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Dec 09, 2001, 07:34 AM
Registered User

New brushless power set-up for the Voyager

Gentlemen, is their any mail order shop in the U.S. where I can purchase this new brushless motor set-up for the Voyager ?

Hacker C40-10s motor with the Kontronic 40-6-12 ESC w/BEC.

This is what I'm gonna do. Let me know what you guys think. I'm gonna bite the bullet and just go ahead and get a new radio. The 1) Hitec Eclipes w/spectra module.
2) 4 each of the HS-81's (only cause I already have brand new in the box sets)
3) 6 channel Berg receiver (same reason as above.)
4) The CF Frame set for designed for the Hitec servos (but from who?).
5) Helimax micro gyro (Really light weight, and I do not care for heading least not for this heli.)
6)MS Blades, (after the woodies fold up) or maybe right away.
7) And of course the heli itself !

Let me know what you think and also let me really know what think about this Eclipes radio or should I just use the P-mixes on my 3 year old 8UHP to get the CCPM mix ?

Later gentlemen and again thanks in advance for all the help.

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Dec 09, 2001, 09:11 AM
EDF Head
Haldor's Avatar have the Kontronik Smile40-6-12 controller while carries Hacker.

Dec 09, 2001, 03:07 PM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar
Marc, its about time!!!!!!!! So our little phone conversation did some good!

You can get both the CF frames and blades from Fitz Walker. I am trying some new TR blades for better control. 10mm longer from Hirobo and need a couple simple mods.

You can get the RX from RC Direct. But check about using the Spetra with the Berg. ( I will ask Peter and get back to you!) has a great alum MM for the V and you can get the Battery packs from him to. Mine work great!
Dec 09, 2001, 03:10 PM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar is Fitz's web site. Use the link off the main page.

Peter says the Berg works fine with the Eclipse and Spectra.
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Dec 09, 2001, 03:25 PM
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If you can just use the P mix in you radio for ccpm. You already know how to use your Futaba so their is no reason the get another radio, well unless you want another.

Frame from Fritz Walker.

I know you dont really feel the need fro heading hold but you are already upgrading your Heli so you may want to get a better gyro that the Heli Max. They are alright but the Futaba GY240 in regular mode is much better(to temp drift, well not in mine). You can get it for $95 at

Dec 09, 2001, 03:28 PM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar
Fitz is the moderator and has the frames!

Fritz is a Horny cat!
Dec 09, 2001, 04:22 PM
Registered User
Fred, What is a "MM" you are talking that I can get from Eflite ?

Also I was thinking about what you said on the price break at cyberheli. The way I see it if I can find a vendor in the states that sell just the power set up maybe The price Will come out to be the same.

$569.00-Voyager+brushless set-up/no stock motor or ESC
$ 50.00-shipping=619.00

399.99-Voyager with stock power set-up/free shipping

leaves me about $219.00 for the C40-10S motor and the Kontronics 40-60-12 w/BEC.

You did say I might be able to find this set-up for around this price, give or take ? Just thinking about this option so I do not have to worry if something comes up.

Never mind, Got it "MM" = motor mount right ? Well supposebly the set-up below is a true "drop in". No need to get anything else. Will even use the stock pinions/gearings ? Oh yeah, and my 8 cell packs

Thanks, Mark
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Dec 10, 2001, 10:44 AM
No "R" !!!!!!!
Fitz Walker's Avatar
Originally posted by Fred Bronk
Fitz is the moderator and has the frames!

Fritz is a Horny cat!

By the way, I saw that "Fritz" cartoon for the first time a couple weeks ago. I was not impressed.

Anyone know where there is information listed about the C40-10S??? I see people talking about it, but I can't find any detail on it, even on Hacker's website

Does it really exist?
Dec 10, 2001, 12:18 PM
1.21 Gigawatts!
Steph280's Avatar
Check with Icare in Canada. They claim to have the largest selection of brushless motor / ESC. And they give 10% discount for most motor/ESC combinations. I got my 8L with Smile from them, and even with shipping it was still cheaper than any deal I found in the states.
Dec 10, 2001, 12:51 PM
Registered User
It does exist and the good thing is that it doens't require a motor mount. I believe it's a B50-S class motor which is the same size as the stock VoyagerE motor.
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Dec 10, 2001, 03:59 PM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar
So Tony do you have the new motor yet? I was just going to recommend you as another source.

MM is Motor Mount, or Magnetic Mayhem depending on topic.
Dec 11, 2001, 02:41 AM
Registered User
I can get them but I won't. Not until I sell all those combo with the motor mount first. I still think the 8L or the 9L is a much better choice than the C40.
Dec 11, 2001, 03:33 AM
Our Daddy and Heli Junkie
Fred Bronk's Avatar
Boy, that came out wrong! I agree with you on the 8L and 10 cells.

Does the new motor have a heatsink? Plus I bet it is heavier and AUW is very important on the V.