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Sep 23, 2005, 11:52 AM
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wild turkey pylon model 26 span .....rocket sp 400 2.5 GB 9x6 apc.......9.6 1200 nimas 21 oz all up
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Oct 09, 2005, 07:48 AM
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model: 40" ugly stick 3 channel trainer
auw ca. 380g
speed control schulze slim 20 be
motor hot sp 280 BB Sagami /Great PLanes
Box MPJet 5:1 BB box
cells 3s 1200 Etec 8x6 SF APC 80 Watts
2s 1500 kokam 8x6 SF 35 Watts

motor only gets warm on 3s

2s or 3s either way, great performance in the 40" slow flyer

big bird
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Oct 10, 2005, 01:42 PM
Oldie but goodie
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Model: Wattage Decathelon (Red, Balsa version)
Motor: AXI-2208/26
Speed Control: PHX-10
Cell type/count: Tanic 3S-830 LiPo
Prop/fan: MAS 6x3e
Reduction method: Outrunner, direct drive
Amps: 5A static
Watts: 55W (Wattmeter)
Weight Read to Fly 13.1oz

Plenty of power and speed, lightweight set-up makes it a sweetheart to fly.
Oct 10, 2005, 01:45 PM
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Very good job with your Wattage Decath.....

Every oz. is a killer for this rather small model with that super small wing span.

Yes, at 13.1 oz. it will certainly fly very well and the AXI provides enough power.

Oct 10, 2005, 08:57 PM
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this is a oldtime 1/2A f/f duration model converted to electric

auw......a little under 16 oz.
prop rpm.....11.7
static thrust.....8.7
prop.....m/a 6x3
w/s.......36 in.
Oct 12, 2005, 04:55 PM
Elfi Flyer
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Plane: Kyosho Ferias
Motor: MPJet 25/35-20 brushless
Gearing: 4.1:1
Prop: APC 9x7.5 SF two blade
Battery: TP 2100 2S1P Gen II LiPo & TP 2100 3S1P Gen II Lipo
ESC: CC Thunderbird 18Amp

Amp Draw: 12.6 @WOT, 2S1P pack
20.5 @ WOT, 3S1P pack

AUW: 21.6 Oz. with 3S1P pack

Plane flown usually with 3S1P pack, at 50-60% throttle, to burn off some voltage, then higher throttle knowing prop unloads and amperage is closer to 18. No need to fly wide open all the time, except for bursts. 15 minute flights with spirited flying, on 3S1P packs, 19-20 minutes with throttle management. Great flying on windy conditions, new life for an old bird that originally could barely make 5 minutes with OEM motor/gearbox and 800 mAh 8 cell NiCads. 178 flights since 10/2001, and unknown number of flights prior, as plane was assembled in '99. Once called "The Brick", is now affectionately referred to as "Old Faithful". Too bad the plane is no longer being marketed, at least according to Tower Hobbies latest full catelog.

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Oct 14, 2005, 10:08 AM
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Thunder Tiger Scooter (Glow-To-Electric Conversion)

For those that have enjoyed a semi-old-timer design in the past and like to see the same model exhibit some awesome performance, totally different flying style....yet still flys like an Old Timer when you throttle down...then,

Model: Thunder Tiger Scooter - ARF Glow version (made for .074 2-stroke.)
Power System Setup:
Motor: Himax HA2025-4200
Gearbox: GWS EPS-300C ("C" gearing, 5.33:1 ratio)
Propeller: GWS "Slow Flyer" (Grey in color) 10 X 4.7
ESC: Castle Creations PHX-25 (Brake disabled)
Servos: (2) Hitec HS-81MG <--Over kill but, the model does go fast.
Battery: Thunder Power (2nd Gen.) 2100mAH, 3S1P, Li-POLY
Receiver: Hitec RSD 555 Dual Conversion Receiver

Measurements @ Wide Open Throttle:
Amps: 15.6 Amps
Prop RPMs: 7,435 RPMs
WATTs: 155 Watts

Other Measurements:
Average Flight Duration: 19.5 minutes
Totall Full Up Weight (Flight Ready): 28 1/4 oz.


Slow pass and mild climb out...

Consecutive Loops!

Here's another one..... Showing my Thunder Tiger Scooter pace around that school yard!

Still Picture showing an almost vertical take off at Half Throttle:
Nov 06, 2005, 11:05 AM
Xtreme Nut
Plane: Fliton Prodigy
Motor: Himaxx 2816-1220
Prop: APC 10x3.8 SF
Batt: DualSky XPower 2,250/1,700 12C
RPM: 8,200+

The plane has unlimited vertical and the batteries are only very warm and not hot at all.

Plane: MicroJet
Motor: Zagi TAZZ 10 turn b/less
ESC: some cheap Chinese made ESC 30A
Prop: Zagi 5x5 prop
Batt: DualSky XPower 2,250 12C
RPM: 25,000

The battery is only very warm and not hot at all. Plane is superbly fast and I think its about 90+ mph

Plane: Fliton Icon
Motor: DualSky 400B
ESC: some cheap Chinese made ESC 18A
Prop: APC 10x3.8 SF
Batt: DualSky XPower 1,700 12C
RPM: 7,200+

The motor is pretty good for its price, cheaper than a Himaxx (this motor is a Himaxx 2812 equivalent) by a fair amount but the performance is very nice for a plane under 20 oz. Very good vertical but not unlimited, the motor is best suited for planes of 18 oz or less if its good 3D that you are looking for.
Nov 20, 2005, 08:56 PM
Planes from 1oz to 55lb's
simo10's Avatar
Skeeter 30
Rimfire 1000kv
9x3.8 APCSF
Castle Creations 25 amp
3s1p 1320 Thunder Power Pro-lite

11.5 amps
10.2-6 volts
about 125 watts

Comments: Fantastic power. The motor, battery, seem to remain the same temperature as the take off temperature.
20 Minute flight time.

I want to try a 10x3.8 SF soon.

Nov 20, 2005, 09:46 PM
Elfi Flyer
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T-Hawk's rock!!

Plane: T-Hawk
Motor: Mega 16/15/5
Prop: Graupner CAM Speed 5.5x5.5
ESC: CC Phoenix 25
Battery: TP 2100 3S1P
Amps at WOT: 14
Watts at WOT: 150
Av. Flight Duration: 16 Minutes
Max RPM: not measured

Motor stronger, and runs cooler than the Zagi Reverse Wound Speed 400 that was part of the first "upgrade". Ran GP 7 cell 1100 NIMH packs on that motor. This combination of brushless and LiPo very effective, longer flight times (up to 20 minutes), better performance. Plane now using a 5.5x4.3m so amperage probably a little bit lower. Other changes to the plane include:

- 72 MHz electronics (much better resolution on rudder and elevator control)
- External routing of antenna (eliminated glitching, also helped by 72 MHz)
- Hitec HS-55 servos (greater rotation of servo arms)
- Enlarged elevator and rudder (27% increase)
- C/F bar reinforcement of wing
- Turbulator strips at outer wing tips

More info and photos at:

A great flying plane now flys better, smoother, faster, and longer. A very successful upgrade.

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Nov 21, 2005, 06:32 AM
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This could have been a very useful thread if the recommendations of jrb had been followed:
The following parameters are a start of those to list:
Speed Control:
Cell type/count:
Reduction method and ratio:
Weight Ready to Fly:
Comments and links to other forums for more info, video, etc.

Unfortunately the MAJORITY of the posts to this thread have been missing a lot of the requested data, and thus are quite useless.
The thread also has comments and video "cluttering" up the data. Too bad. In my opinion, the thread is not really worth a "sticky".
Nov 22, 2005, 03:51 AM
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Kinda funny to be putting this in with all the Mayhems. However:

MOOsquito (Ron Fikes design, scratch built, about 100g in this case with attention to lightness and some slight mods, maybe 26" span and very low aspect ratio (2.5???))
Potensky 01
GWS speed control 2A?
7X220mah packs, homemade from Batteries America cells, about 35g
connectors are pins and sockets from D-sub computer connectors (light)
GWS prop, I think 5"
flew reasonably well for 8 minutes or so

previously I had tried the DJAerotech motors in this plane with not much luck, but they may be more powerful now

lately, the 220 packs died and I've been having less than success with some 170 nicads (6 cells, 46g) or 180mah nimh (7 cells, 35g)

the 220's would not work well in the cold without little foam jackets on them and storing in pocket until flight time
Nov 22, 2005, 11:57 AM
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Airplane: Seduction Freestyle
Vendor: Singapore hobbies
Type: Pattern-freestyle
Wingspan: 54.3 inches
All up weight: 85 oz.
Wing area: 550 sq. in.
Motor: AXI 4120/18 (radial mount)
Controller: CC Phoenix 80
Gearing: DD
Prop: APC 14 x 7
Batteries: 5s2p Tanic 4,900
Wing loading: 22.3 oz/sf
RPM (full throttle): 7700
Static Amps: 37
Static watts: 660
Power loading: 124 Watts/pound
Duration: 12-14 minutes
Comments: fast, unlimited vertical, solid, responsive.

This airplane is a kit (not an ARF) designed for size 40 glow power. I converted it to e-power and tried a couple of different power systems in it. The one decscribed above is the best so far.
Nov 22, 2005, 01:45 PM
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Thanks so very much. Great work. Just what is needed in this thread! I hate this kind of response, so it will be the only one I ever make like this, but just wanted you to know your efforts are appreciated!
Nov 23, 2005, 03:59 PM
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Successfull Power systems

Model Art Hobby Fantasy 2m mod one piece wing glass clothed
Motor HET rc Typhoon 29 18 14 outrunner
Speedo CC Phoenix 45
Cells 12 , IB 1200
Prop RASA c/f 12 X 9
Weight 46 oz.
Amps/watts time I bought a meter.

climbs very briskly, best held to about 70 degrees very good run time from cells about 8 x 10/12 sec climbs

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