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Sep 25, 2013, 03:40 PM
You're killin' me Smalls
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Lots of good points made on all sides.

I was at NEAT, I have some sympathy and yes I do know Tom a tiny bit and everyone who does know him knows the drill sergeant demeanor he wears when he is not wearing his Scale Guru Encyclopedia hat.

The officials along the flight line are known for screaming at people. It's not the rule but it's not so uncommon that people who have been to multiple NEATs didn't nod to themselves. It's been an issue before. Go back and look at old threads. Heavy Iron overflying parkflyers has been epidemic since 2009 at least. I didn't get screamed at but have heard anecdotes from flying buddies of hair trigger screaming this year.

The guys on the line probably saw knucklehead behavior regularly all day, but they can't take out the first 20 pilots' idiocy on the 21st guy. It's unfair and I know those guys get spread thin and left on the line for far longer than they're supposed to, but they have to keep their cool and their demeanor upbeat. You want to scream at a pilot you know is at his 10th event go for it, but err on nice if you don't know the guy.

Because while the old hands are used to it and know how it goes, NEAT is also for the new guys. It's the largest festival in the northeast and new flyers are the lifeblood of the hobby. You bring in new blood or you wither away.

The Flite Test guys' mantra is to bring new people into the hobby and they're one of the best ambassadors for that we have. How many of their 80,000 subscribers are new blood for the hobby that will now never attend NEAT because of the black eye the exposure brought? The FT guys were wrong about the rules but the official's handling was worse. The man whose son was physically handled is owed an unqualified apology. That alone will help with the image problem which trust me is a real thing.

I'm sure everyone was on edge, recent events in the hobby have made safety a looming specter recently. But at the end of the day you have to take the direction of a cooler named Dalton.

"Be Nice."

Flight line officials have better tools than screaming, if people won't follow the rules they can kick them out of the event once they land. You've got plenty of sticks, you can afford to speak softly.

In years past Tom has posted asking for feedback, moreso requesting it be sent to an email address than a thread, but that may be appropriate here.

Much more to say but this is already way too long.
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Sep 25, 2013, 03:58 PM
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Simply take a poll.

FASTALJR said: "Frankly the people who have never been to the NEAT Fair are entitled to their opinions, but frankly you know the old saying......before you knock it TRY IT, despite what others say."

stangob said: I have to wonder this one outloud - I wonder how many of the guys who are chastising Tom & Co. were actually at the event? A few minutes of "bad press" from a multiday event is not a good representation of the overall activity.

Like it or not, this thread has turned up more than a few posters who have attended this event over a number of years, and have indicated that the Flite Test guys have a point well taken. If this type of behavior is generic, while It may not scare away the long time will definitely put off the first timers.

If the NEAT organizers really want an overall evaluation, they simply need to take a poll of all the attendees of this year's event. I would assume NEAT has a name and address list, as well as email listings. An e-mail poll is a no brainer. If responders wanted to keep their identities secret. they could print out the questions and snail-mail back the results with no return address. Because people are passionate about the hobby, I'm pretty sure you'd get an extremely high response rate.

The questions would be directed specifically towards the alleged issue:

1. Did you feel comfortable, at ease, and welcome on the flight line?
2. How would you rate the operation of the NEAT flight line in comparison to other flight lines at other events? Was your experience similar or different...and in what way?
3. Were the Officials courteous to you and those flying from the stations around you?
4. How do you think a first timer to the event would feel on the flight line? Would his/her experience be similar or different to other events...and how so?
5. Were you, as an attendee, ever reprimanded, or did you ever witness anyone else being reprimanded? Are you satisfied with how your situation or the witnessed situation was dealt with by the officials? Was it handled in a professional courteous manor?
6. Please suggest areas of improvement...or propose changes you would like to see in regards to these issues in the future.

A good sample of questions like these will tell the organizers just where they stand in the public eye.
Sep 25, 2013, 04:02 PM
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>>> Everything after that followed the execrable and un-safe behavior of the pilot.

>>> The officials were very courteous until the pilot refused several instructions to land.

>No that is not how it went. I was the pilot. I was never unsafe or did I disobey any commands by the officials.

I am glad it worked out in your view. We markedly disagree on the way it transpired.

Sep 25, 2013, 04:15 PM
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Wow, I am so glad I decided not to attend this year Seems strange that the attitude is all about safety but then they allow 50 plus planes to fly at one time and when one crashes into a chair in the crowd, its all "fun and games and laughter and joking" (as seen in this video)
NEAT FAIR 2013 Part 3 (6 min 55 sec)
......nothing funny about that at all. This would be a completely different post had that plane hit a small child in the head! So what is the mass launch about anyway? I heard it called "combat". ... Do pilots try to knock each other out of the sky? Flying in the mass launch was one of the reasons I wanted to attend....but after watching the videos, it looks like there are quite a few idiots flying like fools....someone needs to re-look this event.
Sep 25, 2013, 04:22 PM
already ruff, trying for ready
This thread makes me want to go to NEAT. I am from the South. We have heard that people in the North tend to get excited and yell from time to time and this thread confirms it. We Southerners don't blame them. If we were all mushed together in places like New York City etc. and had cold winters we might get cranky ourselves.

We refer to these Northern People as "Yankees" and cut them slack because of what they have to put up with in their everyday life. Not everyone can live in the South. We don't hold it against them that they get excited about little things.

I have heard New York is full of Yankees and, despite their occasionally excitablity, I have never disliked the Yankee. I think it would be cool to see them in their native land, and hear them yell a little. I look forward to meeting and flying with Yankees at NEAT someday!!

Sep 25, 2013, 04:27 PM
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Do Confederates have thick skins?
....I hope so....
Sep 25, 2013, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by jaydav
So what is the mass launch about anyway? I heard it called "combat". ... Do pilots try to knock each other out of the sky? Flying in the mass launch was one of the reasons I wanted to attend....but after watching the videos, it looks like there are quite a few idiots flying like fools....someone needs to re-look this event.
The mass warbird launch is not combat but an attempt to get as many foamy warbirds into the air at once. Most of us tend to fly a racetrack pattern, but there are some who prefer to fly against the grain. As more pilots have gotten into the event it has become more challenging to bring your plane home intact, but it's not supposed to be contact.

Additionally Tom reiterated the size restrictions for what could participate in the mass warbird launch this year. A number of planes were kept on the ground because they exceeded the two pound limit.

Sep 25, 2013, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by dmedlock4rc
The footage of your officials speaks for itself. You treat people badly.

And let me tell you, if one of your boys tried to drag off my six year old son I would immediately drop my transmitter and sort him out.

"Sir, there are no children allowed on the flight line. You're going to have to land your plane now. I'll spot for you."


That's how that exchange should go.

You do NOT grab a stranger's kid and drag him off. You do NOT scream at people as step 1.
Well said! A couple of "officials" dropped like a sack of potatoes would sort things out quickly. As someone said in a comment on the Flite Test video:

Never Ever Annoy Tom = NEAT.

I'd never even think of going there after watching the documentation of the officials there acting like comeplete &*(*(^%.
Sep 25, 2013, 04:45 PM
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Sigh - unsubscribed.

Sep 25, 2013, 04:46 PM
already ruff, trying for ready
Originally Posted by jrkirk
Do Confederates have thick skins?
....I hope so....
I don't think so. A thick skin is not needed to deal with Yankees. It is just that we don't take them seriously.

I had a Yankee yell at me once. I just went up to the Yankee and talked to it. It became quite friendly.

There are some old people in the south who don't like Yankees. In fact they don't call them Yankees, they call them " Yankees". That is from the days of old when Yankees would shoot at Southerners but those days are now gone. I have known several Yankees now and like all of them. When they yell I either ignore it or laugh at them and they always stop and act friendly, eventually.

As long as the NEAT Yankees do not shoot at me, I am sure I will like them and become friends with them.
Sep 25, 2013, 04:47 PM
Head NEAT geek
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Originally Posted by speakertoanimals

Never Ever Annoy Tom = NEAT.
That's good, can I use that?

but seriously, every year we DO listen to the complaints and we make adjustments. There is no doubt things will be different next year.

Nuf said, thread closed.

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