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Oct 09, 2013, 07:27 PM
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Finally I recognized the packaging so now can be specific
I need 21st Century "Antique" fabric covering I'll buy half a roll for the price of a full roll
David AKA The Brit
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Oct 11, 2013, 05:54 PM
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slopepilot's Avatar

try these
dealer search...
good luck...or use for solartex, similiar fabric covering
Oct 11, 2013, 06:12 PM
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I am not positive, but I may have what is 21st century fabric.
I have a Topflite SE5a which I had this roll in mind for, but I have yet to decide whether or not I want to or am worthy of building that model yet...

What are you building? Perhaps to repair a tear in a MGB softop? (you wouldn't want antique for an MG.. right?) Is it something that you're not planning to paint over? Why doesn't Coverite have unpainted (antique?) iron on fabric availible?

I'm going to go measure the width and will attempt to get a decent picture of that covering after my camera battery chages... Do you have private messaging blocked?

Oct 11, 2013, 08:04 PM
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Not sure what this stuff is, but I got a nice detailed macro of the fabric grain with the adhesive backing... At this moment, all that I am sure of is that this material is unpainted iron on fabric... Not sure if coverite product?

Looks like slopepilot posted some good leads..?

Another note to consider: The Coverite 21st Century fabric "cream" color looks like natural aircraft fabric.. Prior to covering, I bet laying the material out in the direct Modesto sunshine for several days would put a stained petina into the material? Also dusting and staining the fabric with some good old dirt and maybe even grass staining would probably give that
cream" fabric a weathered-aged look. Plus you can get a full roll for your money?
Oct 12, 2013, 11:40 AM
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Solartex from BalsaUSA is an iron on fabric and what I believe brand of fabric covering I mentioned having. There is a vast assortment of colors too including 'antique', 'natural' (which is what I believe I have...), and 'linen."

You got to check this product out.. They even offer a sample package with a sample of every color variation (I counted 17) that they have for only a couple bucks... No, less than that.. $1.05... (Probably send you 1" square sample of each color variant...) Rolls come in 2, 5, and 10 meter rolls. the 2M roll retails less than $25 so it is also much less than the other name brand iron on fabric. Order yourself a sample pack so you can know exactly what this product is and what color variant you have in mind...

Anyhow, enough spew from me... below is a hyperlink direct to the webpage... Hope this might be what you wanted..!
Oct 12, 2013, 12:15 PM
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I have a 10 meter roll of ntual Solartex also the fabric swatch, unfortunately not the product I want 21st Century Antique covering was an English product by Solarfilm I'm just hoping sme English guy will pick up on this and tell I got rolls of it!
Oct 12, 2013, 04:49 PM
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Am I to understand that the 21st Century iron on fabric covering has no connection to the Coverite "21st Century" fabric product? No wonder Coverite doesn't have "antique" in their fabric line..!

I popped back in intending to mention Sig's iron-on fabric called "KoverAll."
Anyhow, good luck...

The following is the product description...
Koverall is a cloth covering of the type used on full-scale aircraft, but in a lighter weight (1-1/4 oz. per sq. yd.) for models. Koverall can be used on almost all R/C models large or small. Its superior strength and low price has made Koverall a real favorite with builders of giant size models. It's the most economical cloth covering you can buy! SIG Koverall is an uncoated, heat shrinkable plain fabric. It has no glue on it. To adhere Koverall to a model, you can either dope it on ala the traditional silk-and-dope method, or better yet, use SIG Stix-It heat activated covering adhesive (see below). Just brush a coat of Stix-It on the model framework, let it dry, then iron-on the Koverall just like you would a much more expensive iron-on fabric covering. Once the Koverall is stuck down around the edges, it can be shrunk perfectly tight with an iron or heat gun. Seal the Koverall with 1 - 2 coats of Sig Nitrate Clear Dope and then apply the finish of your choice.


$5.10 (48 X 36 White), Sig Model Manufacturing Co.

(aren't you going to reveal what your project with this specialized covering need is..? A repair/mod to an exhisting model requiring the match maybe?)
Oct 12, 2013, 05:30 PM
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Argh..! Here I go again submitting another reply... LOL

My inquisitiveness had me checking on this "21st Century" fabric and to see if the Coverite company or it's products have british origins? What I found out is Coverite had a fabric line called "Super Coverite" which offered an 'Antique' in their color lineup. There is alot of discussion and information availible. 21st Century iron-on Fabric is the product line which replaced the discontinued "Super Coverite" fabric line...

This has got to be what you're asking for... Coverite's discontinued fabric iron on covering... (or did coverite not have any adhesive and required preparing the airframe with balsarite (heat activated adhesive in a can)?

As far as locating a roll of "Super Coverite Antique..."
I hope you appreciate this by revealing what you're using the covering on.. LOL..!
Happy birthday David "the Brit"...!!! From me and LOL!

Hopefully case solved..?
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Oct 12, 2013, 05:46 PM
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I guess my various meanderings get thing messed up.
Ok! 21st Century Fabric is imported from the UK Solarfilm is the manufacturer so 21st Century "Antique" iron on fabric is what I need that no one seems to have.
The project is a Pat Trittle design of a Curtis Pusher the origi which hangs in the Grand Room [I believe that is what it is called] Alberqueque not sure I spelled this correct.
The Ingram Foster owned aircraft of 1914 I built this model about 8 years ago and could never get it off the ground it was under powered, it kicked around the house the garage was its last place f rest until it fell down at which point I ripped it apart. I rdered a new plan and ast of ribs [to lazy to make my own] and am now rebuilding it because Im a scale nut I put lotso detail into my models. This one has an ABS plastic Curtis scale engine in which I buried the ESC and the Hacker motor the pwer nd servo leads are hidden as they eexit thr mock engine into thee engine support tubes they come out on the undeide of the wings. All my fittings are handmade the three wheels are unobtainable any more and I bought these on RCG after advertising for a number of weeks one gy had one and the other guy had two, these two guys were the only resonse I ever got.
I'll see if I can post a couple of pictures
David AKA The Brit
Oct 12, 2013, 06:27 PM
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Just os to show what a wonderful meia RCG is even, get some one offer birthday greetins some Wow! Thank you.
Where did you find the discussion on Super Coverite
I guess I have to go back and repost As you can see have posted pictures of my Ingram Foster model
Oct 19, 2013, 07:44 PM
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Sorry about the lag-time to respond...

I just did a google search using the words "Super Coverite" and "Antique"...

The results and information I gathered were mainly discussions between users of the discontinued "Super Coverite" as it was being phased out of production and it's availibility was becoming scarcer as the availible old stock was dwindling down and being replaced by the newly introduced 21st Century coverings which included both film and fabric iron-on materials...

From what I gather, the reason for the new "21st Centrury" coverings had to do with re-formulating the adhesive to meet revised industry/epa standards?

I remember when this changeover was taking place as I had either already or was about to utilize a fabric iron-on covering on my Sailplanes International Racer CS because of the idea that fabric would better protect against scuffing, scrapes and damage which I'd be subjecting the slope glider to, and also because I wanted to paint the wing surfaces.

As I mentioned I settled upon using plain (uncolored) Worldtex iron-on fabric which proved wonderful in providing everything that I hoped it would.

Through my recent surfing around the internet to find out about the Coverite iron-on "Antique" material which you are wanting, I found that the Worldtex iron-on
material which I used and have almost one full roll remaining, is the same material currently marketed under a couple different names... (I believe I put links to those earlier..?) The material is supposed to be exactly like the material used on full scale aircraft except scaled down, which I can believe, because this material sure looks and feels just like the vintage aircraft control surfaces that I've gazed upon and fondled at airshows. LOL.

About your "21st Century iron-on fabric covering in antique..."
I was intending to write Coverite to ask them if they ever in-fact offered that color in their "21st Century iron on fabric" line, and started an email but never actually mailed it off. You may want to try that.

It is my guess that the antique you are seeking was of the "Super Coverite" covering line. I am not quite sure, but I believe that that may or may not have been availible with the iron on adhesive already applied to one side of the fabric.. It could have been a version which they came out with towards the time that they reformulated the adhesive and changed the name from Super Coverite to 21st Centruy Covering...? Maybe?

Oh, Coverite looks like it became incooporated into and part of the Great Planes distributorship/company too... So that was why I hesitated on emailing my questions and information requests about finding out specifically about whether Antique was exclusively a "Super Coverite" color option, or if that color had ever been offered in the "21st Centrury" fabric line?

But regardless, and again, my web surfing did find one distributor who allegedly has "Super Coverite" fabric in the "Antique" you are coveting. So I strongly encourage you to at least investigate and check it out because as "Super Coverite" has been decades out of production, this could be the opportunity of a lifetime to snag some up.. (especially for such a venerable project as you've so kindly given us (me) a peek into... A Curtiss Pusher... and by the way I Love it! Love it! Love it...! Don't you just love how the modern brushless/lipo/supermicro electronics have busted open the true RC-ability/ease of RCing those early flight aircraft for better controlled sustained flyability! Please video document and make availible your flights once you get that baby putting through the air... I love watching that type of early aircraft actually flying.. and your attention to detail and hiding all the wirings, etc is noteworthy and appreciated.. Excellent craftmanship!)

If you've never worked with Super Coverite, don't quote me on this, but I do believe that it should be quite simple as it only requires the use of applying Balsarite liquid iron on adhesive. Balsarite is great stuff which I have used to confidantly secure difficult areas where I apply monokote, or fuel saturated stubborn areas, or to re-apply film where it had pulled off. Basically it is liquid iron on adhesive in a can. Great stuff. It thins with monokote trim-sol too... Lasts forever and I love the stuff.. One drawback is that if you ever need to pull monokote that has been placed with balsarite, it'll give you a harder time... Not with fabric removal though...

But if you do decide to try the Super Coverite Antique and Balsarite covering, I am betting that you will not be disappointed and you'll more than likely get exactly what the doctor ordered for your Curtiss Pusher repair/modification/rebuild and the material will probably match right up to the old covering (minus dust and light exposure?). But check out that distributor who has it listed in-stock... It may very well be the last commercially availible roll in exhistance? (the or whatever that link was...?)

Let me know how it works out if you give it a go...~
Oct 19, 2013, 10:57 PM
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Again, here is the direct link to the only distributor who I could find who is currently listing the Super Coverite Antique in both 6 and 15 ft lengths...

I just checked on ebay and noticed there was only one large roll (45" x 15ft) of Super Coverite (pretty sure all Super Coverite was fabric) in white... The auction currently is at $31, has 4 bids and closes in about 14 hours... (8:57pm Sat)
Oct 19, 2013, 11:09 PM
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I hope I am not violating any RCG ettiquite by posting all this discussion in a classified wanted post, but if I do then so be it...

I just read this archived pdf article which provides general descriptive information on model coverings which you may find interesting the authors comments regarding 21st century fabric... The following is excerpt from the article...

"Many years ago, covering a model
airplane meant hours at the
workbench, inhaling dope fumes,
spraying tissue or silk with water to
draw it tight, and waiting many
hours drying time between coats of
dope to seal and paint the cover. I’ve
heard this era of modeling referred to
as “the good old days.”
Personally, I really enjoy doing this
type of covering, but for the modeler
with a limited amount of hobby time,
there are several alternatives that
require far less skill and still produce
a nice looking finish in less time and
with a lot less effort.
Within the realm of iron-on
covering, there are three basic types:
the weaves, the Mylars, and the
synthetic tissues. Within those major
groups are some subgroups. For the
weaves, there is Solartex (also found
as Colortex) and Super Fabric. Also in
that group, you’ll find 21st Century
pre-painted fabric, Nelson Lightfab,
and Super Coverite. These materials
are available in eight basic colors.
In the Mylar realm, there is
MonoKote, UltraKote, TowerKote,
EconoKote, Oracover, and Nelson
Litefilm. The color selection of these
materials is excellent.
Finally, there are iron-on synthetic
tissues, found under the names
Litespan, Airspan, and Black Baron
Coverlite. Again, color selection is
limited to about a dozen choices,
including some fluorescents.
Iron-on fabrics
As weaves go, my favorite is
Solartex simply because it’s the
easiest to use. It lays down nicely, it’s
easy to remove the wrinkles, and it
goes around compound curves
beautifully. The downside is that over
time, the adhesive will release and the
cover will fall off the model. A simple
cure is to brush on a coat or two of
Balsarite (the type recommended for
film covering) before you cover your
Nelson Lightfab is a lighter grade
of the same type of material. I
recommend this one for .40 size or
smaller models. For models larger
than that, stay with Solartex or others
in that family.
21st Century fabric is by far the
most difficult of all the fabrics to use.
I have found that this material is
difficult to apply, does not tighten
well, and is torture to use around
compound curves. The shrinkage is
limited, offers little rigidity when
applied over open structures, and
does not hold its shape well in direct
sunlight. However, over sheeted
surfaces, the material does lie down
nicely, but it requires a fair amount of
maintenance to eliminate the bubbles
that occur when it is exposed to heat
or direct sunlight.
With the exception of the 21st
Century fabric, all of these materials,
when used on liquid-fueled airplanes
will require some type of sealer coat
to eliminate fuel soaking that holds
dirt and grime in the weave and is
very difficult to remove."

The article in it's entirety can be accessed at the following address:

I am speculating the probable reason for the 21st century fabric's difficulty to work with as the article mentions would more than likely be because of it's application of painted finish to the unfinished material.? Just a guess...
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Jul 28, 2017, 12:24 PM
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An old thread but I have a question. Anyone know what the original cost of Super Coverite Antique in the 46 inch by 15 foot roll was? I have a friend who "may" have the mother load of a stash of it, last I knew he is no longer building but tends to be a hoarder, if we can find the original price maybe he'll let it go for not much more than what he paid. I am guessing the 15 foot roll would be about $100 per roll, I know the long rolls of Ultrakote run about $60 and the big Coverite rolls had substantially more material.
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