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XRAY XB4 2WD Buggy

1/10-scale 2WD electric buggy kit


Need a highly competitive buggy? The XRAY XB4 has all the makings to be the ONE!

XRAY wisely worked off of its proven XB4 4WD platform to develop the new XB4 2WD buggy. This is a huge benefit as its compatibility makes parts sourcing easier as only a few parts were redesigned for the 2WD platform. The goal was to create a highly competitive buggy specifically for high traction tracks, carpet and artificial turf.


  • Motor positioned mid-chassis to provide optimum traction
  • XRAY Multi-Flex Technology where you can easily adjust chassis flex to suit track conditions
  • Chassis is composed of a 7075 T6 aluminum backbone with composite chassis plate
  • Exceptional weight balance
  • Shaft-driven 2WD drivetrain with center slipper clutch, CVD driveshafts and sealed gear differential
  • Suspension components are molded from composite materials to be ultra-lightweight yet durable enough to handle the forces experienced when racing.
  • Narrow suspension arms to allow for easy adjustments to wheelbase.
  • Dual arm steering system with Ackermann and bump steer adjustability
  • Three different steering servo mounting positions
  • 3mm graphite shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions
  • Aluminum, threaded bodied big bore fluid-filled shocks
  • High-performance DMX low-profile aerodynamic body
  • Available adjustment possibilities: Caster, Camber, Toe, Kick-up, Anti-squat, Ride height, Downstops, Track-width, Lower roll center, Upper roll center, Roll center positions, Bump steer, Wheelbase, Ackermann, Adjustable shocks, Adjustable front and rear diff, Adjustable XRAY Multi-Flex chassis

Class 1/10 electric 2WD off-road buggy
Width Adjustable 9.65-9.84 in. (245 to 250mm)
Length 14.25 in. (362mm)
Wheelbase Adjustable 11.18-11.42 in. (284-290mm)
Weight 1.8 lbs. (800g)
Ready-to-run weight3.56 lbs. (1,615g)

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Nov 04, 2013, 07:08 PM
Registered User
Jimmy the Heater's Avatar
Wow, that is certainly different than any other 2wd buggy out there. Looking forward to a drive report from someone with a lot more driving talent than I have to see how this layout works. Some outside the box thinking there XRay
Nov 05, 2013, 01:06 AM
Fan of just about anything RC
SoloProFan's Avatar
It appears to be very refined, not all claimed novelties are fully new though. Using parts from a 4WD design to make a 2WD can also be seen on the Team C TC02 EVO for instance, which uses the same motormount, slipper etc like their 4WD design. Nevertheless, an interesting looking car, which should have plenty of options to tune it to most tracks, and driver's personal preferences.

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