awg (2.05-0.405mm)
  • Convenient thumb adjustable dial cam with gauge markings
  • Light-Touch return spring
  • Ultra-comfortable Xuro-Rubber grips
  • Both stripper and cutter for stranded wire
  • Tool locks closed when not in use
  • Made in the U.S.A.




If you have never used or held a XURON tool, you have not experienced cushioned comfort with a non-slip secure grip like it. I really love the feel of the Xuro-Rubber grips that come on the XURON Adjustable Wire Strippers. This tool is also just the right size for the hands of the majority of us RC fanatics and they just plain feel awesome in your hand. Adding to the overall pro feel of these strippers is its Light-Touch return spring. A spring is installed on one handle of the tool and it gently opens the tool after it has stripped a wire or made a cut. It may not seem like a big deal until you have a tool that does not have this very convenient and useful feature.

Mounted on the same handle as the spring is the dial cam and this is what helps to make this wire stripper special. The dial cam has wire gauge markings stamped on it from thick 12 awg down to tiny 26 awg wire. I doubt I will use many of the different gauges listed, but being able to dial to the specific gauge wire makes the wire stripping process that much faster while virtually eliminating the chance of damaging the wire strands inside. Once I had the dial cam turned to the appropriate gauge wire being stripped, all I had to do was to simply insert the wire into the jaws of the stripper, squeeze the handle and the cam would come into contact with a metal post thus stopping the stripper from closing too far and damaging the wire strands. Before releasing the handle, you can use the tool to slide the cut section of insolation off the wire.

One thing you need to be mindful of is to not squeeze too tightly when stripping the wires. If you grab the tool and moose it closed like you are getting ready to cut through titanium, there is enough leverage created by the tool to cause the blades to close too much and cut the wire strands. A gently touch is all that is needed.

The range of wire gauges listed should accommodate most types of wire you will run into for radio control use from battery wires down to the tiny ones found on servos. If you are working with a massive amp-draw machine that has larger than 12 awg wire, these wire strippers can still strip off the insolation, but you just won’t be able to rely on the tool to make the perfect depth cut.

XURON was clever in how they attached the dial cam so that it will easily rotate, but it will also hold the setting. I had to wire up a brushless touring car, I set the cam to the proper gauge and quickly and easily stripped all of the wires without any issues. I also tried the Adjustable Wire Stripper on the tiny 22 awg wire used on an on/off switch and it worked perfectly.

Besides being able to strip wire, XURON wisely made the Adjustable Wire Stripper able to cut wire as well. XURON utilizes a by-pass method on its cutting tools and the stripper is not an exception. This method makes it easier to make a cut and it reduces wear on the tool itself. The wire cutter is very sharp and can effortlessly cut through wire.


  • Cleanly cuts wire insulation to nicely and easily strip wire
  • Wire cutter feature of tool is very handy and very sharp
  • Rubber grips are super comfortable in your hand and won’t slip


  • If you squeeze the handle too hard, the blade of the stripper can cut into the stranded wire

Visit the site for more info on products from—XURON!

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Dec 08, 2013, 09:29 PM
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Nice, I'll give a few pairs a try at work.
Dec 09, 2013, 04:13 AM
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Made in Maine, USA - Got to be good!

Dec 10, 2013, 02:12 AM
Get the 501's and strip 10awg also.

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