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Dec 11, 2001, 11:31 PM
R. Green's Avatar

JR 652 Problem! Read this if you own a JR!

Hi Everyone,

Just thought you all might like to know about a problem with the JR 652 radio. At first, I thought it might be isolated to my TX, but another one with the same symptoms has just recently reared up.

It seems that the RF board may be bad in some of the units. If your plane hasn't been acting right and seems to glitch alot (from the motor cutting out to servo "twitching" to TOTAL LOSS OF CONTROL), yet it still passes a ground check, this may be your problem.

To check, turn on the radio, start your motor (fast idle is good enough), tap on the back of the unit with your fingers (tap pretty hard), and watch your motor and servos. If they glitch while you're tapping, then the RF board may be bad. Mine was repaired under warranty and once fixed, has been OK. It was pretty frustrating, seriously crashing my plane twice and then getting JR to fix it, but all is well now (though I'm using an Eclipse as my primary radio now).

As I said earlier, I thought it might be an isolated case, but with two in the same location (Sacramento) and both radios about the same age, this might be more common than I first thought.

I just hate to see good airplanes crash because of faulty equipment, so check those radios guys!

Happy Landings.
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