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Oct 31, 2013, 06:18 PM
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New Product

ValueHobby 32" 8mm EPP kits!!! - $24

I've been flying these 32" epp foamies for years. Scratch built, name brand and generic kits. All fly well.

But now the awsome guys at ValueHobby have come out with their own line of 32 and 34" EPP profiles and I had to try one!!

They have in 32" :

Edge 540

I chose the 32" yak55. At $24 for a full, painted kit with lazer cut foam and hardware and CF you can't beat it anywhere!

For everything needed minus a 2s-3s 400-800mah lipo they are $60.14 shipped if you want all the recomended gear, which is what I'm using.

Opening the box:
Everything is packaged flat and bagged separate.
The paint is great and really pops.
The fuaselage is one peice. Puzzle like notches in the middle and the tail is attached with a double beveled "live" hinge.
The fuse has pre cut servo, battery and ESC locations.
The wing is one peice with pre cut notches for 4 leading edge SFGs. Ailerons are nearly half the wing chord with live hinges as well. The wing/nose is notched at the trailing edge for the tail. Which is the same with a love elevator hing.

What sets this yak apart from the LeadFeather style yak is the fuse is taller, rudder droop is longer for cleaner KE rudder is bigger while the elevator is actually a bit smaller but wider, like an extreme flight yak.
The wing's LE is designed like an F3P's wing with LE root about 1/4" forward of the tips. Ailerons have counter ballances.

It seems to e a cross between a LeadFeather and crack yak.

The hardware package is very nicely cut ply control horns, motor mount, push rod guides, servo arm extensions and optional servo trays if you want to screw in instead of glue on your servos.
Also included in the hardware is EZ links and heat shrink, zip ties and 8" of Velcro!

Everything but glue and electronics are included.
I used thin CA and hot glue for the build. But about any glue like GOOPY or quick grip, welders and such would work well too. It is real EPP so regular ca and kicker work fine.

After laying everything out I started the clock.

The build is Very easy and quick.

Flip the wing over. Bottom up. Set the hollow, square CF wing spar in its slot. Hit with alittle ca and kicker and that's finished.
Line up the tail and CA it to the wing section. Next slide two flat CF rods into their slot on either side of the fuse center line. CA and kicker complete this step.

Next, hold the fuse open slightly leaned over and slide it onto the wing/tail.
The puzzle slots make this too easy. Make sure its square and hit the joints with CA and kicker.

This is about 15min into the build and you have an airplane!

Servos are next. Place them how they are pictured in the Manuel and you'll have pretty good geometry. Install your arms and extensions with the included screws.
Now install the control horns by lining them up with the servo arms. Just cut a slit in the foam all the way through starting at the hinge and back 1/2". The horns are shaped at the same angle as the hing line bevel so that the hole is exactly over the hinge line. Ca and kicker here for all 4 too.

The control horns are CF rod with one wire Z bend that is heat shrinked and CAed on. The other end of the rod goes strait into the EZ links that screw onto the control horns.

Next is the motor and esc. This just glues to the front and the provided motor mount screws to the ply wood mount. epoxy or CA Works here. Hot glue your esc in its slot or on the side of the fuse opposite the battery side and your ready for RX and battery install.
Without the battery mine ballanced jst after of the recomended CG so the lipo placement will be right where the slot is!

1 hour and 40min after opening the box and I had a brand new RTF yak!

Lastly I installed the 4 SFGs. They just slide into their slots. No glue required so they are removable.

Flight report after the 58mph wind gusts were having this hallows eve die down!
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Oct 31, 2013, 08:44 PM
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Thread OP
I couldn't wait. I hovered it around the garage.
AUW was 7.5oz. 9oz with 3s lipo. With a 9/3.8SF prop I wasn't impressed with the power. I'll try a 10/6DD tomarrow.

But it hovers very predictably and torque rolls very smooth.

One thing, the 9g servos have a hard time moveing the surfaces so on my next one I'm going to sand the inside of the hinges thinner. For this one ill cut 3" slits in the hinge every few inches. That will free them up.
Oct 31, 2013, 08:45 PM
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Thread OP
I couldn't wait. I hovered it around the garage.
AUW was 7.5oz. 9oz with 3s lipo. With a 9/3.8SF prop I wasn't impressed with the power. I'll try a 10/6DD tomarrow.

But it hovers very predictably and torque rolls very smooth.

One thing, the 9g servos have a hard time moveing the surfaces so on my next one I'm going to sand the inside of the hinges thinner. For this one ill cut 3" slits in the hinge every few inches. That will free them up.
Oct 31, 2013, 09:27 PM
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I just built the Edge, Sbach and the GeeBee from Value Hobby. Great kits, along with nice paint schemes and they go together very fast. The 8mm do not require carbon fiber supports all over like the 3 and 5mm that are sold from others. I have not test flown them yet because of crappy weather, but will post with my observations later. I will probably own all of them pretty soon if they fly great. I always slit the hinge line to free the surfaces.
Oct 31, 2013, 10:51 PM
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Thread OP
I'd like to buy one of each. Even epp doesn't last me too long

I've had a lot of VH planes and flown a lot of the ones I havnt owned and havnt had a bad or yet. Sometimes the nitro arfs hardware kits suck but that's to be expected sometimes.

Ill get some vid soon. I have some pix but they won't upload for some reason.
Nov 01, 2013, 09:28 AM
Pro Bro #1963
For $24 I guess it's all good and you can't complain much but that is HEAVY for a 32" EPP. You realize that the Crack Yak lite and now the Super Light Crack yak are coming in at <5oz and <6oz. On these planes, 1oz. is a HUGE difference. For something to just throw around seems pretty decent.
Nov 01, 2013, 09:47 AM
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What are they doing to get the weight down? I wonder what weight epp they are using?
Nov 01, 2013, 10:58 AM
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corsair214's Avatar


lets see 1 oz or so 24 dollars or 80 dollars..... i will live with it just fine
Nov 01, 2013, 12:33 PM
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Thread OP
My thoughts exactly C214.

$78 for the kit, $98 for the motor/servo combo

$24 for this kit that is tuffer, builds faster, I can tell you today flies VERY well.
RTF combo from VH was $60.14 to my door in 2 days!
Nov 01, 2013, 02:15 PM
build, fly, crash, repeat
BrendanH's Avatar
The Yak looks awesome!
Nov 01, 2013, 02:58 PM
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Looks like a good deal, Jake. I might need one of these! I'm pretty much a foamy nut.
So far I like the live hinges on my Twisted Hobbies stuff. The Welders hinges get hard and yellow after awhile. I have several yellow hinge foamies.
Nov 01, 2013, 03:24 PM
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It is a little more work but I have been doing mylar hinges on all my foamys and it works better than any other hinge method. I will never use welders for hinges again.
Nov 01, 2013, 05:31 PM
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corsair214's Avatar


rv goop works well for hinges and doesn't seem to yellow...
Nov 16, 2013, 09:54 PM
Former Futaba employee
Jake, any update?
Nov 17, 2013, 05:56 AM
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Thread OP
Well. Got some good time on it now.

I really like it. Its an oz heavier than I'm used to and it shows in vertical speed but that's about the only draw back

As compared to the typical 5-6oz LeadFeather or eBay epp yak55's:
SUPER fast and simple build. No CF stringers
Much more stiff yet not brittle
Ultra simple setup that also has very good geometry
Seems more durable but time will tell if it will outlast competitors
Because of its stiffness and extra weight from the denser foam it flies like a larger "gasser"/"fatty" which in my book is a plus. It tracks cleaner and is capable of some aerobatics and 3D moves that other foamies of any size cannot do.
Can still float well even for indoors but can handle a lot more wind than others this size.

Some would say the extra ounce is a bad thing
On the usual 1500kv CD rom out runner for this size it doesn't have ballistic power but its suitable 3D power with 3s and a 9 or 10" prop
Included control horns need a CA bath or they can break easy
Included motor mount isn't that durable. It can break off of the fuselage in a doink. I prefer "magic" mounts from lightflite.
Hinges are stiff. They need sanded or slits cut every inch or so to free them up
On the stock elevator linkage, although the geometry is right, throw is limited so I'd suggest if loosey goosey 3D is what your after than use a different surface control horn.

Now for the flight report
It will track strait so "IMAC" type maneuvers are good. Even snaps.
As for 3D it will do the usuall and do it all well. Aileron authority is crazy. Rudder authority is very good and for what throw I could get from the elevator (about 30*) its quite enough.
KE and HAKE are very clean. Only a slight roll to the belly. Loops tend to tuck at the bottom toward the belly but just let it gain more speed on the down line and it will straiten out and complete the KE loop fine.
Waterfalls aren't as tight as I'd like but very neutral weight inside or out.
Hover and harrier very stable
Pogos are easy.
KE spins are crisp
Flat spins aren't as flat as I'd like but let the inboard wing sag a bit and they are very nice and tight, much like a big plane.
Climbing KE spins are very tight and easy, inside and out.
I could not get a pinwheel out of it. Its just too long.

I can't think of much more to comment on.
I'm very pleased with it and can't wait to try the other 3. And you can try any 3 of these for te price of one crack kit!

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