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Apr 30, 2001, 04:57 PM
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tiny brushless motor and i mean tiny tiny

wow i have too much time on my hands look at this motor
bidirectional, brushless DC motor
bipolar rotor with rare-earth permanent magnets
three stator poles, slotless
speed range: stepping mode up to 100,000 rpm
Nominal voltage UN 6 V

Maximum short-term voltage (75 s) UM 10 V

Coil resistance R 15 Ohm

Coil Inductance L 85 µH

Back EMF constant ks. 0.90 mVs 0.094V/krpm

Torque constant kT 0.86 mNm/A 0.12 oz-in/A 120°supply

Holding torque TH 110 µNm 0.016 oz-in

Thermal resistance stator-air Rth 155 K/W

Thermal resistance coil-stator Rth 3.5 K/W

Nominal current IN 130 mA

Short-term current (75 s) IM 160 mA

Mechanical time constant tm 16 ms

Rotor inertia J 2.6·10-10 kgm2 1.4·10-5 oz-in2

Friction torque TR 5 µNm 7.1 ·10-4 oz-in

Maximum Load FR 21 N 75.5 oz radial
FA 33 N 122 oz axial

Shaft play PR 10 µm 0.39 mil radial
PA 85 µm 3.35 mil axial

Weight M 1.4g 0.052 oz

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Apr 30, 2001, 05:07 PM
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Have you check out http://www.smoovy.com/ they got some 3mm motors.