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Oct 18, 2013, 06:39 AM
Build, Fly, Rebuild!!
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Build Log

Mermaid floatplane

I had cut out the Mermaid a while ago to build alongside "Alphawhisky" to assist Alan with his first Depron build, (as it turns out he didn't need any assistance as his plane is finished and is a fantastic looking build) but I had other projects on the building table that stopped me from getting into it.
I have now decided its time to build it, but I am going to modify it a little.
I am going to make the rudder work full height and I am also going to make the rudder deeper in the water as well. To do this I have to change the horizontal stab, so I am going to make it full flying.
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Jan 20, 2014, 06:31 AM
Build, Fly, Rebuild!!
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Mermaid progress

Have got a bit more done on the mermaid over Christmas break. All flying tail looks good but did twist a bit with gluing (hoping to get this out with CF rod and when bottom is glued on) I am thinking I can reduce the width of the elevator back to the rudder hinge line (this will be a trial and error thing) due to the amount of travel I have available and the amount of moving surface area for control is considerable.
Apr 18, 2014, 08:45 AM
Build, Fly, Rebuild!!
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Wings started

Found off RCG a really easy hot wire cutter for tapered wings, so I thought I would give it a go.
Basically a really long wire anchored to a screw.
works on converging lines principle. so make the wire long enough to touch neatly either side of your wing panel, then using bull dog clips attach your power supply to either side of the wing and you just pull on the end of the wire to create the wire tension which takes up the stretch when it heats up as well
Here is the link for anyone who may read my blog it is by TFLG

Wings are slightly longer than plan and are profiled instead of flat foam.
I am hoping to use this as an FPV ship down the track.
As I am only going to fly off water with it, I intend to fibre glass or carbon fibre the wings to help prevent dings and make them stronger, so this with FPV are the reasons I have lengthened them slightly (I think it is 50mm each wing not sure will have to measure).
Dec 06, 2014, 06:23 AM
Build, Fly, Rebuild!!
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This project has stalled for quite awhile as I have been doing work to other projects, I did a little more figuring out the other day of where to install stuff and have decided to try and make this my FPV plane due to finally succumbing and buying the FPV setup from Hobby king.
I have made the battery floor as low as possible to give me as much room as I can to fit everything in.
I think the VTX aerial will fit inside the cockpit area and not stick out.
When I read the original build they have to stuff the battery as far forward as possible, so I have moved the servos up into the main compartment as well as the esc.
I am yet to skin the wings and this is the biggest hold up for this build as I am still debating how to go about doing this.
I want to add a scale like cockpit that can be removed and replaced with the FPV cockpit when required.

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