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Feb 22, 2004, 12:05 AM
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MrG's Draco

I built this from plans from igenius.
Here is the link.

Flight Report
It was 30 degrees F 5 to 10 mph wind.
Well I'm happy to say the maiden flight of My Draco was a total success.
Getting there wasn't however... LOL!
It went like this .
Load every thing in car, should have made the wing 50 inches.
Had to set the plane kiddy corner to get the doors closed.
Get to the soccer field.
Get every thing out on the roof of My car. ( winter beater)
Hook up the elect. fuel pump turn on the switch.
The pump ran for about 5 seconds and went crunch.
So I pull the fuel line off the top of the fuel bottle and
manually fill the tank by squeezing the plastic quart bottle.
I hook up the glow plug igniter, spin the engine over with My elect. starter.The engine runs on high idle for 30 seconds
spits back and off goes the prop,prop nut and spinner(Skyward 28 )
I dig the nut and prop out of the snow put the prop back on and start the engine again.
Throttle it up and it dies.
Check and replace the pressure hose to the tank, it was split..
Start the eng. again go to full throttle point plane straight up, eng. leans out and dies.
Turn the hi speed jet out 1/8 turn ( now My fingers are about frozen)
Start eng. again full throttle , point plane straight up running good and strong.
Walk out on to the field and with a light toss the Draco climbs out very nice and smooth.
It took 3 clicks of down trim and was rock solid.
I pulled back to 1/2 throttle and did a few laps getting the feel of it.
Even at 1/2 throttle it was almost too fast for the size of the soccer field.
I did some loops, big slow loops , then some tight ones.
It will do loop after loop after loop( big smile)
I have to add some more epa to the ailerons as the roll was slow.
For the first flight it is the best handling plane I've built.
It goes where You point it and will do a 180 degree turn with almost no loss of speed too. I'm impressed.
The landing was also perfect, it floats like a glider, I chopped the throttle and skidded to a stop ten feet from Me.
Can't wait to get out on the lake so I can get some full throttle testing.
I have a smile from ear to ear.
I'll see if I can get My sisters digi camera when I go out on the lake.
Thanx Igenius for an awesome Spad Design.
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Jan 22, 2010, 11:12 AM
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davidneth's Avatar
Awesome looking plane, I am going to build one someday.
Jan 22, 2010, 04:22 PM
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draftman1's Avatar
hey David, go to "draftman11" on you tube. there is a build video series on the draco. its probably on the second page

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