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Mar 10, 2015, 03:18 PM
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I started flying pattern a few years ago and along the way I found out that you can have an agile airplane without needing huge throws. For example, for the elevator, as long as it has enough authority for a stall (ie the start of a spin or a snap), that is generally enough. This is what I normally use on most of my planes:

Elevator: +13/-12 deg on low rates +17/-16 on high rates
Ailerons: +13/-10 deg on low rates +17/-15 on high rates
Rudder : +/- 35 deg

The reason for the elevator differential is to provide a more balanced feel between right side up and inverted. For the ailerons, it will help handle some of the adverse yaw. This is roughly where I start and after trimming the amounts might be a little different. Having the proper CG is important.

I normally only set-up dual rates with the elevator and ailerons being on different switches. This helps sort things out more easily on the initial flights. Expo also helps, about 20% on low rates and 30-40 on high.

I fly a LT-25 (trainer) for grins and when I am just horsing around, I can do an outside from the top from about 60 ft or so. Its throws are set-up as indicated above. The plane will also spin and snap decently, but it generally takes all of the elevator travel. This is probably where I will start with the Citabria.

Good luck,

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Mar 10, 2015, 05:54 PM
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Thread OP
thanks teo. That gives me a lot to work with
Jan 13, 2016, 12:00 PM
Life is a Hobby
Hey Lukes...........I have a chance at a BUSA Citabria Pro kit.

How did you make out with yours this Summer?

If I start building in a few weeks I will probably add to your thread rather than start a new one. Just post anything I did different than you.

Oct 22, 2016, 04:56 PM
2 many planes & 2 little time
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Good to see a 2016 post in this thread.
I am waiting for the Dynaflite kit to be delivered. This will be my first kit like the OP. I can't thank Luke and all of the contributors enough for all the great information here. I have read 90% of the thread and I feel familiar with the kit & ready to build

What all would be involved in making a clip wing version?
Dec 29, 2016, 05:09 PM
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Maybe the last post of 2016...

Hi -

I have been working on my Citabria when ever time allows. I actually started covering it with Solartex. Easy to use but the Silver will streak if the iron is too hot. Next time, I will go with the natural colored Solartex and paint the airframe. I have decided to go with non-traditional colors and opt for the colors seen on many British early light planes of the 30's and 40's. The fuselage will be blue while the wing and stab will be silver. I am thinking that the cowling and wheel pants will also be silver, but I am not sure just yet. For power, I will be using an AXI 4130/16 spinning a 17x12 prop. This should give me about 1100 watts or so to play with. I weighed everything yesterday (airframe, servos, motor, power battery, esc, cowl, wheel pants and landing gear) and it came in a shade under 8 lbs. Once I add the wheels, receiver, control rods and cables and struts the weight will creep up. I thinking that it will weight about 9.25 lbs finished, ready to go. Pretty light considering the surfboard it has for a wing.

Happy New Year!

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Aug 01, 2017, 09:13 PM
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Useful hint - The 80" Carbon Cub struts fit the Citabria

Hi -

I got most of the airplane done but one thing that I have been dreading has been shaping the wing struts. As it turns out, I was helping another pilot with his Hangar 9 .40 sized Cub and it dawned in me that it also has a 80" wingspan. That got me thinking that maybe the Cub struts would fit the Citabria. Well, you are not able to buy the struts as replacement parts for that particular plane but you can buy them for the 80" foam Carbon Cub. Guess what? they are the right length! I am going to go ahead and use them, I just now need to make the anchoring brackets. Please keep in mind that my Citabria is reasonably light, probably around 10 lbs ready to fly which is a little more than the Carbon Cub but I think that it will be O.K. I do not expect to do more than gentle loops and rolls with this plane.

Aug 03, 2017, 02:31 PM
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What are the struts for the Cub made out of? My experience with foam planes have been that the struts are not really functional, but I could be mistaken in this case. In my experience they are mostly for looks. The struts for your Citabria need to be beefy and are very, very functional.
Aug 29, 2017, 04:34 PM
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The struts I am using are the ones off the Carbon Z cub which has an 80" wingspan. The forward one, which is the structural one, should be strong enough in tension to do the job. I have the plane mostly done and the one thing that I do not like about the struts is that I cannot adjust their tightness. As long as you are pulling positive G I believe that they should be O.K. I might fly the plane as is and in the winter update the struts to aluminum. Looking at the photos of the build, the only regret that I have is that I did not carry the shear web all of the way out to the wing tip.
Sep 13, 2017, 10:07 AM
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G-AZHU got its airworthiness certificate today

Hi -

I finally managed to get G-AZHU finished and flown. In the end, the 10% of the work that needed to be done took a lot longer than planned. For the struts, I ended up using shaped aluminum tubing with ball links at one end to make them adjustable. They seem to work pretty well and are stronger than the wood ones they replaced.

The power system is modest; I am using an AXI4130/16 to turn a 17x12 prop on a 5S battery pack. I had expected around 1200 watts, but when I sat down to make the measurements, I was only getting around 950 watts or so. I am using a Castle controller which may be part of the problem, in the past, I had used the AXI with a Jetti controller and those seem to be a better match to the motor. At any rate, the plane is reasonably light at 9 lb 9oz so it flies like an oversized parkflyer.

The airplane does have its quirks however; the rudder is pretty small and at high power, quite ineffective. I will be adding some additional right thrust to see if it helps (the issue is more noticeable on right turns, meaning, it turns to the left more easily than the to right). I will also be playing with the aileron differential to see if it helps (100% up, 50% down). The plane will loop from level flight and it will roll, although the rudder and elevator inputs are huge if you are trying to make a somewhat axial roll. I enjoyed the build and I am hoping that I will be able to trim the airplane so that it flies a little better, but for the moment, I am having fun making low figure 8 patterns over the field.

Jul 31, 2018, 07:16 AM
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Balsa USA Citabria Pro Plans

Does anyone have the fuselage plans from a previous build lying around that you no longer need? Thanks, Richard
Sep 19, 2018, 08:01 PM
Failure is not an option
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Is it possible to make this a three piece wing?
Jan 14, 2020, 01:21 PM
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Happy New Year everyone not sure if we are still posting on the thread. But I was hoping someone could help me make a decision on where to install the servo's. So if you could please answer a question for me I would greatly appreciate it. Does this plane tend to come out nose or tail heavy? I will be using a DLE 30 for power if that helps. Thanks Al

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