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Feb 28, 2004, 03:39 PM
occasional browser

small, scale fuselage for indoor EDF jet

some of you i know will have seen my little vamp arround, potters bar, aldershot, farnborough and a few other places, but as you see from the pictures the fuselage is not really a scale shape.
it is cut in a hot wire foam lathe from blue foam and is round in section, not really like the full size which is more like a slightly flattened egg shape, i have been thinking for some time how to make a more scale fuselage pod, i would like to mould the fuz pod and wing roots from depron, in two parts. as i have been asked if i will be producing the model and the fan unit as a kit.

i have a computer 3-D model of the fuselage, so i have the correct shape, i have considered a traditional balsa construction but this would spoil the curves, so basically i want this:

1) how can i mould depron to shape, or who can do it for me?

2) is there another construction method that will produce the correct shape, be manufacturable in small numbers, and not too dificult to repair?

any suggestions?

p.s. sorry about the bad pic, only one small enough that i could find, Ta.
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Feb 28, 2004, 03:47 PM
occasional browser
Oh just a thought,

model is 26" wingspan, 76g AUW, 3-channel falcon Rx with wes-tech servos and JMP ESC.

fanunit is a DC5-2.4 running on 3 145mAh lipo cells, 1 amp full throttle at 43000 RPM, origional is 34g thrust, latest version gives 44g, and MK2 vamp is on the way with 44g thrust and AUW of 60g, should give awsome performance for micro EDF.

if i get my way, when we eventually kit it we will have retracts as well.

Rich Chant.
Feb 29, 2004, 03:53 PM
Registered User
Can you take some more pics, please!

Vampire just looks so nicely!

I have one EPP pusher Vampire with CD-Rom motor.
Few pics in here:
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Feb 29, 2004, 04:20 PM
Team 30 Micro EDF
Mike Taylor's Avatar
Vacuum-forming comes to mind. The guys at Fan-Tastic Models ( seem to have it down pat; you might ask them for tips... Jason Nowell (screen name jnowell on this board) used to do some Depron vacuforming as well...
Feb 29, 2004, 06:03 PM
occasional browser

just been flyin it

i've just got back from a flying evening at farnborough, lots of fun, lots of mid-airs, theres no control over the number of models allowed to fly at once, so mob rule!

although i did manage to get a quiet spot to fly the vampire and as usual people just stop and stare, sensible indoor EDF is so rare, most modellers are amazed at the performance. i have not tried aerbatic indoors but i have done outside and it is very capable.

i have tried using "Zepron 2" (which is supposed to vauformable) from an american company called NY blimp, but i could not get this stuff to be any more mouldable than normal depron. ther are many models and kits that use depron type material moulded into model parts, but i have yet to find a method by which other people can do so.

if anybody can help,


Rich Chant.
Feb 29, 2004, 06:25 PM
Sticky Shepherd
Graham Stabler's Avatar

Also not all depron is equal, try the 2mm stuff from flitehook and others, it is the real deal.

I think they uses presses for bulk production.


Mar 02, 2004, 01:48 PM
occasional browser
Ah Mr stabler, supplier of lithiums and now bringer of useful links.

Much thanx, i will persist with the Zepron II, there seems to be a way, seems i did not get it hot enough, Doh!!!!


Rich Chant.

P.S. just for future, i only use depron from flitehook, and i select it as carefully as i select balsa, as depron too comes in many different grades.
Mar 22, 2004, 05:37 PM
Registered User
RNAF's Avatar
What is your propulsion? How did you make your EDF?
Kind regards,
Mar 22, 2004, 05:47 PM
Team 30 Micro EDF
Mike Taylor's Avatar
What about the fans? Are they going to be for sale? How would they work with a cheaper motor like the N-20?
May 09, 2004, 12:37 PM
occasional browser

Vampire fan

the plan for the model and the fan unit was in the april 2002 issue of "model flyer" mag, there is a full write up and instructions.

i am currently getting some moulds made for the vampire fuz, and have done a few experiments with retracts, and when i can get a fan mould made they should be avaliable, chris from falcon models has been interested for sometime, so we will seewhat we can do.

if we kit the vamp it will be about 75g AUW, 40g thrust 5 channel, with a flight duration of about 12 minutes, less with aerobatics. yes the model pictured above is quite aerobatic.

Rich Chant.
May 09, 2004, 05:00 PM
Registered User
RNAF's Avatar
Hey rchant,
I can't seem to find a place where to get the magazine.
Do you have that article online?

May 09, 2004, 05:24 PM
occasional browser
nope, sorry.

will scan it in and post it sometime.


Rich Chant.
May 12, 2004, 04:49 PM
Registered User
RNAF's Avatar
have you already scanned it?

May 13, 2004, 05:30 PM
occasional browser
have scanned the article, 6 pages 125MB total, i think i will have to compress it a little, be back soon.

Rich Chant
May 13, 2004, 05:57 PM
occasional browser
Hmmmmm, how do i post files this big, i can compress them as Jpeg's but then to get them below the 100kB that is allowed they becme really grainy,
any ideas?


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